The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez | Episode 15 | Could we call it The Power of Hypnosis for Children with Kirsten Tulsian

February 16, 2022 Mary Lou Rodriguez and Kirsten Tulsian Season 1 Episode 15
The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez | Episode 15 | Could we call it The Power of Hypnosis for Children with Kirsten Tulsian
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Unknown Speaker  0:02  
You're listening to the unstoppable mind podcast. And I'm your host Mary Lou Rodriguez. We are going to be interviewing Kiersten today. And Kiersten is going through my Hypno Thrive certification program to become an unstoppable badass world class hypnotherapist, and she is going to talk about her experience. She's going to share why she began studying hypnosis, what it was like for her to learn from me, and the tools that she is using to train her brain so that she can get out of her own way, and live her best life. And after you finished listening to this podcast, it will become clear to you how freakin powerful hypnosis really is. So stay tuned.

Unknown Speaker  1:01  
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the unstoppable mind podcast. I'm your host, Mary Lou Rodriguez. And today we have a very special guest. So you're in for a treat, because I'm super excited to interview and to talk to Kiersten tool Xeon. Hopefully I said that correctly. But I want to say that Kiersten so before I bring Kiersten and introduce her formally to the podcast, I just want to share a little bit with you about what's been happening in my business. Kyrsten has been a participant in my program called Hypno thrive. It's a certification program where we teach people how to become world class, unstoppable, badass hypnotherapist who can truly get transformation and change for their clients. And we've had a really interesting class, we've had people from all over the world from different time zones. So for me, it was eight o'clock am pacific standard time that we got started. But for some people, it was 6pm. For others, it was 12am Right in the middle of the night. For others it was three o'clock AM. So people were up all night to study hypnosis from me. So I feel really honored and so blessed that I get to do what I love in the world. And there it and this class has been interesting as well. Because yes, there were entrepreneurs who wanted to study hypnosis. And yes, there are coaches who wanted to add this tool to their toolkit. But there was also like, two CPAs that had been employees their whole entire lives, and decided that they were ready to follow that desire in their heart. And I love that they were taking the leap of faith. There was also a couple moms who wanted to study and learn hypnosis, to help their loved ones to help their families and their children. And and then there were a couple of participants who, who had never been an entrepreneur a day in their life, like this is their first venture into stepping out and to following their heart's desire to wanting to change the world and truly help people live their best lives. And Kiersten is one of those people. And so I'm so excited to introduce Kyrsten Tolzien on and I'm really honored to have you here on my podcast like truly. So welcome. Thank you. Thank you for having me. I'm honored to be here. So honored. So before I start asking you a bunch of questions about hypnosis and why you studied hypnosis, I would love if you told the audience a little bit about you.

Unknown Speaker  3:55  
So I actually came out of public education. I was a school teacher in elementary school for 18 years, also a school counselor.

Unknown Speaker  4:06  
So my my first love is kids, they it's just, I mean, that's where my path has always been and will always remain. I left the classroom about four years ago and started creating resources for teachers.

Unknown Speaker  4:24  
Most of them social emotional in nature, some language arts,

Unknown Speaker  4:29  
but I just create activities for teachers, they download them from a website and use them in their classes. So my love for kids has just always driven everything I've done

Unknown Speaker  4:46  
if you would have asked me six weeks ago if I was going to take a hypnosis course I

Unknown Speaker  4:52  
would have said

Unknown Speaker  4:55  
no, not gonna happen.

Unknown Speaker  4:58  
So yeah, I just

Unknown Speaker  5:00  
Roll with whatever comes up and felt really called after I heard you speak. And that's kind of how I landed here.

Unknown Speaker  5:11  
You so where do you live? Family? How many kiddos? Do you have? Birds? Don't forget the birds.

Unknown Speaker  5:20  
Don't forget the pet store in this house. So I live in Utah in Salt Lake. And I have a live with my husband and I have two teenagers, a son who's 16 and a daughter who's 14.

Unknown Speaker  5:36  
And, you know, I think part of the reason why this was really appealing to me is that the last couple of years have been really, really difficult for my own kids.

Unknown Speaker  5:48  

Unknown Speaker  5:50  
you know, had our share of struggles and looked for support in different places and had a really difficult time finding the right kind of support for them. Just because of what's been going on in the world and mental health practitioners are swamped and yeah.

Unknown Speaker  6:10  
So yeah, my my own kids, of course, are are my first my first love anyway. And then I have two birds two parrots, pickle and Jenga, and that's right. They're crazy. Like little toddlers on crack. They're so fun. And we have a dog bonsai a golden doodle, and we have a snake noodle.

Unknown Speaker  6:33  

Unknown Speaker  6:36  
We love we love our animals. So pickles, bonds I zoodles. Or maybe that's not what

Unknown Speaker  6:44  

Unknown Speaker  6:48  
funny as we give them names, but they actually we don't call them by their name. So bonds i 's will be Woo. And

Unknown Speaker  6:56  
okie dokie. Bear. And yeah, they've got all kinds of names. Yeah, so I've seen Jenga and pickles on the Zoom calls. And there's so much fun. And I can only imagine that they're speaking to you or singing to you. And it's so much fun to see. So. So yeah, I want to just so let's dive in. Because I really don't know, I know that on the first day of class, you shared why you were there. But what was it? I did do a workshop where I invited people to come to the workshop and listen about the power and learn about the power of hypnosis. So share with me what made you decide to buy the certification program from me or not from me, but just what made you decide to buy the program.

Unknown Speaker  7:39  
So during that challenge, the hypnosis challenge, I went through the seven days, and

Unknown Speaker  7:46  
you know, I expected some shifts in my thinking and some changes, but I wasn't expecting it to have the impact that it did. God.

Unknown Speaker  8:00  
I found myself, I wasn't trying to convince myself to think differently. I wasn't trying to force anything, it just was happening naturally. And I was really shocked. Like, there's really something going on here. And I need to know more about it, I just have to understand what's happening in my brain to make this change because I am not, I'm not trying to convince myself to make these changes, there's something else going on. And so, you know, I got on the call when you were talking about Hypno thrive, and I'm gonna be honest, I, at the beginning of the call, I was like, just give me the link. I just want the link

Unknown Speaker  8:48  
and I kept listening. He goes I think it was about 15 minutes before I got the link and I was like okay, I'm just ready for the link I'm ready to sign up for this. And it was really at that moment for for me and for my family for my kids

Unknown Speaker  9:04  
to be able to have an impact there. You know, and then of course I didn't even entertain the idea of taking it from anyone else I just felt really drawn to you and I feel like you came into my life for a reason and that's what the reason is for right now. You know what there could be a bigger reason down the road who knows I'm open to anything

Unknown Speaker  9:31  
but I knew that it was like a soul connection and I just needed to to dive in and do it. Wow. I think you it's so I do feel connected to you and I just to give the listeners some reference. So Kiersten participated in a seven day habits challenge hypnosis habits challenge where she listened to the hypnosis audio that everybody on the podcast or who listened

Unknown Speaker  10:00  
and follows my podcast has access to it's the habits, my new empowering habits. And it is true when you listen to that podcast or that episode, that hypnosis audio. It does feel effortless. It does feel effortless and you wanted to learn why?

Unknown Speaker  10:18  
Yes, I'd say actually, initially, the first couple of times I listened to it, I did have a little bit of difficulty visualizing the new habit.

Unknown Speaker  10:30  
But really, I just kind of allowed it to come. And by day two, I had this vision and I felt it and it just, it just worked. So you know, the first time or two, it was sort of okay, I'm figuring this out. I'm but yeah, by the second day, I had the visualization, it was strong, it was powerful. So yes, thank you for sharing that for so for the people who may have listened just once, go back and listen again. And and Kiersten, you are clearly committed to creating a new habit in your life. And I'm also I also participated, of course, and that challenge, I'm still walking every day for at least 20 minutes. And we'll talk a little bit more about the science because now we're, I think we're at 23 days now since that challenges started that I've been walking consistently. So we'll talk a little bit more about neural pathways, but I want to just, I want to bring it back to Hypno thrive. And what were you thinking before you started class? Like I'm just curious

Unknown Speaker  11:37  
or excited? Uh, you know, I had my own misconceptions about hypnosis. And I actually asked on my Facebook, my personal Facebook page, what people thought of this and what they knew about it. And most people had the same misconceptions that I did.

Unknown Speaker  11:56  
And no judgment. That's just, that's what it is. That's how it's good. Um, but starting class the first day, you know, I, I moved like 16 times growing up. And so I was always like, the new kid and starting the first day and meeting new students and friends and all of that. It's, you know, you get like the butterflies in your stomach. But the second we got on the Zoom, I'm like, this is the most beautiful group of people I've ever met. Just.

Unknown Speaker  12:25  
Yeah, just Yeah, I can't even describe. I mean, we spent that whole first week together nine hours a day. And then that's, that was like were my friends. Yes, I know, week to see them again,

Unknown Speaker  12:41  
is a really special group of people who are just unique and beautiful. And everybody is wanting to change the world and use hypnosis differently. So I want to ask you, like, share with me what you think you're going to do? And I know you're open. So it might change. But where are you now? Like, how do you feel like you're going to use hypnosis, in your life and in business. So, yeah, everything sort of shifted quickly. So you know, I go Monday morning to the first class, and I'm, this is for me, this is for my kids. And by Monday night, I was like purchasing a domain name.

Unknown Speaker  13:23  
And ready to really impact kids everywhere, not just in my own family and my own house.

Unknown Speaker  13:33  
I, you know, I'm big on listening to my intuition. And I'm open to whatever comes, I'm not married to any, you know, end game goal. So at this moment, you know, really, I'm focusing on learning as much as I can about hypnosis, that's my number one priority, and also doing hypnosis myself.

Unknown Speaker  13:56  
So that's definitely like the very top of the list. Next on the list is developing a website where parents or practitioners can download audios and scripts for kids to make a difference in their lives. So at this moment, I'm not necessarily planning on working directly with kids, but again, you know, that could be different tomorrow, or next week, or, you know, next month or whatever. So

Unknown Speaker  14:30  
my guess though, is just learning right, this moment learning. And I love that because I think that when people originally signed up to study hypnosis, they have this idea in their mind that they're going to be doing one to one sessions. And look how you're going to be doing something totally different and are open to doing one to one sessions. But that's what's so fantastic about, about hypnosis, you know, it's like you can use it in so many different ways.

Unknown Speaker  15:00  
Yes. And really just like following my, my gut when, you know, midweek in the course I was writing

Unknown Speaker  15:09  
a script for one of our classmates and, you know, it's one in the morning and I know I have to get up and start again. But I was so I just felt like okay, this is what I'm supposed to be doing. I love writing. I love creating. That's why I create stuff for teachers. But that bridging that, you know, emotional

Unknown Speaker  15:29  
bridge for the kids is like, it's huge. Yes. So the writing is really where I was like, Oh my gosh, I can't believe I found this new. Fire just got ignited. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker  15:44  
Oh, good.

Unknown Speaker  15:47  
It's so excited because I can feel the passion I can. It's so exciting. Yes, yes. I've just, I yeah, I'm like, this is this might sound insane. And it's okay. Because I'm insane. But we're looking at like, renovating our basement. So I can create a sound room, because we have a lot of animals that make a lot of noise. So recording audio is is going to be a little bit of a tricky task. Um, but yeah, I don't know. We're just going and running with it. So that is so amazing. And fun. Yeah, it sounds like it's fun. You're just running with it. I'm like, for those of you who can't see me, I put my hand in my forehead because I'm like, Oh my gosh, she's recording, she's gonna create, she's gonna build a sound studio.

Unknown Speaker  16:40  
Mic, I don't know, I signed up for the class like two weeks ago.

Unknown Speaker  16:47  
I love it. I love it. Ah, so I want to talk about like, from your perspective, why you feel that hypnosis is so important because again, we know what the misconceptions are. And those are really popular. And I love that you did your face us on your page, because now you really truly know what people think and feel how they think and feel about hypnosis. But for you, I want to understand from your perspective, why you feel hypnosis is so important.

Unknown Speaker  17:16  
You know, what I discovered? Through doing the challenge, and throughout the beginning of the course, so far, is that really tapping in to the 95% of our brain that we don't pay attention to, is so powerful. Um, you know, I mean, one example is that historically, like, if anybody would have ever asked me to be on a podcast, or do a professional development, my story, because my thoughts are that I can't speak to people. Is that No, I can't, because I can't do that. But that's a thought that I've attached to feeling to for years and years and years, that created this belief in my head that I can't do it, which is crap, right? I mean, but it's there.

Unknown Speaker  18:06  
It's there. And it's, you know, there's

Unknown Speaker  18:10  
a neural pathway that got developed over years and years, that tells me that, so just the idea that I can take new thoughts,

Unknown Speaker  18:20  
attach some emotion to it, create some new beliefs, like, it's so powerful I can, you can do anything. You literally can do anything. Yeah. And just by tapping into that part of our brain that we don't, yeah, we're going to, it's true. It's so true. It's my secret weapon. It's not a secret, I tell everybody.

Unknown Speaker  18:43  
But it is a seat. It's like, oh, it's like it's peak performance. It's constantly believing in yourself, telling yourself what you're capable of those thoughts just become automatic, it becomes a part of who you are, and who you are as your identity and how you show up in the world. And look your identities already changing. You're a woman who can absolutely do podcast interviews, and probably so much more TV. I mean,

Unknown Speaker  19:10  
I don't know about

Unknown Speaker  19:15  
noon, you know, I don't know I see it all whenever somebody starts talking about their limiting beliefs. I'm like, I can I see the vision

Unknown Speaker  19:23  
of ones Well, part of it is that, that being able to like recognize those, yes, those beliefs when they come in and those thoughts. So like when you asked me, I mean, I have an immediate reaction. No, I can't do that. Then I'm okay. Here we go. This is a perfect opportunity for me to look at this thought, from a different perspective and be like, is that true? Yes. I mean, it in my head. I think it's true, because it's been there for so long, but it's it doesn't have to be true. I could choose. That's right. So yeah, so this

Unknown Speaker  20:00  
was like scary for me. But I, you know, getting out of my own way is part of my new, my new thing. So good. And now you're figuring out how to do that, which is where people get stuck. And you're going to be teaching people or you know, in whatever ways and all of the ways that you're going to be serving the world. It's how to get unstuck. Yes, yes. Oh, big like that unstuck. Everyone. Everyone I know.

Unknown Speaker  20:29  
All the people. That's true. It really is true. So hypnosis, So had you been practicing hypnosis before consistently? And I'm just curious, you know, like, what's, what was the difference before versus, you know, the, and then when you did the seven day challenge. So I had been in a program, the transformational coaching program and had done some

Unknown Speaker  20:58  
self hypnosis, you know, and as a part of that, I

Unknown Speaker  21:04  
feel like there were some shifts there.

Unknown Speaker  21:10  
But it wasn't as impactful or as strong as when I started doing your challenge. I know, the intent of that in the course is to create the change. And maybe I wasn't ready, or maybe, maybe I needed, like, you know, a larger array of hypnosis audios, or maybe I needed more understanding of the brain and how the brain works and all of that. So I had dabbled in it. Yes. But not, it just hadn't been as impactful as it was when you did that challenge. So yeah, and you can see the difference of doing it daily committing to it daily, it really is like rocket fuel. Yes, yes. And I feel like I resonated you know, and that's interesting, too, because I've played around a lot with different audios and different hypnosis, you know, apps and things like that. And I do resonate with some a lot more than others. And so, you know, trying one and trying one over and over again, if it's not resonating. You know, there are so many more out there. Right. So many. Yeah, that's right. Thank you for saying that. It's true. It's finding the style that works for you. And now, you know, it's like now, you know, some people do longer inductions, which is the beginning of a hypnosis audio or session. You know, some people do short inductions. It's, it's some people do long journeys, which is the middle of the hypnosis session. And, and so you're figuring out and I, you know, you're figuring out what works for you. And it's also figuring out what, you know, it's like, if this particular audio doesn't work for me, there are so many others. Yes, yes. And there are so many more that need to be made. No, I know, anymore. I need a need wood. Yeah. Audible. I love. I love it so much. So let's talk Hypno thrive. And I want to talk about like, I know, you're enjoying the community, and there's so many incredible bonds that have been developed. And I can see that and I can feel that. What have you learned the most if, you know, and I know, that's a big question. So whatever comes to mind, you know, but what was the thing that you learned where you're like, dang, wow, this is incredible. You know, I mean, it sounds so simple. And I it, I've heard it and maybe hearing it in new ways, but that, you know, thoughts, create feelings, feelings, create, you know, beliefs and the vibration, and then all of that creates the frequency, and really being able to, like backtrack. And look at it from the other perspective, where, okay, it really is just as simple as starting at the thoughts. And, you know, helping clients or potential clients like recognizing, and being aware of their thoughts, and that's where it all starts. Yes. And really digging in and finding out, you know, what, what the beliefs are, and what are we trying to change? What's going to be good for them? And what do they want? What do they need? So that whole like, hierarchy, like I'm sticky notes by my computer, that's, it's just like mind blowing. Really? Yeah, yes, it's true and how those thoughts can become habituated. Mm hmm. They just become how you think it just becomes automated for you those disempowering thoughts or whatever it is, you know, and it's the same thing. It's the same thing that holds true for empowering thoughts when we're constantly telling ourselves what we're capable of when we're listening to our hypnosis audio. When we're living in possibility we are reinforcing you know, the this positive amazing

Unknown Speaker  25:00  
way of being essentially a way of living our life. But the power can go both ways. The power can you can live a disempowering unhappy life. And with Kiersten and with myself and with all of the people who are taking HIPAA thrive, I'm teaching them how to redirect and reframe so that people can learn how to become the master of their thoughts, so that they can learn how to become the master of their energy or learn how to master their energy, which eluded me for years.

Unknown Speaker  25:34  

Unknown Speaker  25:36  
yeah. Well, and then the whole idea that the more you do it, the more automated it becomes. Yeah. Is I mean it, then it doesn't have to be all this work. It's not you

Unknown Speaker  25:49  
practice. And the beautiful thing about hypnosis too, is really, it's like a gift that you give yourself every day, like, this is my 2025 minutes to just be with myself, and not worry about anything. And not, you know, just that. Forget the to do list like, yeah, just be and I mean, that alone with minus the course and all of that, that is just like such such a beautiful thing. Yeah. It really is a gift that we give ourselves. It truly is it needs to give that pays off over and over and over again, because you think, feel and act differently. Yes. Yeah, I think feel an act in alignment with who I truly am. Now, that doesn't mean that there aren't times you know, and it doesn't mean that we don't go through life. But I know how to get out of my own way. Yes, yeah, that's so powerful. And really, I mean, things will continue to come up. That's right. About life. I mean, forever. It's not It's a never ending thing. But the tools and knowing that there's an there's just so much power in it. Yeah. What else have you loved about Hypno thrive? Oh, gosh, let me count the ways.

Unknown Speaker  27:11  
The community has been incredible, you are fantastic. I just your patience and your, like, I can just feel the love coming from you and your passion for hypnosis and how it can change lives. And you're like vulnerable shares and all of that, I just, I it's just so special. The content is awesome.

Unknown Speaker  27:37  
The amount of time that we get to process and share with each other. So it's, I don't feel like I'm sitting in a course where it's, you know, you're feeding us information for nine hours, and we're, you know, jotting things down and all of that, um, the interaction is beautiful, practicing hypnosis. I mean, yeah, when we find out we are going to hypnotize people on day one. I'm like,

Unknown Speaker  28:03  
that was a little bit scary. I'm not gonna lie.

Unknown Speaker  28:09  
I'm like, what? deer in headlights?

Unknown Speaker  28:12  
Um, but you know, and the other thing I did notice, too, is because we were doing so much direct hypnosis with each other. Yeah, that I would get off the call at the end of the day and be like, yes, floating, I'd have to go do some grounding and go yes. feet outside. And

Unknown Speaker  28:32  
yeah, but all of the practice and stuff was beautiful, too. And it's nice to have.

Unknown Speaker  28:38  
I mean, I, I'll call it downtime, because that's really what it feels like when somebody is reading a script, and you're being hypnotized like it. It's really nice to have that time. And then, yeah, the flow was just awesome. So a little bit of that. Yeah, you really are practicing quite a bit. You're integrating what you're learning, which is really important, because I know that the that's the brains way of of creating those new neural pathways, is that you, you know, you get into these small groups and you start practicing what you just learned, and you start practicing hypnotizing. And I'm curious, I'm just curious to know like how you feel about hypnotizing because you've never hypnotized the day before in your life before you joined hypnotherapy?

Unknown Speaker  29:21  
I love it. I absolutely love it. I and it's not hard.

Unknown Speaker  29:28  
You know, the other thing that it sort of brings me back to is that I, my favorite favorite part of the day when I was a teacher was read aloud. And

Unknown Speaker  29:40  
I mean, I might even go to the point where I say that sometimes like Utah history got squeezed out because we just loved what we were reading so much that we couldn't stop. So as I'm reading scripts, I have that same it brings me back to the classroom and

Unknown Speaker  30:00  
to students, and I adore it, I adore it. Yeah, you are gifted. I think you already know that I think you know that.

Unknown Speaker  30:12  
There's no so it is true. So I have the ability as the host of the Zoom rooms to be able to go into the different breakout rooms. And while people are hypnotizing and being hypnotized, I get to observe and watch and then give suggestions privately, you know, somebody needs to slow down or maybe articulate a little bit more. And there are certain people that I would in Christians, one of them that I would go into the room, and I would close my eyes, and I would just drop right. And, and I was like, she's going to be changing the world for sure. You know, so, yeah, hey,

Unknown Speaker  30:55  
I'm like, I think you know, already that you're gifted, you may not acknowledge that, but it's true. And, and so, you know, I know that like, just kind of going. So I brought in a special guest. And her name is Nicole, Callie and Nicole.

Unknown Speaker  31:12  
I had her speak. So she's a graduate of Hypno thrive. And she graduated in September. And I had her come back and speak to others about how she is using redirecting and inductions, which are the beginning of a hypnosis session where you're relaxing the mind and the body with her kiddos, and how much of a difference it has made in their lives. What did you think about that as a mom? Oh, it's, I mean, it's so it's just powerful. It's speaking of kids, too, I have to say, like, there was one day that I had to take my daughter to school while we were in class, and I was, you know, we were bumping up against a break time. And she walked through the kitchen, and my computer was sitting there. And, you know, we were just finishing up that last minute or two, and we got in the car. And she's like,

Unknown Speaker  32:02  
Mom, I love that so much. And I didn't know what she was talking about. And I was like, what do you what do you mean? She's like, I can just tell that like this is that you love this, like you love this. And I love it so much like I can see it in your face. And I can feel it. And so it gave us an opportunity to talk about what I'm doing, and what it can do to change your life. And she was super interested. I don't know so much that she would want to listen to me because I'm her mom. But yeah, um, she started listening to an app. I I bought. I bought a lot of things in the last two weeks. I'm not gonna lie. I don't have my

Unknown Speaker  32:49  
money. Yeah, exactly.

Unknown Speaker  32:52  
Um, but headphones that are like on a headband that she can listen to, as she's falling asleep. And fantastic. Yeah. So it's just super powerful. Yeah. Yeah. For kids, I just,

Unknown Speaker  33:07  
Oh, I know, when I, you know, it's, you know, I don't have children. So to be able to hear like Nicole, and you and others talking about just even just the language, the reframing of how you should talk to your children. And one of the things that stood out for me is when Nicole was talking about how she would tell her children that she was proud of them. But she wanted them to learn to internalize it and learn how to give themselves that that the acknowledgement for doing the work that they're doing. So instead, she said, Aren't you proud of yourself? Like she just shifted it to that? Aren't you proud of yourself so that they can learn how to be able to internalize it and to be able to acknowledge themselves for what they are doing?

Unknown Speaker  33:57  
Yeah, well, in that it shifts their locus of control and their motivation to achieve becomes about them and not pleasing parents or pleasing teachers or anything like that. Yeah, a shift of a couple of words

Unknown Speaker  34:12  
can make a huge difference. So true. I started using that in class.

Unknown Speaker  34:18  
I love it.

Unknown Speaker  34:21  
I was like, Oh, that's so good. Because as adults, one of the things that I work with the most is encouraging my clients to praise themselves to acknowledge themselves to tell themselves that they're doing a good job. And it's so little, and it can, it helps with so many different things, you know, increasing your confidence, increasing your self trust, and, you know, feeling better about yourself. But people have so much resistance to it. Yes, well, and people are their worst critics like yeah, you do 99 amazing things and make one mistake and you focus on the mistake instead of the 99 one good

Unknown Speaker  35:00  
that I mean, I think that were amazing. And yeah, I mean, even just acknowledging here and there a 10 minute, I made my bed this morning like, yes, yeah, yeah, it's true, it's true. And I now have the habit of telling myself, I'm doing a good job, I got to tell you, it makes such a difference. And it's one of the things that I'm always encouraging in my membership, and in Hypno thrive and with clients. And on this podcast, so telling yourself that you're doing a good job really matters so small, but it makes such a big powerful difference if you continue to do that. So what do you want to say to people who might be thinking about hypnosis? Aren't you know, it's like, they're on the fence? There, You've piqued their interest?

Unknown Speaker  35:50  
You know, maybe they want to help their their loved ones, parents, kids, whoever, friends? What would you say to somebody who is thinking about? Thinking about it? Yeah, that's a good question. So the first thing I would say is to try it yourself. But very, very consistently, and admittedly, like twice a day, and work on one thing, and just pay attention to what changes. Um, you know, I, of course, there's a whole lot of other things that are exciting, like the brain research behind it, and all of that, but really, I think

Unknown Speaker  36:30  
my interest was piqued because of the shifts I saw in myself. And I think that's more powerful than anything, right. Anything else? So yeah, dive in. And if you don't like the first hypnosis, try another one. Yeah, yeah. Today, yeah. Make sure you know, and I'm guilty and have been guilty in the past of like, I'll commit to something and I'll, oh, yeah, I'm gung ho in the beginning. And I do it twice the first day and the next day, maybe once and, you know, I can let Wednesday go. But I'll be back on the horse on Thursday. No, like, actually, legitimately commit to it and just see, yeah, see what happens. Yes. One of the things that are really wanted and have done in this program, this group I've done now, three cohorts, you know, I've taught hypnotherapy three times, Miss time, I really wanted it to be brain based, I really wanted it to be the understanding of the brain and how hypnosis can help create these neural pathways, how it can help relax the parasympathetic nervous system, our bodies so that we can heal. And I really, it was my goal to include the science behind hypnosis, because that's honestly how I see it, I don't see it as Woo, I think it can open the doors to spirituality in many different ways. But I really taught the brain science, you know, that was my goal, you know, with this Hypno thrive is to teach the brain science behind transformation behind change behind resistance. So that you would understand that this is really like this is the one of the fastest growing tools that that neuroscientists and doctors and you know, are are talking more and more about. So I feel like in this group, in this hypnotherapy, I really have done a great job. And there's more I'm going to teach you, there's we haven't even gotten to

Unknown Speaker  38:27  
the science part yet where I'm going to teach you how to find studies on the efficacy of hypnosis.

Unknown Speaker  38:34  
But that was my goal is to really teach you how incredibly powerful it is, but that there's so much science that backs up hypnosis. Yes. And that part was fascinating for me, because it really helped me see okay, yes, I experienced it. But there's, there's a reason like, and this is why. So yeah, the science the brain science ate it up. Yes. Yeah, yeah. And that was something that I had a desire to learn. But Hypno hypnosis programs do not teach typically, the science behind hypnosis. So I know I'm doing something totally different. Everything that I'm doing actually is you don't know it. But it's different because this is the only hypnosis certification course you've taken. But everything that I am doing is completely different. And, you know, I'm not going to sit here and say that it's well, yeah, I am, it is probably going to be

Unknown Speaker  39:31  
one of the best world class programs that people are going to be able to take so that they can truly understand how transformation happens with themselves, and how transformation happens with our clients. And part of the goal for Hypno thrive for me was to not to teach you how to train your own brain. You know how to reprogram your own subconscious, how to get over those blocks, and you're doing it

Unknown Speaker  39:58  
when it's helpful to know to just

Unknown Speaker  40:00  
Like, I'm coming up against resistance or you know, when changing a habit and you have this desire to go back to the habit and being able to recognize, okay, that's my brain trying to keep me safe. The reptilian part of the brain is coming in to try to make sure I'm okay. And being able to kind of have that conversation with yourself is super powerful, because then you're not just at the whim of, oh, you know, this desire is coming back. And I guess I should probably, you know, let it happen or whatever. So, yeah, the science is so important. Yeah. So,

Unknown Speaker  40:39  
for anybody who wants to take Hypno thrive, and they're just not sure what would you say to them, Kirsten? Oh, I mean,

Unknown Speaker  40:48  
for me, it is hands down been the best decision I've made in years. So I can't, I mean, I can't speak for anyone else. But I just, I trust your intuition. Trust your gut. If it looks like something that piques your interest, or you want to learn more about dive in, I mean, you honestly can't lose. There's, you can't lose. Like, it's worth every minute and every penny, as far as I'm concerned. So

Unknown Speaker  41:21  
thank you. Thank you, Kirsten, that means so much to me. Ah, it really does. It really does. And I feel so good about my what I'm doing in the world. And I absolutely love that I get to teach others how to be incredibly powerful, gifted, unstoppable, badass world class Hypnotherapist? I feel so good about that, that I know that you are going to go out into the world and you're going to be able to create the change. Yes, yes. Well, and I getting the tools from you. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. So yeah, I just, I can't say enough about it. But yeah, I just love it. Love you. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker  42:08  
Well, we are at a wrap. And I want to thank you so much for your time. And I want to let everybody know if you're interested in joining the next cohort, the next group of Hypno thrivers. We opened our doors, June in June. And I'll have the link in the show notes. And I do want to say two things. One, if you sign up, now you get the early bird special because right now the price is 30 to 50. But I am going to be raising that by $1,000. Because there's a lot of added benefits that come with taking Hypno thrive. And one of them is that you get to take it two more times in a year. So you get to take it three times total, so that you can truly understand hypnosis. And the other thing that I want to say is I am going to be limiting the class to 30 students because I think that this, you know, it's like I got to really see that too big is, um, may not be the best because we do practice so much. And we do get into groups. And so I just feel like 30 is a is a great number. So we already have four people that are signed up. Well, yeah, well, I don't think that those spots are gonna last very long. I'm just gonna be on.

Unknown Speaker  43:22  
So if anyone's planning on waiting till May.

Unknown Speaker  43:26  
Thank you so, so grateful to have you here. Thank you for taking the time. Thank you for doing what you're doing. And I know that the impact that you're going to create and the expansion that you're going to be creating, and already creating is incredible. So I love you, you I love you too. I appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker  43:51  
Thank you. Bye everybody until the next time, go out there and live your unstoppable life

Unknown Speaker  44:07  
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If you want more transformational content, connect with me on Instagram at Mary Lou hypnotizes you and then go over and join my Facebook group, the unstoppable mind. Visit Mary Lou For more information on my programs, and how to work with me until the next time go out there

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Live Your unstoppable life