The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

Episode 23 | Deepen Your Connection to Self with Kama Hagar | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

April 13, 2022 Kama Hagar Season 1 Episode 23
Episode 23 | Deepen Your Connection to Self with Kama Hagar | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
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The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
Episode 23 | Deepen Your Connection to Self with Kama Hagar | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
Apr 13, 2022 Season 1 Episode 23
Kama Hagar


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Kama Hagar is a certified holistic wellness coach and entrepreneur who uses the magic of Hawaiian healing, meditation, yoga and reiki mastery as the baseline for her teachings and her eco-luxury skincare line, Mukama Botanica. Growing up between the jungle of Hawai'i, the Bay Area, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and on the road with her dad's band, she discovered that to fulfill inner peace, she would have to make home a place within and the world: the temple, the teacher, and the playground. She took her early-life teachings and passionately set forth on her mission to help humanity and the planet through the practice she coined, selfless self-care.™

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Kama Hagar is a certified holistic wellness coach and entrepreneur who uses the magic of Hawaiian healing, meditation, yoga and reiki mastery as the baseline for her teachings and her eco-luxury skincare line, Mukama Botanica. Growing up between the jungle of Hawai'i, the Bay Area, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and on the road with her dad's band, she discovered that to fulfill inner peace, she would have to make home a place within and the world: the temple, the teacher, and the playground. She took her early-life teachings and passionately set forth on her mission to help humanity and the planet through the practice she coined, selfless self-care.™

Use to the links below to connect with Kama. 

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Unknown Speaker  0:01  
Hello unstoppables of the world. I'm your host, Mary Lou Rodriguez. And can you believe that we are on episode 23? Wow, Time just flies. This is a really special episode because I am interviewing the amazing Khaimah Hagar. And I had so much fun interviewing her. And initially, we did the interview on my IG live. And I just really enjoyed our deep conversation about self care and nurturing our souls and what that looks like and what gets in the way of that. And so I decided that I wanted to turn it into a podcast episode, so that I could share it with you, with all of you amazing people. So I have one question for you. Are you ready to deepen your connection to self. So before we get started, I wanted to let you know that I'm hosting another free workshop called unlock your infinite abundance. So for those of you who participated in my seven day money challenge, this workshop is just going to strengthen everything that you've learned. And for those of you who didn't participate in my seven day money challenge, now's your chance to check out hypnosis and subconscious reprogramming, because I'm going to do a deep dive, and I'm gonna explain to you how I've been able to attract everything that I have in my life, and what I want to continue to create in my life and in my business. And if you know me, you know that I don't mess around when it comes to manifesting and creating and automating How to Be unstoppable in this world. And I want to share that with you. So join me Thursday, April 21, at 3pm Pacific Standard Time, so the link to register will be in the show notes. So stay tuned for the amazing for the unstoppable Khaimah Hagar Hello unstoppables of the world. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening, wherever you are in the world. I'm so excited this morning that I get the opportunity to interview the amazing kamma and I met kamma through a mutual friend and hello, hello. I'm gonna wave over everybody. Hello, hello. Thank you for joining me. If you're new to me, my name is Mary Lee Rodriguez and I have created an unstoppable movement. And it really starts with our unstoppable mind. And I'm so excited to have so many new listeners joining me today. And I'm a master hypnotherapist for those of you who don't know, and high data vision. I love data. I love data, brainwave state, that's the creation state and I love being in that daydream, like, brainwave state. So welcome. Hey, Vanessa, thank you for joining me. So I'm a master hypnotherapist and I train people I train their brains. I help people get out of their own way. I help them live their highest potential I help them unlock their vision, I help them step into who it is that they are meant to be here on Earth. And we have so much fun. I have a podcast called The Unstoppable mind. I have a membership called the unstoppable mind membership. And I also teach the most amazing, incredible people to be badass, unstoppable hypnotherapist in the world. World class is what I like to say. And through my program called Hypno thrive, and it's a certification program through the National guild of hypnotists. And I have such a blast. I'm living my best life. I'm looking to see if camera has joined Okay, here she is. I missed it. I missed her invitation because I was chatty, chatty, chatty, chatty, because I'm super excited. So did you see I missed your request?

Unknown Speaker  4:35  
Oh, no, I was. I was funny. I like kind of zoned out. I was like pulling something up. And then I saw like, she's like this close to the camera. I was like, Oh my gosh, have I been live this whole time?

Unknown Speaker  4:50  
No, don't worry. We didn't see anything.

Unknown Speaker  4:54  
Perfect. Oh, are you

Unknown Speaker  4:56  
I am so good. It's so nice to connect. Good to see you again. I think it's been like a year since we met originally through Rachael O'Rourke. And I love Rachel. She's been such a gift and a blessing in my life. And she introduced me to you and you came to our mastermind. And you, yes, you let us through the most beautiful meditation experience. And I was like, I love what you do. I went to your website, I looked at, I was like, she has a membership. This is before I had my membership, you totally inspired me. And I want to do want to say thank you.

Unknown Speaker  5:40  
Oh, I want to say thank you, because the work you're doing in the world is specific. I know you just gave some of the, but to rewiring just how we exist in this world. So thank you, because you're here doing doing great work.

Unknown Speaker  5:59  
Yeah. And I, I've been following you for a while. And I like I just really want to, I want to get to know you better. I know that I've shared with you a few times that you are totally like my idea of a badass, unstoppable world who's doing such amazing things. And I want to get to know you better. So this is such a great opportunity for us to connect. And I'm starting a series I shared that with you where I'm going to be interviewing on my IG just really inspiring people and people who are light and love in the world. And you are one of those people, it is as clear as day that you are shining your light. And so I have lots of questions I want to ask you. But before we get started or started, I want I'd love for you to introduce yourself.

Unknown Speaker  6:51  
Oh my gosh, of course, I will. Thank you for having me. I'm honored to be here for so many reasons. And I'm so excited to just chat with you more to fellow Aries. So Aries so yes, my name is Kay, my Hagar. And for those of you who don't know, me or my work, I work with one on ones I work in group settings, I work in corporate wellness, and I help people find their joy. And I think that it's really important to define the difference between happiness and joy, which I actually just kind of redefined my own brand script in that, because I realized there's a core fundamental difference. Happiness is something that actually is outside of us. It's something that we get from eating our favorite food or laughing with our best friends. Happiness is wonderful. But joy is something that is an innate state of being. And it's actually all our, it's just, it's just what we have to come back to. So it's we and that is what I teach. And that's why meditation and I'm a certified meditation teacher as my primary tool for for leading people back to that place and, and then making it a priority. Because as we know, it's so easy to get busy, and leave our joy behind when it's just here just waiting. So that's essentially what I do. And then in addition, selfless self care is pretty much my slogan. It actually is my slogan

Unknown Speaker  8:34  
selfless self care it. I love it.

Unknown Speaker  8:37  
Because I think it is the most important thing ever we always talk about i Listen, we all think it's selfish even though we all know I think at this point especially I'm sure Mary Lou, your followers in mind are aware that it's not selfish and no cog but when we're doing it can still feel so selfish. So I'm I this slogan selfless self care is the mantra for me. And for anyone listening, take it, steal it, use it because it is selfless. It helps us show up and overflow. Right. Right. So essentially that's the story.

Unknown Speaker  9:18  
Yeah, yeah. I apologize. I don't mean to talk over you I noticed my internet is a little wonky. I think it's my internet so I'm gonna switch internet

Unknown Speaker  9:41  
Okay. Okay. So let's talk about Okay, that's better for me to so much better. I'm like, so let's talk about what selfless self care actually means. Because when you're right, a lot of us To know that that's what we should be doing, right? Like we should be doing. And what I have found is that there's a lot of emotions that like a little bit of guilt for taking that time to be selfless. So how, share with share with me what you say to your clients and to your students, and yeah, your membership?

Unknown Speaker  10:24  
Oh my gosh, absolutely. So basically, first and foremost, we just start by always tagging self care with the word selfless, so that we just keep remembering over and over again, like, this is a selfless act, this is something that I need to do, or I literally cannot be what I need to be for anyone in this world. And then when we wouldn't, one of the first sessions that I'll do with my clients is making a list of what feels like self care and what feels like joy. And essentially, a lot of the time not always, but they end up being the same items, right? Like, yeah, going for a walk, having a cup of tea, calling a friend, whatever it is, and those are, to me, at least, everybody's is different. That feels like self care. And it also brings me joy. So finding joy, is self care. So it really all it all goes hand in hand. And we just start there. And and then we make it a priority, we schedule it into the week, we find ways to, we make it also just prominent, because if we don't know what it if we don't have that list readily available, if you will, it's not going to happen.

Unknown Speaker  11:44  
That's right, because it's not a habit.

Unknown Speaker  11:46  
Bakley. And then, of course through meditative process, we just really allow ourselves to go there and allow is a word I use so much. It's such a meditative word. It's such a classic meditation teacher word to use, but I use it for such an intentional reason. We don't allow ourselves to feel joy, pleasure, and healing as much as we do. So it's about getting out of our own way. So much.

Unknown Speaker  12:16  
So agree with you about that, that we don't allow ourselves because in our minds, we have this idea of what we should be going back to the should word, how we should be perfect. Like we don't deserve to have joy if we didn't do everything that's on our list today. And I feel like you and I what we're doing is we're helping people break out of the conditioning, the programming that we were raised with, so that we can really live our lives the way that we truly desire and not feel bad. Exactly. And not feel bad before Hey, keep diving in. I would love to know like, how did you how did you come up? Like how did how did this your journey? Like? When did how did you decide that you wanted to be a meditation coach and help people find their joy?

Unknown Speaker  13:08  
Oh my gosh, yes. So basically, growing up I was my dad traveled the world for work. And I never really had a concept of home. I had home, but I didn't feel like rooted at all. And so I really felt like I needed to find this sense of like home within myself. And I was looking for it. And in I became very intuitive about kind of what felt good, and what didn't and what I needed for me to see the very unconventional lifestyle I grew up with. And there was so much joy in that as well. And so I was able to just kind of direct my focus towards the joy really take the grounding practices that helped me and really strengthened my intuition. Through that time. I also spent a lot of time not with kids my own age. So I was I was just like, it was a lot of interest. And I think that just innately became part of my personality. Later though I did at a young age I started pursuing fashion design and makeup artistry, both of which makeup artistry I became certified to do in eighth grade and design and I wanted to help people, primarily women at the time, feel confident and joyful and express themselves. And basically as I went down that road, I got degrees and all of these things and beauty and fashion and then I realized, Oh, you can do this from the inside out. And it's so much and you can feel all of those feelings but but always, I mean, we do go up and down where humans will have emotions. But our baseline can be joy. And that is pretty much how it all came to be. So in my own personal healing, just following my joy and following the polls, I started said I got certified in, in meditation, and yoga, I became a Reiki Master. And I studied Hawaiian healing. And long story short, every single training I took this was over the course of a year. My teachers were like, are you going to teach? And I was like, no, no, no, no, no, this is just for me. This is just for me. And they all were like teach. And so I taught, and it was something I just I got pulled into, and it is my dharma. I couldn't imagine. Anything else. I am so grateful for what I do. I literally wake up excited. It's the best job in the world. Yeah. So that's how it all came to be. But it started with doing kind of a practice I talk a lot about which is a Hawaiian healing principle, actually, which is that of Hello, hello. Which means to follow the polls. And following the polls is following your joy, it's following your intuition. And it's just letting it take you to where you are.

Unknown Speaker  16:26  
So beautiful, following the polls. I mean, that sounds like trust and surrender, you know,

Unknown Speaker  16:34  
out of vendors when I came over still, but yeah, it's.

Unknown Speaker  16:44  
So I can totally relate to your story of finding wanting to find home. And for me, and I didn't know this at the time, when I started my self development journey. I wanted to find happiness, because I didn't understand that it came from the inside, I thought happiness was about the things that I had in my life. It was about who I was dating, or you know, who, you know, I just, I thought it was in the external world. And no fault to my parents. No, because they didn't know any different. They raised me the best that they could with the knowledge that they had. And so I grew up thinking that everything was outside of me. My truth, my happiness, love. Like, I felt like it was all external. I didn't know that it comes from the inside. And so I was seeking that in a different way. You know, and really what I was looking for was peace. But I didn't know that.

Unknown Speaker  17:46  
Yes, I identify with that as well. And I think so many of us do, right? Like we are, for some reason, our society that sits outside, it literally feels the need for us to believe outside of ourselves. So it's, it's a reclamation, right?

Unknown Speaker  18:06  
Yes. Yes. Yes. And on this journey, of self discovery, and self love, and self confidence, and self nurturing, and self acceptance, self discipline. I mean, it's, it's been really a journey of embodying it all. But nothing is more important than how I think and how I feel about myself. And this is what I love to teach people. Because how do we get outside of the conditioning and the programming? Like, how do we really get unstuck? And this is our jam. This is where we come in, and we're like, okay, I know how to help you get unstuck. And you're right, it's through the, you know, programming our minds. It's through neuroplasticity, it's through daily practice and habits and that self nurturing that you were sharing about selfless, like being committed to really caring for ourselves. Like you can tell I just love this.

Unknown Speaker  19:07  
I love this. I have you in it too. I'm like, my favorite words. You're saying all of them? Yes. And you so much with the mind? Like I don't know how many people on here are my personal followers and haven't seen Mary Lou's work but I mean, she's literally a master of the mind. And that is a portion of what I do. I always say like holistic wellness so mind body. Spirit, right? Yes. Oh shins, we got to do it all but I mean, you are the master. That is that is that your place to learn to navigate? Like, navigate the mind. Right? You're gonna be in place. Right?

Unknown Speaker  19:55  
And I feel so blessed and I know you were sharing about how you wake up every Your Day, and this is what you get to do. This is what we get to do like. Okay. Yeah, I feel so blessed. And when you were talking about the vibration and the frequency, I have been studying more like I understand how to access it. But how do you live there? Like, how do you live in the state of love. And now I know we're humans, and we go up and down. But I'm understanding more that it's really a frequency. It's really a vibration. And I know that frequency is how fast we're vibrating. But this is what I'm really stepping into is how do I be loved?

Unknown Speaker  20:43  
As Yes. Do you know that? So it's, that was one of my earliest teachings from my meditation teacher who trained me David G. And he's an amazing meditation teacher, if anybody hasn't been so awesome. He's the greatest and I remember we were all having this conversation about love versus ego, right? Like they're, they're opposites and how to, like, why we're doing what we're doing as teachers during this intensive training. And moment where he was like, you know, who you are is your ID your what you do is, is your ego what this is your ego and listing all these ego and I'm like, this is all okay, so like, if somebody asks you, who are you? Yeah. Hey, and he was, I am love. And at the time, I was like, Oh, I understand that. That is the ultimate truth. That's the ultimate coming home. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  21:55  
it's, it's no, it's like, I'm, it's no mistake like I am. I'm apprenticing with a shaman. And part of the work is about being in the frequency. So of course, your medic, David G. And you know, my mentors, it all aligns. It's all the same thing. It's just taught to us differently. But we're going to the same place I think I think we are

Unknown Speaker  22:21  
badly like, that's the other thing I always say is, there is absolutely no one's one size fits all. And there's absolutely no one way. And if somebody this is the way this is the only way you're in a cult, so like Ron, for there is no such thing. There's a million different. There's not even any one size fits you. Right? Like and that's about it myself and with my clients, that list of joy, that list of self care varies moment by situation by situation day today, and person to person, yourself where you are, wherever you are, only you know what you need.

Unknown Speaker  23:06  
Right? Right. It's the truth. So the truth. And, yeah, it's I mean, I can't even tell you how many times I've heard the word cold. And I'm like, you know, whatever. We probably have a lot of stories. Love to have a phone call. Yeah, yeah. And the whole Sedona, like, you know, we have that in common. And, you know, I was messaging you from the most beautiful home that had the most incredible deck in the back that had views of, you know, the sacred red rocks. And it was so and I was messaging you and I could feel like the love that we have for this beautiful place of just, it's magnificent. Like

Unknown Speaker  23:56  
you in Sedona, like your place, you know, we all kind of have like that ecosystem or that place that brings us joy and healing. What is yours?

Unknown Speaker  24:08  
Yeah, you know, it really has been Sedona I've been there I think, I think four or five times in the last two years. And it's special to me, it's sacred, it's special. It's, it's where it's not a vacation. I'm not going there for vacation. I'm going there for alignment, and I'm going there to be reminded of my truth. And I know we could go super spiritual or we can go super 3d I'm talking to the right girl. I know that

Unknown Speaker  24:42  
yes, I hear you with Sedona though. So it is that connection through that there.

Unknown Speaker  24:49  
It is and it's you know, there's portals and there's, you know, it's like right now it's it's, it's just, it's alive and I can feel that and I can see it. And it's like, it's just so special to me, I feel really, really blessed that I'm so connected in that way. And it isn't to the UFOs or, you know, whatever it's to. I'm not sure who's listening in right now.

Unknown Speaker  25:19  
Yes, no, there's so much there. I like I joke. I feel like all roads always lead me to Sedona whenever I if I go on a road trip, I just magnetize it either. Even if it's just a drive thru, there's something really special and sacred. So that's actually something to I talk about a lot with my clients. And it was something that was taught to me actually by a good friend of mine, who's an ethno botanist, so she works with the relationship between plants, and humans, and just nature and humans. And essentially, per her research that we all plants and animals, humans also have an ecosystem. And it doesn't mean live there doesn't mean anything, it just means that there are places out there that will bring you joy. And once again, there's no one size fits all. You can spend time and and even incorporate little elements of that, whether it's a little like palm tree or a little cactus on your deck. Just yeah, sprinkle in what feels good to you.

Unknown Speaker  26:23  
Yeah, yeah. So there was a question and I want to honor this person. A Dan dev asked, you know, I work 12 and a half hour days, I come home exhausted. How do I find that time to nurture myself? And I thought I would ask you, I know how I would. I would, I'd love to hear like, yeah, like what you

Unknown Speaker  26:42  
say to people? That's such a great question. And yes, oh my gosh, I'm just first of all, just like taking a moment. And we can all do this together to pause. Let's just take a deep breath together. So if you're with me a deep, full inhale and a full exhale out of your mouth. So you can just start with that the moment you get home, I hope that you give yourself a pause. Because if the 12 and a half hours is the situation you're in, it's the situation you're working with. So how are you creating the pauses and the peace that you need during those 11 and a half hours? Right? How are you giving yourself the space to recharge and re nourish? And of course, as I just said, I mean, I'm a person, that's for talking astrology, it's, it's my Virgo Moon, I have to be, I have to just know myself and then refer back to it because we move so fast. And if you're me, I mean, I, my default is to like run through life. Yeah. Noticing, okay, I'm moving really fast. Oh, I've been moving really fast for I don't know, the past decade. Maybe I can start slowing it down. And especially when I can slow down. Yeah. Lee slowing down and then looking, what's going to recharge and re nourish me. What do I know about myself? And being like, Mary Lou said the word self discipline. Often, at first, it will feel like work, it will feel like heavy lifting. Like it's almost like this should feel joyful, and I'm forcing myself into it. Let yourself go through that for like, I don't know, a couple of weeks even. And then you'll be so grateful that you have made that your practice. Of course, I'm so partial to meditation. I think it's so nourishing. It's so restorative science has shown us all that it can. It literally shrinks the amygdala the fear. That right, low moans. But there's so many other things, too.

Unknown Speaker  29:02  
Yes. Yes. What I love about what you just shared at Kmart is that breathing so people may have this idea of what self care looks like. And you just said it's a deep breath. It can be as simple as that. But gee, but we have this idea. Oh, it means I've got to sit in the corner on my meditation pillow. And I have to do this for 30 minutes. No. It can be as simple as pausing. And taking in that breath. I love that. That's the reconditioning that you and I do. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  29:42  
Exactly. Right. And you probably cheat. I mean, I'm sure it's the same for you. Like when we have people meeting with us. It's like, Yes, this is our time. This is our practice. These are the tools. But I always say for example, meditation like we're not we're not practicing to be professional meditators or like ex meditators. We're practicing these things, to be good at life and to and to be good at Life is a funny thing to say, but like to be able to move through life peacefully, as peacefully as possible.

Unknown Speaker  30:17  
Yeah, yes, yes, yes. Yeah. It's the truth. It's how we respond. It changes when we're working from a different place of peace, or compassion, or self love, or whatever it is, the way that we respond becomes different. So I agree with you, 100%. And somebody shared, like mind chatter. So part, you know, and again, it's this is what you and I are doing, we're helping people understand that mind chatter isn't necessarily bad. I mean, my chatter just happens. It depends on what you're saying with the mind.

Unknown Speaker  30:54  
Exactly. I always say that, Oh, my gosh, and Mary Lou, you can take them deeper. Like, this is where Mary Lou is your girl because she's really going to show you like how to change that. And for me, when I'm just teaching mindfulness, one on one to start, for people who haven't gone, maybe the hypnotherapy route, I show them that first and foremost, yes, this is all normal, the mind is like a little puppy. I always say it's like a little puppy. And if you leave, it'll leave it to its own devices, it's gonna start chewing up the couch, it just will. And that's okay. You're just gonna say like a sweet little puppy, like, oh, my gosh, here's a chew toy. And what two toys are you gonna give it? So those two toys for me are like positive affirmations. They're working, whether they're distraction, if I'm, if I'm working out, or I'm really choosing to be present with whatever I'm doing my toys. And then you go to that depth, and I'm sure I really actually the rewiring begins.

Unknown Speaker  32:00  
So fantastic, how truly easy it is to rewire the brain, with commitment with daily habits, you know, the daily habits matter, they absolutely matter. And I think what happens is that we have these beautiful souls that want to change their life. But they may not do the habits, because they don't want to do the habits. They don't want to pause at the end of the day, they're tired, they want to go sit in the chair, and they want to like, you know, and so it's really I talked to people and I teach that, that yes, it's acknowledge how you feel, but still do the habit anyways. Because you and I know that the habit with you know, it's like you said it practicing for a couple of weeks. It may not feel natural at first, but it will. Yeah, it will. Absolutely. Well,

Unknown Speaker  32:54  
it will we're like screaming it Hey, Rachel. Under new million kisses, thank you for

Unknown Speaker  33:07  
me know, it's so fun to be able to help people look at their lives differently. And hypnosis absolutely does that. It you know, it's like, that's why I love it. It's the tool that I use, because people can get unstuck. They can change their lives. And it's not hard. We just don't know how to do it. And that's our mission is that we're like, you know, we're teaching people how it can be easy if we look at it in that way.

Unknown Speaker  33:35  
Exactly. And that and just to have you and I and other coaches and teachers and healers and masters in these fields just to guide you. It's like, what I mean, what I teach again, and again, is yeah, we have these tools, they're innately within us, but there's sometimes so much extra length. The sheer you just imagine, like caked on. Yes, yes. You know, here's how here's the here's the best little like, cleanser for that. Navigate that, here's how we approach the fear that comes up with or the resistance or, or whatever else.

Unknown Speaker  34:19  
So yes, it's so so great. And part of the work that I do in the beginning with, with people in the membership or with people in hypnotherapy or one to one clients. We work on the confidence piece, the confidence to take the time to love themselves, the confidence to take the time to create the life of their dreams, the confidence to believe in themselves in the way that they want to. I mean, I just did not know how confidence and it's a weird you know, thing way of being people want to focus on self love. But if you don't really believe that you're worth it or you believe that you're deserving of this incredible life. Like, we, you know, it's the confidence and the beliefs that I really look at when I'm helping people transform their lives because what they believe is everything.

Unknown Speaker  35:11  
Yes. Oh my gosh, guests you and I know you can speak to this and even more depth. But it's really wild because that you say this because confident. So, in my personal healing journey, me my very first affirmation and decision and intention and I say affirmation like, loosely because we got to feel the feeling of it. We got to like, lot of work this word, but I just started with the, with the statement, I am confident because not innately I knew that's where I needed to begin. And it was the biggest shift, like just working relentlessly. With that with mirror work. It's meditating on it with feeling it with dressing for it with expressing myself through confidence. I swear to you, I people like don't believe me, but I am actually an introvert. Are you were to do X.

Unknown Speaker  36:16  
What was that?

Unknown Speaker  36:17  
You know, your Myers Briggs? Your Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  36:21  
Yes, it's INFJ doesn't surprise me.

Unknown Speaker  36:27  
Isn't that crazy? I think that's the rarest one. Yeah. Yes. You are my soulmate.

Unknown Speaker  36:32  
I know. We've traveled this path before. Oh, I already. I'm getting goosebumps. It's the truth. Oh,

Unknown Speaker  36:41  
yeah. Oh, that's so cool. Okay. I'm losing my mind. I'm all inside if it took it as well, okay. Go you know, we both know as the types. I mean, ice I don't know about you, I little but I was the shyest kid. I had social anxiety up the wall. It was debilitating. And to this day, I mean, I still have, it's, it's still it's still there. I work with it. And that's the thing now is people compliment you for my gregariousness. And my confidence is taking to view this. And I'm like, No, I just a just did the work. Just worked on it. So it's such your I mean, I get you. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker  37:41  
know. You do. I know. And as I was sitting here, it became it's becoming more clear. I, why we're connecting. And I, I too, like struggled with confidence. And it's not necessarily innate, like some people are introverted, or extroverted, naturally, they're natural extroverts. But that doesn't mean that they still don't struggle with the ability to show up as their authentic selves in the world. And I love my job, like I love helping people feel more confident to do whatever it is they want to do attract more wealth, live their fucking dreams. I don't know, you know, it's like start their business. Like, I love it so much. And I so agree with you. That was one of the first things I used to tell myself, I am confident, competent. And it doesn't mean that we don't, we're not afraid. It means that we understand that the brain is trying to keep us in the safe and in the familiar. And that's all it means. It doesn't mean anything else.

Unknown Speaker  38:41  
Yeah. That ugly, exactly. I feel like the way you even just said that is so beautiful, because you set it in like such a sweet way. And that feels obviously you would know, with working with the minds the way that you do that, in my experience working with the mind. The sweeter you can be, the more compassion you can have for your mind and your process better. It's like you're just like, oh, like I said, the sweet little puppy. You're just like, Oh, you're so cute. You're just trying to save and you just get to be like, Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'm gonna do this now.

Unknown Speaker  39:27  
Yes, it's the truth. We're meaning making machines as human beings and I know that now I know we make it we make everything means something. But what if it's just the brain keeping us alive? What if we just made it mean that fear? I did a whole podcast on this about how fear is my friend, you know, because we misinterpret fear because we don't understand it because it feels uncomfortable because we're afraid and I get it. I get it and We can still move through it, we can still take the action.

Unknown Speaker  40:05  
And then you kind of become addicted to it.

Unknown Speaker  40:08  
Oh my god. I'm still not addicted to this. But I remember Rachel, Rachel O'Rourke. She's like, she can just get up on stage and talk, you know, and she did all this women's conferences, and she's natural, like she's naturally gifted, she is naturally able to connect with people, a lot of people at once. And I was like, How the hell did she do that? It was like, and she said, after a while, I remember one time she leaned in, and she looked at me, and she's like, I kind of like it. And I was like, I don't know if I'm ever gonna like it. But

Unknown Speaker  40:48  
that's the other thing, right? Like these things will show us. We'll move through things that are still just very uncomfortable, and maybe for a long time to find it, you wouldn't even know what you like, unless you tried and you pushed through it bravely. That's, and that's where we find the Dharma. And this is so clearly Rachel's Dharma to get up there and connect. And it's, it's, it's

Unknown Speaker  41:19  
yes, it is. I know. And just so much love to Rachel for, you know, she was a big advocate of me stepping outside of my comfort zone, because she could see in me in the beginning, what I could not see in myself. And so I have so much love for her. And that's part of the confidence work. That's part of the self love work. That's part of the self discipline and self integrity, meaning you follow through with what you say you're going to do to yourself, like I used to be so integral for other people, I would do everything for other people. And I wasn't keeping my word to myself, my small habits that make fucking huge differences in my life profoundly huge differences.

Unknown Speaker  42:01  
Exactly. And that's the thing for people like us, whether you're an INFJ, or you're just an empathetic, sensitive soul or healer, and you know those things about yourself. It's so easy to start in the, in others, we find ourselves and others and not, I'm not, I'm not gonna make this a bad thing. I'm gonna make that. Look how beautiful that is. You know how to do this, you do this? It's innate for you. So let's tune it back into ourselves, and it's gonna feel uncomfortable at first, you're gonna, you're gonna score and you're gonna win, you're gonna protest, it's gonna feel hard. But as we just talked about, it's, it's worth it. It's

Unknown Speaker  42:45  
so it's so worth it. Our perception of our life changes. And I can see the beauty everywhere. And I'm sure you can, too, because there's so much beauty around us and everything.

Unknown Speaker  42:58  
Always, always, always. Yes. Part of my joy practice personally is absolutely finding.

Unknown Speaker  43:09  
So share with me yeah, what is your self care practice? I'm curious.

Unknown Speaker  43:14  
Well, this is the thing it changes day to day, moment by moment, because, and especially lately, I've really realized how important it is for me personally, and this may be some people might like a little more stability than me, but I like a little fun chaos. So some days, it's it's getting in the car, and just like driving, and it's like, I don't know, just following the polls going where I want to go. I mean, if I have the time and space that feels like joy that feels like self care, sometimes, most often, it includes daily meditation, a daily yoga session at home. I love to walk, just be in nature. Those are always my consistence a eating nourishing, healthy food, but also that is delicious. And depriving myself of feels like it's just gonna bring me some joy. And that's actually part of my membership is a whole recipes folder that I feel like I don't talk about I don't call myself a chef, but I am a food. And I think finding just ways to nourish my body, inside and out that feels joyful. And that is also good for me. That's always the thing that I'm looking for. Is it and is it going to make me feel good? And if you can find both, which you can there's so many things like that, like that's where you know, that's like you hit the nail on the head. That's for you. That's yours. Yeah. Oh yeah, I would Do any of those things I love just like dancing, you're moving my body. I'm very like, alive. I feel like whenever I can move high intensity workouts, I actually hate that. It's more just movement and connecting with my vitality. Feel like self care? How are you?

Unknown Speaker  45:20  
Yeah. Yeah. So I wake up, I'm a little more disciplined and, and but I know a lot of people who are just not that way that I am. It's just it works for me. And, but like one of my mentors, he's like, I just do whatever I want, you know, as long as long as long as I'm having fun, and I'm enjoy. That's, you know, it's like that's his deal. That's where he creates from it's so fascinating to me. I learned so much about how to stop pause and stop and and connect with that, the energy of that. But I'm I so I wake up and I do gratitude first thing in the morning, and I wake up next to my best friend. I don't know if you know, like, I've been dating my boyfriend Scott now for two, almost two years. And I, I just it's so special to me. It's just the most incredible, incredible thing. Like, I'm so happy. So I wake up in gratitude, and I practice gratitude. And then I do a walk. And I do I typically will do hypnosis in my hot tub. I have a hot tub

Unknown Speaker  46:31  
that's Oh, it's so good. It's so good. I'm in the water. I'm in theta. You know, I'm like this is this is incredible. I love it. I love it so much. So that's my that's usually my, my, my routine. There might be some variances in there. But that's usually what I do. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  46:53  
Oh, huge. And I love that you. I just love that you added like the it's like add the whipped cream to the sundae. So on top but like you have to do it. And that's that's that's such a practice to is not holding yourself back from those things. Like whenever you're feeling joy, you can have you can you keep going? Totally, totally. Don't break the train have joy.

Unknown Speaker  47:23  
In it's the truth. It's the truth. It's that, you know, it's so interesting, that Upper Limiting, like, you know, it's like I can only have so much joy, I can only have so much relaxation, I can only have so much fun. I can only have so much money, whatever it is. And I'm like, That's bullshit. Again, that's the conditioning.

Unknown Speaker  47:41  
It's so funny too, right? Because we think about what we're so driven to do, whether it's helping others all the time, or just like grinding and achieving at our job or working super hard. It's like, okay, we are into super disciplined eating. It's like you guys, okay, but what's your reason? And usually all of it is like, Peace Joy. Like, oh, okay, sick. You can have that. Like, what? So why are you capping yourself? If you can have it? No, you're working so hard for it. So, you know, work hard, do the things you're gonna find satisfaction through so many things in life and also just remember. Yeah, have it now. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  48:26  
yeah. So I wanted to offer you something. And I mean, you know, for your audience, I have a free mini confidence, unstoppable confidence course, that where we have a hypnosis that accompanies like teachings, like I talked about, you know, how to how to not speak negatively or think negatively about yourself because you know, that that impacts our confidence. So I give strategies and tools and it's normally $97 but for your audience, if they are interested, all they have to do is put in Kima and it's free. And I would love to do that. It's it's it really is the I do the best work Yes, because I'm so committed to helping people break free and I'm just you know, we're just the vessel. It's coming through us like my hypnosis audios are rockin they kick ass so all you have to do is type in Khaimah que ma, it's lowercase, and you get access to it. But I really want to help the world feel unstoppable. And this is part of my dharma. And you know, I'm going back to school to become a neuroscientist like I'm all about the brain. And the brain affects our bodies. You know, and I truly understand that and so I just this has been so fun for me to connect with you and to get to know you better fellow sister that we've been on this path before.

Unknown Speaker  50:00  
1% It's really what? It's yeah. Wow. And that was so so so nice of you. I know everyone here you guys. I mean, this is such a benefit if you've worked with me or in any way, like we've talked about the mind. And even if you just did the mindful living program with me, you know, we just we spent an intensive mind session and there's so much more you can do, and this is your girl. Or it's just get in there. That is so so awesome.

Unknown Speaker  50:35  
Thank you. You're so welcome. I so I'm so grateful for the time that you spent with me this morning. Like I feel really honored to have had this opportunity to get to know you better. And you really are changing the world. And I'm so glad we were able to connect and intersect and or reconnect.

Unknown Speaker  50:58  
Definitely. Oh, gosh, thank you so much for taking the time with me too, and for reaching out and reconnecting. And I'm sure it will be more to come here.

Unknown Speaker  51:09  
Yes, I know. I can feel that for sure. Thank you came for just inspiring my people and for being a part of my life. I am grateful.

Unknown Speaker  51:22  
I feel the same way.

Unknown Speaker  51:24  
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