The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

Episode 22 | Brain Hack to Attract Wealth with Nicole Cowley and Madison Holmes | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

April 06, 2022 Mary Lou Rodriguez Season 1 Episode 22
The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
Episode 22 | Brain Hack to Attract Wealth with Nicole Cowley and Madison Holmes | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
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Unknown Speaker  0:01  
Hello unstoppable sup the world. Welcome to the unstoppable mind podcast. I'm your host, Mary Lou Rodriguez. And I am really excited about this podcast episode, I have the honor of interviewing two incredibly powerful and smart and inspiring women, Nicole Kelly, and Madison homes. Each of these women participated in my seven day brain hack to attract wealth, money challenge. And they're going to share with you honestly, how they felt as they went through these seven days of embodying the identity of being wealthy. And they're going to share with you their challenge, like why they decided to do the challenge, what came up for them, their biggest takeaways, their aha moments, and what they are leaving the challenge with, and how they are using what they learned in the challenge, to really take their money mindset to the next level. So welcome, and stay tuned. Hello, unstoppables of the world, I want to thank you for listening to the unstoppable mind podcast. I'm your host, Mary Lou Rodriguez. And today, today's gonna be a lot of fun. Today, I have two guests on the podcast, who participated in the seven day brain hack to attract wealth money challenge. And I'm going we're actually we're going to have a conversation, I am going to ask questions, but we are going to have a conversation on their biggest takeaways, their biggest insights, what triggered them, because I have a feeling that both of them may have been triggered throughout this process. And I want to talk about triggers because I think triggers are a great tool that we can use to grow. Not just stay in the triggered of being upset or mad, but we can actually grow from triggers. And then I just want to talk about how fun it was because I know I had fun. I had a lot of fun. In fact, I want to say that it was probably the best two weeks of my business career, doing this seven day challenge. And then after the challenge inviting people to join the membership. I've had the best time. And I didn't realize truly I mean I knew I like to talk about money. I knew that I had good insight and perspective on money. But I didn't realize how fun it would be to bring 507 people on this journey with me for seven days as we unlock and unblock and break through our money blocks. And so I want to welcome Madison homes, homes. And Nicole Callie. And we're just going to have some fun talking about the seven day challenge. And I want to introduce Nicole first because first of all I know Nicole, I consider her a great friend and I'm inspired by her. And Nicole's mission is to help people who are looking to be their best selves to shine from the inside out, and to truly live the life that has been waiting for them. She's a mama of two humans, beautiful humans and a little furbaby. She's a lover of dance and movement. And I know that that's true because I see her lives. She's at Edmontonians. She's a health coach. She's a badass, unstoppable hypnotist. She's a life enthusiast. She's heart centered and body positive. And I want to welcome Nicole to the stage. Thank you very true. And before we dive in, I'm going to introduce Madison for more formally as well. Madison is from Vermont, although she's going to be moving back to Kona Hawaii. She's 27. But I know really she's probably like 1007 years old. She has an old soul. She enjoys spending lots of time in nature, learning self development, consciously creating her life, prioritizing laughter and having fun, and she is open to infinite possibilities. So I want to welcome you both. You are welcome. So let's dive in. And one of the first questions I want to ask is, and you whoever can eat either of you can answer first. It doesn't matter to me, but why did you decide to join the seven day money challenge? I'll go first.

Unknown Speaker  4:56  
So I follow Annie Lederman. Letterman. I can't believe I just said her name wrong Letterman. She's always making jokes about that. I follow Annie Letterman on social media. I listened to her podcast, and I love her comedy. And she did a live with you on Instagram. And we were talking about this money mindset challenge that you're going to be doing. And I saw it, and I was like, I just felt so compelled to join and so drawn to your energy. And I just, I actually don't, I didn't have a Facebook at the time even but I made a Facebook specifically so that I could join this challenge, because I felt so drawn to doing it. And I've been working on my money stories and clearing money blocks for probably intensely about a month now. So it came at the perfect time in my life. And I just had to pounce on that opportunity. So yeah, that's, that's why I joined.

Unknown Speaker  5:56  
Awesome. Wow, life is life really is synchronistic. I don't believe in coincidences. I don't. Yes, yes. And Nicole?

Unknown Speaker  6:05  
Yeah, I am. Well, I couldn't wait to do it. I love your challenges, because they're always fun. They're always so much fun. And, and I love challenges, because it makes me stay in the content. And it gets me really deep into it. So I think that really, always helps. And then one thing I think, for me is, I remember in the challenge you were talking about, are you interested, or are you committed, and I think for a long time I've been interested for, you know, I'll read all the things and I'll do the stuff and I'll sit in it for a bit. And then I'm doing it. But I know that deep down, my commitment isn't deep enough, or it hasn't been deep enough to actually stay the long path in it. And because I felt didn't always feel patient and I didn't always feel or I or my old stories would come up. So I'd start and then I'd be like, so excited to the old stories come up. So this time, I'm like, I'm doing everything Mary Lou asked me to do everything. And I'm gonna like go and do it all. And I'm going to start to see what's going to happen because I no longer want to be interested, I want to be committed. So

Unknown Speaker  7:12  
beautiful. Beautiful. And so let's talk a little bit more about that. Thank you for bringing up commitment, because commitments interesting. I did not know. And maybe you can relate to this, both of you that I did not know that my problem, one of my problems. Many was that I didn't know how to be committed to something. I didn't understand what that meant. And so I would start, I would stop, you know, if it wasn't convenient. For me, I would just be like, you know, I'm not going to do the thing. You know, I'm not going to go walk I'm not going to eat differently. I'm not going to think differently. You know, it's just you know, and I used to say things like it's too hard. He's just say that all the time. It's too hard. So commitments, Madison, how do you feel about commitment? Because I know that? Yeah, yeah. How do you feel about commitment.

Unknown Speaker  8:09  
So I loved how you began the challenge by just letting everybody know that you were really serious about offering this challenge. And that you you only wanted people in the challenge who were committed in the way that you defined commitment really resonated with me. And I was like, Oh, like this is what it means to really just commit to something at all costs. And like you said, even when you don't feel like doing it, even when it's not convenient for you that you're just you're going to put your commitment above all else. And I had done that in other areas of my life. Because I just came out of three years of really intense health issues. And I had to commit to a certain lifestyle to heal myself from those health issues. But in terms of thought patterns, or in terms of, you know, like working on money, beliefs, I hadn't prioritize those things as much I was definitely interested. And at some points was committed. But I found that I would dive into something and maybe do it for a little bit and then kind of fall off the train, and then find something else do that for a little bit. So the structure that you provided in this challenge, and the way that you insisted that whoever was in this challenge be committed in the way that you defined it. I think a lot of people had that aha moment. Like, oh, like, this is what commitment is, and in one of your other podcasts, you had said, the affirmation I am, I'm consistent. I'm committed. I'm courageous. And so I I just say that to myself all the time. Like I I am committed at all costs to doing this and this challenge. really helped me step into that. So thank you for that.

Unknown Speaker  10:03  
Oh, wow, thank you for sharing that. And that committed and consistent and courageous, I used to tell myself that all the time until I became that, because that's what happens. Yes. And what a powerful way and, and an empowered way to live, versus telling yourself who you can't be and what you can't do, which was my old story. And instead, I'm telling myself all the time, what's possible for me, and so that makes me feel so good Madison. So good. And Nicole. So I know that you had shared the the commitment and the consistency and the commitment and the are you interested? And it's such a big deal, right? Because a lot of people live their life this way. I don't think you were one of the people to say that you were triggered by that. I think you were more curious about it. You were coming from more of the curious perspective. But why do you think that was the one thing that I kept hearing over and over that triggered people? Why do you think that is?

Unknown Speaker  11:10  
Um, you know, I think it is because it's such a good question, I think, because we, we think that we like I think about this all the time that you read books on, you know, self development, you read all these things, and you're, and you're you feel like, like, when I've done some self development courses, I feel like, I come in thinking I knew a lot like, I'd be like, I know, a lot. You know, like, because I've read, I've done all the things, but I haven't actually, I don't embody it. So I don't actually know it. And I think that's like I say I know it, but I don't really know, I I think there's always the same understanding, you know, but I really, I believe lots of times, I would just I would understand what was being said, but I didn't actually deep down know it. And and I think this is where for me when you were saying that. I think it triggers people because you're you're you feel like you're doing the work all the time you're doing it like I'm like, I'm doing this stuff. I'm doing it. But nothing is changing. And it's because like, really, those stories and beliefs are still so ingrained that you don't even realize they're showing up all the time. And I and so I think that for me is why I would think and I don't know, because it's obviously my perspective, but on what people would do is let you know, like, I'm doing it, but why isn't it working? And, and, or, you know, commitment is also sometimes for people a word that can, it depends on what you think of that word, whether it means that you're going to lack freedom, like whether whatever you decide that word is for you to like, whatever it is, right? Oh, yeah. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  12:52  
it's even the interpretation of what commitment means. Mm hmm. And it's not conscious. You're right. It's like commitment may not mean freedom. However, you know, so beautiful, beautiful. So share with me because I did three main lives. I did live number one, two, and three, live number one was really unbelief patterns, becoming aware of belief patterns and thought patterns. And live number two was about understanding the neuroscience and the biology behind. You know why you can be addicted to scarcity and not even realize it not even know because it's not conscious. And then live number three was all about stop being a victim. I got a lot of kickback. I laughed that I mean, I empathize. But I you know, but it was I knew I was going to kick up a lot of fuss. I knew that I was going to bring up a lot up to the surface for people to look at. So share with me your biggest like, what was the biggest thing where you were like, Oh, my gosh, biggest takeaway, whatever that is.

Unknown Speaker  14:03  
I'll go first again. Um, so I had a lot of just incredible takeaways from this. But it was reaffirmed to me that wanting it is not enough. Like you can't just want to be wealthy. And if if you're going to truly prosper, and attract the wealth and abundance into your life that you desire, you can't have subconscious programs that are running up against that desire. So like if you want it, but you don't feel worthy of it. You can't there's no way it's going to happen. Like, it's it. I think people get kind of riled up because they're like, Well, I want it so badly. And I'm doing all this work and I'm doing this and that, but it's almost like they're running in place because they're not addressing the real blocks which I mean, as Louis Louise Hay says, Everything really kind of goes back to lack of self love or lack of worthiness, when we're talking about looking at our lives and, and seeing that we don't have everything that we want, like, if you're not in a perfect state of health, or if you don't have the wealth and abundance that you want, or any other thing, you can really trace it back to lack of self love and worthiness. So yeah, that that was reaffirmed for me that like, you can't just want it and you can't just do the work that's convenient for you, you have to do the things that are that might be challenging for you. And then

Unknown Speaker  15:41  
we had a little internet blip there, but we're early. Right, Madison, you're okay.

Unknown Speaker  15:47  
I'm gonna try. Remember what I said in

Unknown Speaker  15:53  
so many great things.

Unknown Speaker  15:54  
Yes. So I was just saying that it's not enough to just want to be wealthy, or to just want to attract money, you have to really embody it in a way that's more than just the desire, you have to address. What's preventing you from having that. Because if you look around your life, and you don't have that, there's something within you that's preventing that. And it can really all be traced back to lack of self love, unworthiness. Because if you loved yourself and believed that you were worthy of this wealth that you desire, you would have it. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker  16:36  
yeah. Ooh, so good. What about Unical? What was your right? Because you've done a lot of work. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker  16:44  
you know, what I think the one that got me the most was when you start to talk about energy, and talking about money as energy and, and I was, I've been trying to always, like, figure out what that means, in my mind, money is energy. And when you start to talk about the scale and the happiness scale, and are like, where you are on your scale of emotions and energy and and that, you know, joy and happiness and gratitude, and everything, were up at the top of that energy. And so when you start to talk about that one of the best ways to be more abundant and be available for all the things in the universe is to incorporate more joy and happiness and love into your life. And, and I thought about this, I'm like, yes. Because the more the happier you are, the more it just seems to you, you see it everywhere, right? And it starts to feel like it's just you're full of it, you have so much of it, and you work from a different place. And so I think for me, that was one of the biggest ones is like catching my day, and catching my thoughts during the day. And how where's my energy level? And is it happy? Or is it like down? Or is it what am I feeling? And if the feeling of happiness isn't there, because I used to think that in my mind stories, were like money is hard to get money is hard to get. So then I was like, How can I incorporate that in feeling and emotion and change that and if I'm feeling more in gratitude on a regular basis and enjoy and happiness, that I am going to be attracting so much more like that the magnitude of what I'm going to be feeling is going to be drawing in that that that relation in the universe of giving out exactly what you want to get back. And so so I thought that for me was huge to me. I was and I'm really trying to catch my thoughts so much more often now because I am it's tax season right now we are going to detach these. I was like looking at things lately. I'm like I'm okay. You know, like it's been my real world like upcoming outside of I can sit in my hypnosis and it feels really good. But my biggest training my biggest muscle has had to be looking at my real world that I'm in my 3d real world and, and falling in love with it and not allowing it to continue to trigger me to be in a different energy. I'm so good. And so that's been my this is my biggest lesson. It's like going to the gym every day in my mind. Right? It is we're athletes in our mind. Yes, every day, every day. But I want to say one I just had one quick thing. So I suck at talking about abundance. So we used to go on the ski trips and it was really cute. So the kids would put in money all or not the kids all the adults would put in all their spare change into a jar. And at the end of the trip we the kids would guess how much is in the in the jar and then they get to when it whenever it whoever is the closest. And so my son has wanted once when he was about three, three or four he wanted and it was it was a lot of money. But he wanted again, which is really rare because there was a lot of kids at this, but I look at his personality and who he is. He's so happy. Like he's always happy. He's always like, everything's good. Everything's funny. Everything is like amazing. seem. And so I think about the energy that he produces. And when he draws in, and it's always it's just, it's just more of it just I when I saw him win again, I'm like, Of course you did. Because you're so happy, you are always so happy and everything's always working out for you. That's the way he works. Life is always working out for him. Like, it's always good.

Unknown Speaker  20:22  
Wow, I love that. And I know, I mean, you, you do seem like you're happy. And I know that, you know, sometimes when you're home alone, you might be crying. No, I'm just kidding.

Unknown Speaker  20:34  
Are tears and yes, there are.

Unknown Speaker  20:37  
Just, I couldn't help it. But you know, I'm sure he's learning, you're modeling to him. The ways of being or how you want to show up in the world, which is really powerful.

Unknown Speaker  20:49  
Thank you. I would say he models have a lot to me, too. Right? I really I watched him like, because we were even talking about, you know, Mary Lou gave us these, this challenge to spend a certain amount of money every day on this challenge. And so he thought this was the best game ever. So he was like, every time I go, Dude, he's like, Can I do it with you? Can I can I help? Yes. Oh, it's so funny. So we went to so I went to my times, I think it was that when we got to 49,000 I was looking at a car that I wanted. And so I posted the car, we researched it, we looked up everything and everything. And then we went to a movie the other night, and the car was combined. Like I love that car. Like it was a new Acura and it wasn't really like a nice looking car. And he goes, you know, mom, but I'm really happy with the one you chose. And then it was done. It is done. Like in his mind, he's like, but I'm really happy with when you chose, I think you're gonna be really good.

Unknown Speaker  21:48  
Oh my gosh, that is so good. It's a done

Unknown Speaker  21:53  
deal. It's a done deal. And I love his age. He's 11 years old, but I love it. Because in his mind, that game was really real to him. Like he loved it. Like he meant it when we were walking up the stairs to the movies like, but I love your car.

Unknown Speaker  22:07  
So great. That's so great for so for the audience who doesn't know, during the challenge, we did an abundance spending contest. And the first day we got 7000. The second day, we got 14 to spend and the rules were we could only spend it on ourselves. And it's an on day seven, it was 49,000. And it was interesting, it's so much fun to see what comes up. It's so much fun to spend the money. And it's also so much fun to see what comes up. You know, like, it really it's like, it really is fun. Because 49,000 I was like, What am I going to spend 49,000 on, you know, and I really had to think hard. And then I said get over it. Mary Lou, just have some fun with the money. Yeah, so I wanted to ask you both. Because I know that I talked a lot about really looking at the truth of your lives. I asked everybody to do that. And I want to ask you, was there anything that I said or asked you to do that was hard for you? And, or, you know, especially on live number three, when I talked about our circumstances? And how in the role that trauma can play in our lives. But you're both looking at me like you weren't that? I don't know. So Did anything come up for you that was hard, that you found a little challenging.

Unknown Speaker  23:42  
Um, I would say, for me, because I've been, it's been, I would say probably six months that I've really just like, stepped into taking radical responsibility for everything in my life. Like truly everything that I look at, I'm like, Okay, this is a reflection of my belief system. So to do this work in the money mindset challenge. I wouldn't say that anything was hard for me because I was already like, conditioned to understanding that that that is true and to feeling absolutely responsible for everything. But the the really good thing about taking responsibility for your life is that if your life isn't the way that you want it to be like in this moment, when you take responsibility for it, that means that you have the power to change it and to in to turn it into what you want it to be in in any aspect in the aspect of money. So yeah, I would say there was nothing that was hard for me because I've been doing this for a while but I could understand how if that was somebody like kind of first dipping their toes into that concept that that could be triggering for people to be like, Oh my god, like how What do you mean I'm really sponsible for all of my circumstances, because then it feels like you're like blaming them. But it's not. It's about empowering people. So say that,

Unknown Speaker  25:09  
yeah, thank you. Thank you, Nicole. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  25:13  
um, I think, I think what triggers me a little bit is that I have been doing this work for a while, and that I still have some really deep beliefs that are still popping up. And I'm like, gosh, like, honestly, I, I, and sometimes I, like, go into shame on that, like, I shouldn't have that still, like, how could I be at this point in my life and still have these stories that, you know, and sometimes I think about the way the mind works, and how certain traumas do stay a little bit longer and need a little bit more work. And, and, and so I think that's where I'm really working on now is, I'm going to be stronger than those, those thoughts and those beliefs, right, I'm going to be stronger than what they are. And, and I'm not, I'm not giving up on them, I think I think in the past I, I could get into my you know, my sad stories about you know, where, where I've come from, or what I've had to do, or, and I can get there by just sitting and looking at a bank account or looking at, you know, clients anything, I can do it quite fast and easily. But now I'm like trying every single time I feel it, I'm changing it faster. And so that's where I think my awareness is changing at a deeper level than it's ever been before. So it's quicker, it's faster, and it's more transformative than it was before. And, and so I for me, it's still work. It still is, but it's coming. It's coming way faster. I think my understanding is deeper than ever been.

Unknown Speaker  26:45  
Yeah. And also the mind programming, really understanding the subconscious mind. I mean, when you can really understand the subconscious mind, then you you really, it's feels like rocket fuel under your ass. And so just just to give you you know, it's like you just been studying, I don't know how long you've been studying the subconscious mind. But I don't think it's been a long time. And so the changes that have happened for you since then really are big. But isn't it funny how we can? We can? Yeah, yeah,

Unknown Speaker  27:14  
I think I was listening. I was talking. You're one of your favorites, Joe Dispenza. But he was talking about creating your future from your past. And I think about that statement very often. Because if I continue to always think about what my potential wasn't my past, what they've done, what I could do all of that, I'm going to create the same things. I'm not right. And now I'm like, No, I now need to get very familiar of like, believing in my possibilities. And that has to

Unknown Speaker  27:43  
change. Yeah, that's so beautiful, so beautiful. And also, you know, we can have this expectation of where we think we should be because of how much work we've done. And that too, is a story. It is. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  28:00  
I just want to add that what you taught us about, you know, like the neuroscience aspect of the brain's like, habitual tendency to keep us safe by doing what's familiar, that helps me have a lot more compassion for myself. Because when I first started doing this and first started, using pattern interrupts, and like diverting thoughts that weren't, for my highest good are helpful to me, I used to get really angry at myself, because it felt like my brain was my own worst enemy. Like, it felt like it would just ramp up all of this evidence that like, whatever the new belief I was trying to embed wasn't true. Like, for example, if, if the affirmation I was using was I love myself, my brain would be like, No, the fuck you don't like and be giving me a kick back. And I used to be like, Why? Why does it feel like I have these opposing forces within me. And after you taught us this week, it finally really clicked for me that like, Oh, my brains literally just trying to keep me safe. And that helped me see it from a much more compassionate perspective and be like, and understand that all the parts of me are actually on the same team. My brain is just doing exactly what it's supposed to do. So great.

Unknown Speaker  29:21  
Oh, so good. I want your brain to be your best friend. I want you to love your subconscious, because the intention is to keep us alive. That's the intention. It's just a little backwards sometimes. You can feel a little wonky. Thank you so much for sharing that both of you. I I really, I really did live number three, which is you know how to stop being a victim to your circumstances. I did it from a place of, of compassion, where I shared with people my story of how I was a victim. To my circumstances, and I really wanted it to be like, you know, this is what's happening. And a lot of it can be unconscious, like, we just don't even know that we're doing it. And so I really taught live number three from this place of, here's how you can stand in your power, this is what's keeping you stuck. And here's how you can stand in your power. And I can see it on both of your faces right now. Like, it's just, it's, it's the truth, like we can stand in our power, when we know that our brain is just trying to protect us. And we don't have to take it personal. We can still love ourselves. And I thank you so much for talking about the shame because I used to feel that way too. What am I doing wrong? And then I would feel the shame. Why can't I figure this out? Well, you don't know what you don't know. And you don't know how your brain operates if you don't have an, you know, study neuroscience. And, and so I love that you share that so much, Madison, thank you, thank you for sharing that. I don't want people to feel shame. I want people to feel empowered. Yeah. And,

Unknown Speaker  31:09  
or, and to remind ourselves that like to not feel ashamed that we ever were in that victim mentality. That's right. Like, we didn't know any better. And like, I used to be there too. I used to say, Oh, my God, like if somebody just like, gave me money, I wouldn't be like dying of all these ailments right now. And like, I wouldn't be houseless and I wouldn't be all these things. But like, my belief system was creating that circumstance for me. So like me sitting in, in the victimhood hub of it was not helpful. It wasn't, it wasn't helping me get out of that situation. It was just perpetuating it that I was sitting there, wishing for like somebody to save me. And I know you talked about that Mary Lou, as well, where you like, wanted a Savior. And I felt like that too. And it's it's important that we all just like have compassionate, compassionate perspectives on Yes, we used to be when?

Unknown Speaker  32:04  
Victim, sir, yes, I love the woman that I was. Yeah. I love the woman that I am. And I love my future badass self to like, I love I love all the parts of me. And and so I want that for everybody. Somebody said, If you hop on the Mary Lou train, you'll go to the moon. And I thought, oh. I want to take with me, you know, I do want to take everyone with me. So what was how did you feel about the hypnosis audio?

Unknown Speaker  32:39  
You know, when I love this hypnosis audio, I honestly, that's one of the best ones I've ever. Like, I love them all. They're all so good. But what I what I love about hypnosis period, is, you know, I have so many clients say all the time, this is hard, like, like changing habits is hard. And it's more work. And you're asking me to do more things. And life is already tough. And I and I think this is what's beautiful about hypnosis is it's so relaxing and beautiful, but it's doing the work for you. If you consistently do it, right, if you consistently do it day after day after day, it is actually the thing that's going to make you feel so good. And, and it's like you when you and I love that you always use it as rocket fuel because it's true. Like we, if everyday, we weren't sitting in hypnosis and X accessing our subconscious, it is it can be a little bit more laborious, right? To try to think of the thoughts every day, on the thoughts, they've got to work on the things. But when you can go into that relaxed state, and feel it and see it and hear it and and live in it for that period of time. You start to just change you can't help that it starts to be like you notice yourself during the day saying things to yourself. And you notice yourself seeing things differently and responding differently. And so anyways, this hypnosis that you did, made me feel like I was like, cuz you started off saying right at the beginning, you are already abundant and wealthy and this is that you are already there. Now let's just get let's just feel it right. And so I loved it. I thought it was so, so good. It's still doing it. I love it.

Unknown Speaker  34:15  
I'm still doing it today. Me too. I absolutely loved the audio that we use for the money mindset challenge. I really loved the way that you incorporated the the sensory part of it where you're smelling the money, you're feeling the money. Like I feel like that part, to get people's imagination. Stimulated like that is really so important for truly embodying that identity. Like you feel like you have it in your hand you feel like you can just like lift it to your face and smell it and like smell that fresh money and like it. I don't know, I just I felt like the affirmations that you used in that audio as well. We're just just so empowering and so, so carefully worded so that there was minimal resistance. So yeah, I loved loved the audio.

Unknown Speaker  35:11  
Oh, yay. Really my intention with that audio was I, you know, my goal is for you to feel like you are the abundance that you seek. And so I would say things like it's coming to you and through you and around you so that we also, because we have this belief, or I did not everybody does, but that money is outside of me that it's external. And it's really not it's the energy. But it's, it's complicated to explain that to somebody who's just starting on their self development journey. And so I did it in a very subtle way. You already are the abundance that you seek it's inside of you. It's around you. It's everywhere. And I had so much fun creating that hypnosis audio. I'm so glad both of you loved it. I loved it. I was like I did. I did. I was like, This is so great.

Unknown Speaker  36:08  
hitting you, I listened to it, like as many times a day as I can sometimes like six or seven times a day. I love it so much.

Unknown Speaker  36:16  
Oh, wow. Wow. Is there anything else that either of you would like to share about your experience? Or? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  36:30  
um, I just want to say I think I think this is all like what you did. First of all, the value with what you gave in this program was beyond what I could even imagine it was, I would have paid like a lot of money for this because it was amazing, right? Like, I can't even I can't even explain the value that you've given in there and what it can do for people. So I am, I'm beyond grateful for that alone, just to have been in that because I feel abundant. Just being part of that challenge. I feel like I was so lucky to have been part of that. But I just I want to because I'm also a member in your membership. And and I want to say that that membership is so beautiful, because it continually helps you train your mind and your mind is one of these muscles, or for me, my mind has been one these muscles, I could work out I could do all those things, because that's kind of where I came from is my history. But it is not. But my mind has been my hardest one to train. And I think when you're surrounded by incredible hypnosis tracks by incredible people that are on the same path as you, when you have coaching in there from you, and coaches from other people coming in and coaching, you're surrounded by it, which means that you can't help a change, you can't help by change. So I am, I'm beyond grateful. I am beyond grateful for all that you've done and all that you give and you continue to give. It's It's so beautiful. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker  37:58  
Thank you, Nicole. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker  38:02  
I second everything Nicole just said like Mary Lou, the the value that you gave to people for this challenge that was free. Like I was absolutely stunned at the way that you poured yourself into it, and that you really showed up and gave it your all and like it was very clear in the energy that you exuded that, that you your intentions were pure that you were offering this literally to change people's lives to help people get unstuck, to help people on wherever they are in their journey, but to also instill that commitment and you do it from a place that's you. I mean, you do have this like tough love aspect about you, which I really like. But you're also so heart centered and like so kind and I think that's why people like to learn from you because you're so approachable. And you say things that are very deep and very profound in a way that is very user friendly. And that it seems like anybody could could learn from you and like really absorb what you're saying, because you say it in such approachable terms. And I'm just so grateful that I happen to be on Annie's live on Instagram and see you and discover you and yeah, I just, I am amazed and so grateful and really, really pleased that I was able to participate in that.

Unknown Speaker  39:29  
Thank you. Yeah. Thank you both so much. You're welcome.

Unknown Speaker  39:38  
Thank you. It's wonderful.

Unknown Speaker  39:45  
I feel so blessed and I honored to be teaching and to be sharing with people how to have freedom in their lives. And I think you and the way to continue moving forward to keep the Momentum is through continuing to reprogram the subconscious. And I think both of you are having I know Nikolas joined the membership, I think Madison is going to be joining as well. And so you join.

Unknown Speaker  40:14  
I'm in baby. Awesome. Well,

Unknown Speaker  40:16  
I want to invite the world to the unstoppable mind membership. And I want to just thank you both for your time today. And I really receive what both of you have said, and it means so much to me, it means so much to me, that I'm able to help you get unstuck, and live your best fucking lives like truly, truly, because I feel like we can be unstoppable. And if we continue to tell ourselves that we are that that will be our reality. And so anyways, I want to thank you both for your time today. And I look forward to seeing you in the membership. And for everyone else. Thank you for joining us. And until the next time, go out there and live your unstoppable life. Thank you I would love if you shared today's episode with your friends and loved ones. Please share it on your social media channels. And make sure to subscribe to the podcast. I believe that we are all here to help others. Together, we can help more people. I would be so grateful for a five star review. And I'm also grateful that you took the time to let me know how this podcast is helping you. If you want more transformational content, connect with me on Instagram at Mary Lou hypnotizes you and then go over and join my Facebook group, the unstoppable mind. Visit Mary Lou For more information on my programs, and how to work with me until the next time. Go out there and live your unstoppable life