The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

Episode 18 | Money Mindset with Annie Lederman | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

March 09, 2022 Mary Lou Rodriguez / Annie Lederman Season 1 Episode 18
The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
Episode 18 | Money Mindset with Annie Lederman | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
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Unknown Speaker  0:01  
Hello Unstopables this is going to be a really special episode because I am interviewing the amazing Annie Letterman. And I am interviewing her on her money mindset. Now originally I did this interview on my Instagram. But because so many people kept DMing me and telling me how helpful this was for them to become aware of their own money blocks, I decided to share it with you. So I know you're going to you are going to enjoy it. We are going to talk about our money blocks and our money breakthroughs. Before we get started with this episode, I do want to let you know that you'll hear Andy and I talking about a money challenge. This is a very special money challenge. It's a seven day brain hack money challenge that I want to invite you to. We kick off March 21. And to sign up the link will be in the show notes. And best of all, it's free. It won't cost you a thing, except for staying stuck if you decide not to register. Okay. Unstopables Stay tuned for the amazing Annie Letterman. Hello, hello unstoppables of the world. Mary Lou Rodriguez. And I am so excited. I am going to be interviewing the amazing Annie Letterman. Hello Scott. Thank you for joining me. Hey, Dawn. I Sarah already got so many people coming on live how fun. Hello cynical warrior. Think that's Lynn and I Annie Okay, Annie so. Hello. All right, Annie. I think I'm waiting for the little message from IG that says Eddie wants to join the live. I'm Vanessa. I'm gonna wave ever at everybody. Hi, Jen. I feel like it's a power. We're gonna be talking Money money money today. It's gonna be a blast. And I'm so excited. Hello, imagine Okay, honey.

Unknown Speaker  2:36  
And we are waiting for Kenny Good. Come on. I believe it's a money party. I hope everybody else is in green. And also, this month is March. I've been wearing a lot of green

Unknown Speaker  2:52  
money green I love Hello, Mama. I almost missed the beginning of this call because I was going to get coffee and tipping so much money because I know about money and energy. Okay, right. That's right away, baby.

Unknown Speaker  3:08  
That's right. That's right. I'm so excited for our live this morning. And to talk about our tips and what was getting in the way of us attracting abundance and creating our amazing life's lives. And so anyways, I want to let everybody know what to expect during our live today. He looks so good with your sunglasses. You look like a superstar.

Unknown Speaker  3:34  
I like to I always I punctuate things with them, like and then.

Unknown Speaker  3:41  
Yeah, so everyone, I want to thank everybody for joining me live this morning with the amazing I'm just so excited to be here with Annie. And I want to let everybody know what we're going to be doing today. We are going to be talking about our money blocks. We are going to be talking about how we worked through our money blocks some of our strategies, some of our tips for success. And then at the end of today's challenge, I'm going to invite everyone in the whole world and everyone on this live to participate in my seven day brain hack attract wealth challenge. And so and so without further ado, I want to introduce the amazing, the unstoppable the funniest woman and the whole entire world. Annie let

Unknown Speaker  4:40  
me know because I'm never flipping the camera baby. Well, that's so clean and pristine.

Unknown Speaker  4:47  
Oh, well. Annie so we're here to chat and talk about money. Money. I'm so excited.

Unknown Speaker  4:54  
I love it. Me too. I can't believe it. I didn't used to like it. I used to cringe when people brought it up. That's right. Panic not want to look at my bank statements. That's right.

Unknown Speaker  5:07  
That's right. Yeah. So let's talk about some of the ways that we would share with the audience some of the ways that you found yourself getting stuck and getting in your way of attracting abundance.

Unknown Speaker  5:21  
I used to always say, I would literally say out loud, I only have $100. What do people expect me? $100? I would always say that no matter how much money in my bank account, I have $100. Alone. I had a panic my mail, I was like, oh, no, it's bad news. I would, I would never look at my bank account. I would never. I was just so desperate all the time. Like, panic feelings. I just never had good feelings about money at all. Right? Um, until I started doing this work was important. And with you?

Unknown Speaker  5:56  
Yes, yes. So that is something that I used to do, too. And what's interesting about our money blocks is we don't necessarily know their money blocks. We just know we don't have the money. Yeah, and one of one of the things that I used to do, and I didn't understand that, I was always programming my mind whether it was intentional or unintentional. So I would say things like you, I would say, I'm broke. It was a habit for me to say, I'm broke. I can't afford that. I don't have enough money. I don't have enough clients. I was always working from I don't have enough. And I didn't understand how I was programming that. And over and over

Unknown Speaker  6:39  
to everyone. I lived in my car. I was like, oh my god, I was like screaming at everyone. In the car, grow up.

Unknown Speaker  6:49  
I look into my car, but not for following my dreams from following the bottle.

Unknown Speaker  6:55  
I know it's easier to just park outside the liquor store.

Unknown Speaker  7:00  
The first time on the first in my oh my gosh. Yes. So that was one that was one thing that I realized was the stories that I was telling myself around money were not empowering. They were disempowering. And through repetition and consistency. I kept that my truth. So that was one of the first things that I became aware of is the stories that I was telling myself with money. They were just, they were keeping me from what I really wanted. What else was getting in your way me?

Unknown Speaker  7:30  
What was getting in my way, there was just like, lots of fear, and really like, I would do things like little tricks where I would go shopping. I would wear the clothes once and then I would return them and it would feel like I was getting money back. I'm pretty sure Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker  8:02  
I talk about you all the time. So to my people, this is my hypnotist talking about like, Yeah, I'm trying to think Hi, Kara. From Hawaii. Hey. I yeah, I other money blocks. Yeah, I just, I just was fully I love the victimhood of not having money. I was so into it. Me too. I was so into it. I didn't

Unknown Speaker  8:26  
realize it. When I moved into my apartment. I refused to buy silverware because I had one plastic fork that I got from KFC that I wouldn't watch. I would pull it out. And it was because I had this mindset that I could just make do. I could just like I could be you know, it's like it's a good fork. It still works.

Unknown Speaker  8:54  
Yeah. MacGyvering it was like, Oh, this is something creative. I'm camping.

Unknown Speaker  8:59  
Yeah. I think you

Unknown Speaker  9:00  
know what, I also realized I hated money. I thought it was like evil. I thought I really judgmental of other people that had I was very, like, I would compare myself to other people. And I would be so mad that they have money and I don't and they're this or that, like so negative towards people that's really bad at their money. Like it's not in any of my business that's also judging it and I was like, money's bad. Like, like, it makes me a bad person to wanna like, yes.

Unknown Speaker  9:27  
Yes. That was that's the that's the work when I remember when I was like, I've had enough. I am tired of being broke. I'm tired of never having enough even though I kept telling myself I don't have enough over and over and over again. Yeah. And then I realized I'm like, what is it that I want to believe about money and once I started doing the work, I realized I had all of these beliefs around rich people with money. That money was for other people. Because that's what I grew up believing. I grew up believing. So a lot of this is our conditioning right the way We were programmed the way that we were raised what we were told growing up, and you deal with pretty Annie.

Unknown Speaker  10:09  
I got to put a clip in my head do my makeup. I feel special. I knew you were gonna look hot. I was like, a dog is gonna look like body CoA.

Unknown Speaker  10:22  
Ah, that's my sister. So, um, yeah, I realized that I had all of these beliefs about money that, you know, money was for other people. And it wasn't for me. And I too, was jealous a lot. And these are the things that block us. And we don't aggers

Unknown Speaker  10:41  
at people. Yet. People are just having what they agree. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  10:47  
Yeah. Yes. Hi. Manuela call this unstoppable. Yeah. So what was it? When did you decide like, what made you decide that now is the time that you know,

Unknown Speaker  11:03  
to try? Okay, my circumstances got to the point where I was like, I had an ulcer, my health was really getting affected by itself. I was broke. I did. It's so funny. The Comedy Store, they did a documentary on the Comedy Store. And they were like, following me around. And they like, everyone involved with the think of being like, why are you Bert? Like, everyone was like, why are you broke? And I'm like, I don't know. It's so annoying, isn't it? Like, I would talk to all my comedian friends. I remember I was outside in the parking lot of the Comedy Store. And Joe Rogan, my friend. Man alive. I don't know if you know that. But I know I was. I was hanging out with him and he had like, some really fancy car remember what car it was? And I had like my, you know, least dented Honda Civic. And I was like, barely afford, all my shit was in it, you know? And I was like, I so I go to work. And I go, why is it that that's your 13th car. And I'm living in that car and we do the same job. And he was just like, I don't know. It was like, Oh my God, you're not money started laughing I couldn't believe it. And he just like was handing me money. He's like, Are you like, Here, take this. And we'll kind of like throw money at me and laugh at me was like funny because I was like, yeah, it is funny. Because everyone around me could see that it was something I was doing behaviors to make money were there but I just was like completely blocking myself. Because I was afraid of what the success would mean like I just really thought it was evil or something I always think that about other people I just the judgment was on myself and a couple people I'd be like, related to their career too much. I would be like really jealous. But then my apartment was getting construction and and it was during the pandemic and so I couldn't leave the apartment and and they were banging and hammering and stuff and my boyfriend was like we got him about it. And I'm like, we can't have that beer. We don't have any fucking money like I have 100 fucking dollars. What are you talking about? And and just hanging out with so many rich people being like this is so weird. There's nothing different what is it and I just I had to just like face it that it was me. And so I got a check in the mail. We came back from from a trip we got vaccinated once all my parents my parents and we came back and they had boarded up the front of our It was like they took our laundry like it just the apartment building got so unlivable. I had an ulcer I was sick. I like good. Only rice. My stomach hurts so bad. Yeah, I was like shedding blood. Like I mean, it was really getting serious. So morning. Yeah, you guys want to talk about black diarrhea. I was shedding blood. And I just like it was getting to the point where I was like, enough is enough. I don't want to do this anymore. I don't live in my car. I don't think it's cute anymore. I don't like it. I don't have to, like beg my elderly parents who have been like living off their retirement for money. It's just, it just got to the point where it was like, I always kind of knew deep down I was gonna make them you know, but I was like, now I'm ready. And so I looked in my, my mailbox. And I started doing this work which important, which is also about subconscious reprogramming. And that's where I met you. And I just I had paid the money for that. And that was like a big step for me to just like pay the money. I just was like, I'm done. And so I got this. We took our mail out. Yes, boarded up our apartment. We took the mail out, I look at the envelopes. It's from the IRS. I go, Are you fucking kidding me? Because my boyfriend I had just shook on the fact that we were going to move out in the next few days. So we had we between us we had like $160 I was like, I don't know how we're going to do it. But we're moving out in three days, pull out the IRS thing and I started to panic and I go, No, no, no, no, no, I'm working programs. Now I'm learning. I'm not going to make this bad. This is not necessarily bad. And I opened it and it was a check for $6,000 from the government. They never paid me which I've never heard of that happening in my life. It never occurred to me. And we moved out and I've been just money has just been full Ever since I'm really fun, I tip really fat now that's my favorite thing. Oh, yeah, before they see it usually before they see it, you

Unknown Speaker  15:08  
just get? Yes, yeah, I do too, because we feel so abundant. And I was tired too. I was like, I'm just done, I'm done being broke, in my mind, I'm done being broke in my life, because my external world was a reflection of what I believed about money. And I know that now the work comes from reprogramming our subconscious. And for me, the fast track was hypnosis, but I want to talk to you about some of the ways that you started opening up to this idea that you truly are abundant that you really are wealthy.

Unknown Speaker  15:41  
I you know what it was, it was hard in the beginning, because I didn't believe it. And I really felt like, oh, I have to, like, fully believe this. And what I realized was through the repetition of hypnosis, and just really sticking to it, and just little moments of feeling like and then kind of growing that feeling of like life inside me, where it's like the magnet has been, we have turned the magnet on. Okay. And yeah, feeling it and letting it build. And then there were little tricks I learned to where it was like, instead of saying, instead of saying, like, I am a millionaire, I would say I like I invite well, like, I would just like invite, like a larger thing that was more believable for my brand. Yeah. And that's happening with you. We really, like broke down what it was, what my brain needed to hear. And it's just been. So yeah, yeah. And I go back like little things like I started flying first class, which seemed crazy, because I was, I bought a ticket for first class. That was the same price as that apartment that I could barely afford that at the construction. And I was like, What am I doing? And it did not fail. It did not fail. Yeah, money came in. Yeah. And it was

Unknown Speaker  16:55  
cool. Yeah. So two things. One thing I want to say I forgot to mention that somebody is going to win 25 bucks cash on from this live and Andy's going to choose the winner. The only thing you have to do is make sure that you're following me. The other thing that I want to say that you brought up Danny, which is a really good point is a lot of times people don't understand that they have they when they think of money, they might go to the place of anxiety, they might automatically automatically think money and then start to feel anxious in their bodies. And they don't even know that that's happening. And they just know that they feel uncomfortable. Their heart is palpitating, they're sweating. They feel just stressed automatically. And part of the work that we've done and the work that I have done is redefining that association like understanding just what you were talking about that little light, you know, you were talking about how you

Unknown Speaker  17:48  
grow it. Yeah. And like you just look for that little feeling for a second when you go, Oh, wait, if I can feel that now I can always feel it. And I also learned to you treat money. Well, like I really wasn't treating my money. Well, I wasn't like yeah, I was like, this is all you are. Yeah, only this much, you know, yes. Not grateful for anything and really just focusing on gratitude and all these things I have. Yeah, I realized where all these I had all these blind spots where I was fully blocking my career. So much of my career, especially during the pandemic was online. It's like I had infinite possibilities on everyone does, I mean infinite possibilities, especially now with the internet and everything and yes, you know, I you know, it's everyone's journey on their on their same Yes, whatever their their timeline is, but it is like, sometimes I'll see people and they'll be like, I can't and you have this and I don't have I'm like, Oh my God, he's making fucking excuses. Yeah, everything. You have every opportunity. You know, we all have these like abilities to do this, but I wasn't even so I'm a stand up comedian and I wasn't posting my standup. I wasn't even because I was so scared of judgment and what people would think and I think that's how I was feeling about money too. Because here I was judging all these people with money, right then right then I'm Judge so it just bouncing back at me. So then I'm like, if I'm judging them thought of him when people are gonna judge me about having money and listen, people you know, I don't go fucking ship because you're gonna rise up to me. Rise up to me. You can do it if you want. Yeah, what I don't know what your journey is. But

Unknown Speaker  19:26  
yes, well, that's what happens. All of these doors of opportunity open for us. We started getting out of our own way. Not just with money, but with everything. Yeah. And um, oh my gosh, I love that. I love it. You said something. Oh, how we talk about money. I had no idea that I spoke so negatively about money. I had a bad relationship with money,

Unknown Speaker  19:47  
y'all. And in that I was I was one. I was like, I'm like beating the shit out of my money. I'm like throwing it down the stairs.

Unknown Speaker  20:03  
I know cash checks. Wait, did you ever do this? I would keep checks for like, as long as I could before they expired because I felt like that was my savings account by not depositing them. And now I fully believe that I am like energetically blocking my money if I don't deposit my money like so. The minute I deposit on like another truck will come another outcome. Yes. And even when I was broke, if I look back, yeah, money always came whether it was being thrown at me and by a laughing Joe Rogan. That's right. You know,

Unknown Speaker  20:33  
that's your perception has changed. And mine too. Like I realized, I'm so fucking abundant. It is all around me. I just couldn't see it before because I was so blocked by my limiting beliefs about money. And

Unknown Speaker  20:49  
this might sound crazy, guys, because I have just some random people that are trying to see my feet on here. And even the feet people listen. You didn't find them. You could sell pictures of my feet. Now you there's so like, it's just real. It's like, I can't fucking believe I was living in my fucking car. I was like, I remember I used to, like cut bacon in half to be like, two pieces of bacon now. Like, it was like, Yo, stupid that like, you know, but it's just,

Unknown Speaker  21:14  
yeah, it's really, yeah, we've broken free. And everyone can do it. It's everyone can do it. And

Unknown Speaker  21:22  
if they're willing to Yeah, it takes you have to give up your victimhood of being of being broke. Because it does. There is some sort of badge of honor that I thought, yeah, I was like, There's something like, I'm broke. And I'm glad I'm hustling. Yeah. You know, yeah. Just, I was so exhausted. TMJ. Yeah. cluster headaches, all ulcers like Yes. Like the ulcer ship, like you're like, I think it's time. Yeah, we're calling the old mind here. And that's

Unknown Speaker  21:51  
what we're going to do in the challenge is we're going to figure out what is the positive gain for staying because people don't consciously think that they're being committed to being broke. But that's what's happening is that they're using that without realizing it's unconscious. And so I'm going to help them have conscious awareness around why they are staying stuck, and how to get unstuck and how to get clear from that. And also, in the challenge, we're going to talk about changing our relationship with money. And that means thinking about it differently. Mm hmm.

Unknown Speaker  22:22  
Anyone that's clicking off of this, by the way, you're crazy. Do you want to be rich or not? I mean, I release you and you can go but Mary Lou, okay. Jim Ford and Mary Lou have made me fucking rich. I don't even know how to explain that. Oh, I don't that unlocked me. And it's available to you as well. I'm so happy to introduce you to people. I've been kind of teasing you around. Oh, it's exciting.

Unknown Speaker  22:48  
Annie. Thank you. And you're doing the work. And your world easy,

Unknown Speaker  22:53  
because I decided it is.

Unknown Speaker  22:57  
So the stories that we tell ourselves now are these empowering stories. I was looking at myself in the mirror. And I was like, again, I'm like, This is what a million dollar woman looks like. And no, and Scott can hear me and he laughs and he's like, That's right. You know, he's like my biggest supporter, but I have become my own best friend. I might encourage her. You know, I used to be the person that would tear myself down. And that's not who I am anymore.

Unknown Speaker  23:22  
I thought I thought it was cool to do it. I would go on stage to be like, I have no tips. I'm this I look like a boy like I was crazy. I would be like, just shitting on myself all the time. We also are abundant. We have the best. We have the best boyfriends too, because we could just be like crazy women in the mirror going. We're billionaires. And they're like, oh, it's crazy.

Unknown Speaker  23:50  
It's so true. It's so true. I've I've definitely attracted my best friend. And the other thing that's so great Annie is my whole world has changed. My community has changed the people that I hang out with has changed. It's like positive Hi by people who just are are living their best lives creating impact in the world. Having fun serving. It's been a blast. Imagine

Unknown Speaker  24:15  
not covering my mic, because I'm a pro at this. Okay. Ah, my cover my mic.

Unknown Speaker  24:22  
Yes. So one thing that I want to say that I have found just with the work that I've done with a lot of people is that when we start to dig and find out what's really blocking them, one of the beliefs that people have is that it's not safe to be rich and it's not safe to be abundant. And so we're going to dive into that too in the challenge really looking at why they believe that but more importantly what is it that they want to believe instead?

Unknown Speaker  24:50  
Yes, cuz I like that. You said that because I think so much of like, the work I did before I found you guys was like, about trying to like, dig into the trauma and like what wasn't I'm like reliving all these things over and over again, which is okay. It's good to assess everything but I just kept trying to discover like the whys of things instead of just like, let's move forward like let's from now on let's just yeah, let's just be in the moment and let me drop my shit because yeah, that was keeping me a victim I was just Yeah. And man Yeah, yeah just like yes was like oh my god when you're done Yes nonsense I'm gonna give you so much money

Unknown Speaker  25:27  

Unknown Speaker  25:28  
yes, let's let's let's talk about Jim I love Jim. Jim's are mentored and Jim has really just if you don't know who we're talking about we're talking about Jim 14

Unknown Speaker  25:44  
Jim four and follow Mary Lou follow Mary Lou hypnotizes you and follow Jim for

Unknown Speaker  25:50  
Jim's doing a B do have training right now and it's so much fun to be participating in the training. I've been part of Jim's group now the transformational coaching program for two years. And I started out you know, I'm such a different person today. And I'm so grateful to have jazz as our as our mentor.

Unknown Speaker  26:16  
I know we sound crazy, I don't care. I literally don't care. I know sound crazy. I sounded crazy and rich. I'm not Asian but I do sound crazy image. I don't care.

Unknown Speaker  26:25  
Jim 14 fo r t i n somebody said Norton. So Jim

Unknown Speaker  26:32  
Norton, but what we love Jim Norton, too. Yeah. And Joe Rogan, and Andrew love our men. Oh my god. Andrew is not that funny, but he's cool. He's smart. We like his brain.

Unknown Speaker  26:46  
He's a neuroscientist. I'm going to have him on my podcast besides Annie. And anyways, yes, yes, I keep I keep putting that out there into the universe. Maybe. Hey, Andrew Huberman. I know I

Unknown Speaker  27:01  
are going Mary Lou's podcast. Don't be lame.

Unknown Speaker  27:06  
I really respect you. And I am I want to talk hypnosis with you and neuroplasticity and subconscious reprogramming and, and then about Bulldogs because I love French. I love Bulldogs, too, but I'm more of a boyfriend Andrew. So. Oh, yes, I do. I'm I'm dating the love of my life. Put it away. I'm sweaty right now. What am I gonna be watching? So good. It's so good. Okay, so Annie so now that your money magnet babes. I mean, money, prosperity abundant.

Unknown Speaker  27:46  
I Tesla came in,

Unknown Speaker  27:47  
I know, a share, share with people what's happening.

Unknown Speaker  27:51  
Okay, so actually, you know what? This is good. So in 2019, right before the pandemic, I was like, I want to test that, like, I was making that in this before did any of this work? I would still like, why does it even have things? I don't I don't. I was like, I wanna fuckin Tesla. So I started doing like, Tesla. 2020 Tesla. 2020 I would just say Tesla 2020. But I did not believe it. But I was like Tesla, 2020 and then the pandemic. And then I was like, All right, I'll never get it now. And then I started working with you guys. And then I was like, who gets a shot with a pandemic? That's nothing. And then oh, is it my air pod? Can you hear me? I can hear you. Yeah, you're fine. Guys. Listen harder. I'm glad you're here. Sorry. I turned on my Tesla, cam so Tesla 2022, baby. But I know I could have gotten in 2022 If I had really like shifted. Yeah, my frequency. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker  28:55  
yeah, so aside from your Tesla, what else is amazing in your life?

Unknown Speaker  29:00  
I mean, everything's amazing. My dog, my boyfriend my apartment. I moved into this. I couldn't afford this other car. But I have an apartment. That's like, I guess I probably shouldn't say how much it is. But it's a lot. But it's not. You don't I mean, it's old. And to me, I'm like, Yeah, ever. Yeah, I my podcast is really successful trash Tuesday. I'm touring on selling out in a lot of places and I'm selling my artwork on shirts, my merch. Um, it's so it's just everything's like it's amazing. It's so fun. I feel just the flow of everything. I'm tipping so fast. It's so to be the best tipper in the house. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it's just I really feel like you know, life is a playground and I'm now creating. I'm the architect of what? Slides and swings I want to be on. Yeah, I don't that sounded very like sex swinging and I didn't mean it like that. But

Unknown Speaker  29:57  
life is the playground and I So agree with you. Like, I realized that I started tithing and donating money to either London Morehead is, which is a nonprofit in Cornelius, Oregon. And I, you know, just the other night I paid for somebody groceries, their card declined, you know, and I just feel like I'm so fucking abundant.

Unknown Speaker  30:20  
easy, so easy. Like, yeah, yeah, it's like it really.

Unknown Speaker  30:27  
And the abundance just isn't with wealth and money. The abundance is what you were talking about. It's like the playground that you were talking about the different swings. And, you know, it's like the love and the friendship and the flowers and the

Unknown Speaker  30:38  
tivity. Really just, you know what it was to I've been really like on this kick of like, attachment. And yeah, how I was just blocking flow, like everyone is moving every time and, and I know my fans are mushroom people. So anytime I like you do mushrooms or something. Like I always say like, the trees are like breathing and everything's moving. Everything is alive and moving. And I have been trying to freeze it and capture it out of anxiety and fear of it leaving. And nothing I said, then I'm with left with nothing, because I'm not just the floater thing. And now I'm like letting go. And I'm flowing with everything. And it's like infinite possibilities, anything I want. It really, really jokes, jokes are flowing. Everything's my show, for the show and brand. And it was crazy. I was like, I don't want to do my regular, because usually I'll write the same setup over and over again. I was like, I don't want it in the past. Not that I'm not gonna do the jokes, but to give myself a specific order, and then go out and try to follow it over. And it was so fun. It was like crazy. I was signing boys. Luggage I was signing. People are going nuts. This girl was teaching me at work. Everything was crazy. My friends, Lizzie and Josh. We just had so much fun. And I was like, like if I had been like awestruck, it still would have been fun, but it just wouldn't have been had that extra alone. Right? It's so fun.

Unknown Speaker  32:03  
It's so so good. And you seem so

Unknown Speaker  32:07  
happy. I'm so happy. Like, truly so happy and so excited. It's like if this now what what else?

Unknown Speaker  32:16  
Yeah, I know,

Unknown Speaker  32:17  
what can I do? What can I create? What all these like ambitious ideas I had when I was younger. I'm like, like I was wanting to do a program in Guatemala for people with special needs. Because I went there when I was young in special ed. And I'm like, I'm like how would you know, I'm like, oh, that will happen. I can totally do that. Yeah, I know. I just see where it's like you can create your resources like you can. There's so many things you're not blind to. When you're in your victimhood. It feels so good to be in it. Like I really go into it all the time still, but I just catch myself and I get out

Unknown Speaker  32:49  
of it. Yeah. And that's trust. That's the treasure. So cool. Yeah. Yeah. So I want to talk about my million dollar habit because I want to just share, like, I think it was during summer time that I was in Sedona and I love to go to Sedona and Annie and I are going to go just sit down. We are

Unknown Speaker  33:06  
going on down for those days. Okay, okay. Okay, it's on

Unknown Speaker  33:09  
then. And, and when I was in Sedona, I was working with Padma, and she was my coach. And she was she asked me, she said, Mary Lou, write down what you want to attract in 2022. And then I thought about it and I was like, Okay. And then I wrote it down. And she goes, I saw you thinking. She's like, I saw you. And I was like, Yes, I wrote down what I thought was possible, right? She said, No, no, no, no, no, no. She's like, write down what you want to attract. And I remember my hand was shaking. I was so I was almost crying. Because I was so afraid to write down what I really wanted.

Unknown Speaker  33:52  
Didn't deep down. Thank you deserve it. Right. Because it was self worth. That's awful. Yeah. Which it always comes back to. Yes. And I think that's where the joy is coming. Right? Yeah. Or the happiness comes from it's like, yes, once you have it inside, you're like, Oh, my God. Yes. Yes. Forgive yourself for not having it before. And like Yes. judge yourself for that. Just Yeah, it's crazy. I wouldn't say your hypnosis today. And it's so good. Yes. Yes. Mary Lou has a monthly program that I do called topical membership. That's so good. That's right. Oh, good. Yeah, there's a new theme each month and yes. Yeah. New hypnosis. Yeah. So her new one is just

Unknown Speaker  34:34  
Yeah, that's what I wanted to just kind of talk about was hypnosis because I know we've talked about our money beliefs and and how we've become unlocked and unleashed in the world and how we're tapping into unlimited wealth. And my million dollar habit is listening to hypnosis every single day. And six months ago, I could barely write down what I wanted, and I did it too. Back in yesterday, I had a session with Padma yesterday. And she's like, how do you feel now about attracting a million dollars? And I was like, it's done.

Unknown Speaker  35:10  
I'm like, a million dollars. I already attracted. Yeah, that's already here.

Unknown Speaker  35:17  
No, millions now. I'm like, I keep up leveling.

Unknown Speaker  35:21  
But oh, it's so funny. So okay, so just to out us a little bit. You did a hypnosis for me and Bonnie McFarlane because we're, we're making a movie. And Bonnie, like, we were like picking out like, a specific amount of money to make and it was a large sum of millions. And I still want that's too little, and Bonnie's like, What are you talking about? And then now Bonnie has been doing hypnosis. So it's just like, every time I listen to that hypnosis, I go, Why the fuck did I say only that many millions? I go I know, great. Infinite.

Unknown Speaker  35:51  
It's true. It's so true. And that's the power of reprogram reprogramming our subconscious to attract wealth, to attract whatever it is that we're wanting to attract on autopilot. It just becomes what we do naturally by reprogramming our subconscious. Hypnosis is my million dollar habit. I swear by it, I teach it. I love it. Everything in my life revolves around hypnosis because it's changed my life. So it's

Unknown Speaker  36:17  
easy to change everything. It's like create anything that you have a block in. And it's I just so I just in my all of my bones, I feel it. It's just the best thing I've ever done. I can't believe it. I can't believe it. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  36:30  
it is so good. It really is. It can be anything. Because we get into your subconscious where your beliefs are your feelings and your habits are. And we begin to change the way that you think, feel and act. They feel and act you start thinking feeling and acting differently. And you feel

Unknown Speaker  36:45  
a little bit like you might have the tendency to feel like a fraud in the beginning. We just keep listening to it. That is what distinguishes people that get it and don't you just keep listening. It will get in. I love when I'll put your hypnosis on in the morning when I'm kind of like half awake. And sometimes I'm just, I'm like snoring I wake up I still feel so it's just No,

Unknown Speaker  37:07  
I know me too. I love it too. I love that state, where I'm like half asleep. I'm snoring but I can still hear it. And I know that it's going into my subconscious. And I honestly feel like I am a badass unstoppable in the world just like you Annie. So hypnosis is my million dollar habit. It's changed my life. It's changed the lives of 1000s of people that I work with. And I'm excited to invite everybody to the seven day, train your brain challenge your

Unknown Speaker  37:37  
guys do it, do it. I would never I never have lied to you. I would never lied to you guys. That's the truth. That's where the highest values are. I'm not this is there's no reason for me to be here. Other than I feel so excited that I've learned this. And I'm so excited to like, share it with people. I just I'm so excited that everyone can have access to this money. It's so good. I love my Mary lo look at her guys look at her.

Unknown Speaker  38:05  
I'm like I know. And he's doing this out of the goodness of her heart because she really believes in the work that I do and the transformation that I create in people's lives. And she wants her followers and people that she knows to be able to have the same kind of results that she's had. And I want to talk a little bit about what comes with this seven day brain hack to attract wealth, using hypnosis to automate you know, wealth, thoughts and being the wealthy person that we desire to be because that was the other thing is that I never felt like I was rich. I didn't feel wealthy or abundant. So we're going to talk about all that in the live. But I want to share what you get in the in the lives that I do in the challenge but I want to share that it's seven days. You get a hypnosis audio that I'm going to ask you to listen to in the mornings for 15 minutes in the evenings for 15 minutes now and he inspired me to write this hypnosis audio. Now Annie's hypnosis audio is a little bit different versus you know, I don't think everybody wants to be Annie's hypnosis audio is I'm already a rich bitch, but for everyone, maybe. But for a multimillion dollar rich bitch. But for everyone else, it's I'm already abundant and and wealthy because I want to begin to train your brain to believe that you are already these things. And so you're going to be listening to a hypnosis twice a day, you're going to be part of a private Facebook community of Unstopables. And I'm going to be doing live where I'm going to be teaching my step by step process on how to go from broke to rich and it all starts in the mind. And it's going to be so fun. We're going to

Unknown Speaker  39:47  
say Joe is like Yes, money does feel like a almost like a triggering topic for people but I feel like money is like a it's like a symptom of everything else or like I don't know what to say like the reason I think it's important to start with money for my fans that are new to hypnosis because people are asking things about. So I just saw someone asked if hypnosis can help with organization? Yes, 100 I think it's important to handle the money first, because money causes so much stress and panic. And it just takes up so much of your space and energy. So once you can just really feel the abundance, all of the other stuff just right. It can help you with fucking everything.

Unknown Speaker  40:25  
Yeah, it can. Yeah. The problems

Unknown Speaker  40:29  
that you think is not like,

Unknown Speaker  40:31  
it's magic. Yeah, yeah. So we so for the challenge, you can sign up for the link in my bio, you can also go to Mary Lou Rodriguez forward slash money. And also somebody, one of my team members is going to be putting the link here in the chat, although it's not clickable. So you can go to my bio and click on the link, and it will take you directly to the signup page to sign up for the challenge. We kick off March 21. So we kick off, we kick off it in two weeks. And it's going to be just amazing. It's going to be fun. And I know that everybody's really going to get clear on what's blocking them. And then, you know, they're going to get clear on what they want to believe about money and believe about themselves. And I'm going to teach you how to program that into your own mind your own money, beliefs. And you're going to be listening to a really fun hypnosis audio that I wrote, for Annie, but it's universal now for the world. You are

Unknown Speaker  41:31  
listening to my, my, my, as I shared with you. It's just every area of your life. You guys everything you're one you're wondering about. Everyone's asking these specific things. Yes, health problem, all of it. Yes, I gave myself an ulcer, do you understand that? I wanted to be broke so bad, I gave myself blood in my shit.

Unknown Speaker  41:52  
And that's what I'm going to explore. I keep bringing it up. I'm like, it sounds so painful. You know, and, and I want to invite everybody to sign up because I'm going to talk about hypnosis. In this challenge, I'm going to explain what hypnosis is. I'm going to explain why hypnosis works, and how it works. And why we begin to think and feel differently, how we can become more organized or have better health or better habits or change our identity with money. I'm going to explain all of that. I'm going to give you my step by step proven process on how to create change and transformation in your life. So it's just something that you do automatically. It's just who you are.

Unknown Speaker  42:33  
You don't retrain your fucking brain to do people just money. It's crazy. But you're judging people, you're going I know you motherfuckers you're like, this person's rich. And you're probably even judging me, who she's a comedian. She's motherfuckers lived in my car like three years ago, like, yeah, that long ago? Yeah, really? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  42:55  
Yeah. And I really didn't go into my story. But I, you know, I grew up poor. And I was conditioned to be poor. And it was no fault of my parents. It was just the truth. It was just the way that we were. And it really wasn't until my 40s. And I don't want people to have to wait that long to start to feel abundant and healthy, and wealthy and rich, whatever it is that you're wanting. But once I figured out some of the secrets, and they're not secrets, because I tell everybody, but once I figured out some of the steps on how to retrain my brain, it has become easy. And I have been broke. I've been a broke ass person. To, to very, very wealthy. And, and I know that it's because of the work that I've done to train my subconscious. Nobody's giving me a penny. And that's the thing. Annie, I have created all of this.

Unknown Speaker  43:54  
Yes. And it's like you think about because they have all those studies of people that like win the lottery, and there's some they're still subconscious and believe they're poor, and they all their money drains out. It's called right? Oh, so people are trying to be smart and be like, What about Ukraine? Why are you guys, here's the thing do you want to? Do you want to look and feel bad for the people in Ukraine? Or do you want to get rich so you can donate money and help them?

Unknown Speaker  44:12  
Yeah, yeah, you guys want to do

Unknown Speaker  44:15  
it and watch and suffer? Watching people suffer and do fucking nothing except sit there and think that you're like, a good person because you're sitting there suffering, but you can't I'm not judging you if you do. But I'm just saying, or you can like create wealth. Yeah. Yeah. That's literally Yeah. I can tell by the person that wrote that, that you have a subconscious belief that money is bad, and you should feel guilty about it. Yeah, there's a war going on. So we should just sit silently, like horrible about a war, or should we go out create wealth, so we can actually help people?

Unknown Speaker  44:44  
Yeah, get rich and help us right. Yeah. Yeah. Nice try. Yeah, yeah. Yes. And he's going to go to Guatemala. I'm going to go to Mexico or the my mom's village where she was born, and I'm going to build some kind of committee. Unity Center, there are homes there's so many desires and dreams and goals that I have for making this world a better place because that's what we do.

Unknown Speaker  45:09  
That's all there is to do. And it's not virtue signaling. It's not any of that you guys like this is real. We're telling you the truth. I would never, I have no horse in the game of scamming people or making people think a thing. It's like I really like from the bottom of my heart believe that you guys can all learn to get out of there grow and grow your abundance and and help people and keep spread. Let's all do our best and have our best lives.

Unknown Speaker  45:38  
Yeah, yeah. And that's what we do. We get back in so many ways. I get back in so many new ways, not just with money. Yeah, yes. And

Unknown Speaker  45:49  
I got my Twitter hacked and everyone's making fun because I would never do that you guys are you guys should have known

Unknown Speaker  45:58  
so Annie, I think that you know, I think for for everybody who's on this live, I want to invite you all to join my seven day brain hack to attract wealth challenge.

Unknown Speaker  46:09  
And how much does it cost? It's free. Guys. Are we taking advantage of you? Oh, is it fucking free? Oh, I forgot to mention. Oh, guys. Free the whole time. I've been judging.

Unknown Speaker  46:26  
I feel so abundant. I was gonna charge and then I decided no, I'm gonna I'm

Unknown Speaker  46:31  
gonna charge like $7 Mary Lou. Yeah, I want you to charge a lot. Yeah, yeah, ripping it off. No, no,

Unknown Speaker  46:37  
I really want to teach everybody how to have freedom in their lives. And I know how to do that. And I'm a living example of that Annie and so are 100. And then

Unknown Speaker  46:45  
you know, you know what they're gonna learn once they do do the free one that it feels really good to pay for things to after that, like I love pay for things. Yeah. Now I go like, Oh, my God, I get so much value. I can't wait to like, give you the money. I love paying Mary Lou. I know for our sessions. Like I love it. I love. I love your monthly membership. That's another thing for the future. You guys. Yeah. So good. And it's always available. So there's a constant community of people that can kind of remind you, and are in that mindset. It's really awesome.

Unknown Speaker  47:14  
Yeah. Yeah. Thank you any we're always every month, we reprogram our subconscious to believe something amazing about ourselves. And I do I love pain too. And that is a big difference now with my money mindset is that I'm I'm 100 on being able to pay people for their work, because I know how valuable it is. And that is such a big, you know, that's totally different from where I used to be where I would cry when I had to pay because

Unknown Speaker  47:44  
I know when you're like trying to haggle with people are like, Oh, can we? I might my friend did my friends, a photographer and he was like, he shot something for me. He was like, what do we say? Like 150 or two? I was like, 200 I'm not gonna give you the lesser one. Can we do 75? Like, no, yeah, not to give a more. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, God, I'm like, an eight people. If you're exchanging the energy of money, they're gonna do don't you want them to do their best job and work at their, you know, I don't want any more like charity cases or like, free things. I don't. I mean, I'll take a few. But, um, but you know, it's like, there has to be some exchange.

Unknown Speaker  48:24  
Yeah. Yeah. It is fun to be where we are at now. And thank you for reminding me that there's no charge. It's free. It's a free money challenge. And you, you are going to learn so so much that I can guarantee. And so, I think that, you know, I think we covered everything. And I know you and I are going to be doing some deep work after this. Oh, I'm so excited. Yeah. Is there anything that you want to share about your amazing life?

Unknown Speaker  48:56  
I mean, I'm just really, I'm very excited. I can't wait to unblock more stuff. You know, things come up. It's like this isn't just like, you snap your fingers. And it's done. It is a process but it's so it's just so it's just so fun to have all these tools like hypnosis. I just cannot fucking believe it. And you know what I first learned about hypnosis. Right before I met all of you guys, Rob Dyrdek, who you guys know Oh, right. Is um, who's like, you know, has like is a mogul. He's he was just a skateboarder. And now he's just like crazy moguls, like one of the richest people in this whole company and does all this stuff. I was listening to him on Steve O's podcast, and he was like, you know, I just saw this hypnotist. I just realized that I had these like, subconscious beliefs. And I was like, that's interesting. So it was just and I was like, I think I have that and I know you guys are listening to this and going, maybe I have that. Do I have that? Yes. You do have that. Yeah. Easy. It's easy. It feels hard and then you can You can hypnotize yourself to realize it's easy. Yeah. We've like trained our brains to have all the negative stuff. And now we train them to have the good stuff.

Unknown Speaker  50:09  
That's right. That's right. And it really is easy. It does take commitment. There's no doubt about it. We must be committed to this process to training our brain. But once we, I mean, but you can feel differently after one session.

Unknown Speaker  50:24  
It's amazing. Oh my god, I quit smoking. Remember, you haven't. I can't smoke. I quit smoking. And then I was at a festival. The life is beautiful festival like two weeks later. And, and it's like it was a music festival. Like we're outside. It's like, perfect. Everyone was smoking. They were smoking. Campbell crushes my favorite cigarettes. And I could not smoke. It's like not in my identity. This was I cannot. I can't do it. That's right. Oh, weird. After one fucking session. I forgot about that. That's crazy. I forgot to.

Unknown Speaker  51:05  
Yes, yes, it's absolutely possible to just unlock it's unlocking and retraining your brain up here unlocking the tools of wealth and abundance. So I'm super excited.

Unknown Speaker  51:18  
Yes. Can I be hypnotized to last longer in bed? Yes, you can. You can be hypnotized for everything. But don't be coming with us. Just your jizz requests, please. Okay, this is about money and helping people. Boy, oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker  51:35  
So the link is in my bio. It's also Mary Lou Forward slash money. And it's also been put here in the comments a few times, too.

Unknown Speaker  51:47  
I know Marlo Marilou to follow. Yes. And then I can give you money. Yes. And everything. 25 bucks isn't a lot of money. Grow it. You can grow it.

Unknown Speaker  51:59  
That's right. That's right. That's right. 25 bucks is you know, a lot of abundance. It's how we perceive it. And now I know that now. That's why when I look at my bank account, no matter what the amount is 50,000 20,000 Whatever it is, I'm a rich bitch.

Unknown Speaker  52:17  
Yes. 100% people want to see my nails my nails. I mean, we got notebook paper that said it says write a book on my nails. And it fucking work because I hypnotize myself every time I look at them to.

Unknown Speaker  52:31  
It's true. It's so true. And I have my million dollar check here that I wrote to myself January 1 2021. I'm going to be cashing this baby Pretty soon my a million.

Unknown Speaker  52:43  
Oh. We All Have you imagined, like two years ago thinking No. No. You want to be a rich bitch. All right. Let's see. All right,

Unknown Speaker  52:58  
your nails are great. Mary Lou Rodriguez comm forward slash money where you go to

Unknown Speaker  53:04  
follow through on Instagram. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  53:06  
So Annie, who are you choosing

Unknown Speaker  53:09  
my sister and I got to see how do I know if they follow you? Oh, wait, this guy said he did. Okay. Um, so Dan, let's give it to dan de Dev. Okay,

Unknown Speaker  53:21  
Dan. All right. Congratulations, Dan. D Dev. Will you DM me and let me know your your information and we will connect and I'll send you some cash.

Unknown Speaker  53:37  
Oh my god. All these people are saying they didn't know. I feel sad but you guys can make your own money. Join the challenge. Dandy dabs you better claim it now. Where are you? Are you on here? Because I'm

Unknown Speaker  53:47  
giving sure to be DM me?

Unknown Speaker  53:49  
Are you here? Because I will give it to someone else. Where are you Dan? Dan D Dev.

Unknown Speaker  53:55  
Dan D Dev.

Unknown Speaker  53:56  
Very is.

Unknown Speaker  53:58  
Yeah, there. Yes. I saw it. Make sure to DM me down.

Unknown Speaker  54:04  
You guys. I love all of you. I'm so sorry that I couldn't give you all money. But I'm giving you the gift of making your own goddamn money. Okay, not enabling the show anymore.

Unknown Speaker  54:12  
You're ready to love it. Alright, everyone, I love you.

Unknown Speaker  54:17  
So God I love you. I can't wait. I can't wait. I get to talk to you again after this.

Unknown Speaker  54:21  
We get to do some work

Unknown Speaker  54:25  
this woman is an angel follow her I'm not making I'm not faking you. John, you're not gonna be poor and stop saying you're poor John. First up. Do the do the thing. So it's Mary Lou Rodriguez. hypnotizes. You

Unknown Speaker  54:40  
Wally rich Rodriguez, calm, calm. Money, word slash money.

Unknown Speaker  54:45  
And I'll do it. I'll post a link in my stories to

Unknown Speaker  54:49  
thank you. All right. I love you, sister. Thank

Unknown Speaker  54:52  
you. I love you so much. I love you guys. I'm so glad. Alright

Unknown Speaker  54:54  
everyone. Thank you for joining me and Annie and you May your day be incredible.

Unknown Speaker  55:02  
I'm so happy for all of you. Okay, you're about to be rich. I love you guys,

Unknown Speaker  55:06  
I Unstopables I would love if you shared today's episode with your friends and loved ones, please share it on your social media channels. And make sure to subscribe to the podcast. I believe that we are all here to help others. Together, we can help more people. I would be so grateful for a five star review. And I'm also grateful that you took the time to let me know how this podcast is helping you. If you want more transformational content, connect with me on Instagram at Mary Lou hypnotizes you and then go over and join my Facebook group, the unstoppable mind. Visit Mary Lou For more information on my programs, and how to work with me until the next time, go out there and live your unstoppable life