The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

Episode 25 | Hypnosis Basics | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

April 27, 2022 Season 1 Episode 24
The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
Episode 25 | Hypnosis Basics | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
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Hello unstoppables of the world, you're listening to the unstoppable mind podcast.And I'm your host, Mary Lou Rodriguez. So excited that you're here with me today. And on this episode, we are going to be talking about hypnosis basics. In fact, I'm going to do a two part podcast series on the questions that I get asked the most regarding hypnosis. So stay tuned. Hello, hello Unstopables.I'm your host, Mary Lou Rodriguez. And I'm so excited to have you here with me today where we're going to be talking about just hypnosis basics. I wasn't sure what to call this podcast episode. I know it's going to be like a two part series because I'm going to talk about some of the biggest questions that I get regarding hypnosis. And so I'm excited to share these answers with you.People want to know what is self hypnosis and and what is hypnosis, and what's the difference between a hypnosis audio and working with a professional Hypnotherapist. So I'm gonna dive into all of that.But before I do, I want to say thank you, I want to say thank you to every single one of you for listening to this podcast, I received notice from Buzzsprout Buzzsprout, that I had about a week and a half ago that I had4000 downloads. And when I received the email, I was jumping up and down and I was celebrating. And I did a Facebook live on my personal page and in my Facebook groups and on Instagram, because it's such a big deal. And I really wanted to revel in that energy of it being a big deal and being special. And this has a big part to do with you. So I really want to take the time to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for listening to this podcast,for downloading this podcast,for sharing this podcast for leaving your reviews. And when you reach out to me and you share with me your biggest takeaways on Facebook, or Instagram, I, I truly value it and I treasure it. And so thank you to everyone who is listening to the unstoppable mind podcast.I love you. And I'm grateful for you. And I'm grateful that I get this opportunity to serve and to teach about how to be unstoppable in this world. And you know, and I know that it all starts with our mind. So keep sharing the podcast, you know,when you share the podcast, and when you leave a review. It affects the algorithm and it allows me to reach more people.So thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing to do all of that. I want to say that I'm still getting messages about the seven day money challenge that we did a couple weeks ago, it was so much fun. And it was so full of value. I had 504 People join me on breaking through their money blocks and changing their relationship with money.And again, it was just such a blast. So thank you for all of the feedback that I'm still receiving on it. And I don't know when I'm going to do it again. That's the one of the biggest questions is, when are we going to do it again, we had so much fun because we did all kinds of fun things in my private Facebook group, the unstoppable mind and if you haven't joined it yet, you should. It's private because it's you have to request to join. But it is it's called the unstoppable mind Facebook group.And I would love to have you.But we did all kinds of fun activities in the challenge during during those seven days in the Facebook group. So anyways, I love talking about money. I love talking about how to change our relationship with money, and how to create like new new money stories and new money beliefs. And so I am going to be doing another money challenge but I just don't know when. And I know that that the other big question I've been getting is, will I be creating a money program? And I think I might, but I don't know when I'm not attached. I'm not stressed out about it. It's it's it'll happen when the timing is right.So, so, so there you go. I also want to say that I went to Sedona with the amazing Annie Letterman. And I know that some of you know Annie, but if you don't know Annie, you've got to check her out. She is the funniest person in the world. And we rented a convertible she really is a professional comedian. She really is the funniest person in the world. I'm not just saying that about her that is her profession. But we rented it a convertible and we drove through Sedona just tearing it up,singing songs to Green Day, and just all just living our and eating the best foods. The weather was so incredible, I spent so much time just staring at the sacred Red Rocks. In fact, I was able to spend time with my mentor, Jim Fortin, and some other people that are very near and dear to me. And the other really fabulous thing about this trip to Sedona was that he was able to stay in my mentors rental property. It's a luxurious rental property. And it really was quite amazing. And it had the most incredible views. I mean, that's you could just sit on the back patio, on his amazing like patio furniture and stare at these really majestic sacred Red Rocks. It was magical. It was mystical. It was fun. I just kept reveling in the amazingness of my life. And all of this has to do with the way that I think and the way that I feel in my path just continues to unfold and unwind in the most amazing of ways. And I know that I'm living my dharma, and it feels, I feel so fulfilled. I feel like I'm just so in love with my life. And I know that I had everything to do with creating this. I have also had the opportunity to be apprenticing with a shaman. And that has definitely just added to the growth that I'm experiencing. And I feel like,gosh, life is just so good right now. truly happy. And, and I wanted to share that with everyone who wanted to share what a great time I had in Sedona Sedona, I know that I'm going to be going back again the first week of May. And I'm super excited to spend that time with my spiritual sisters who are also on their path. And going to Sedona is just special to me because I get to connect with my higher self. And I know I've said this before, but Sedona is not a vacation. It really is about the realignment of my energy. So anyways, that's the latest update on me. So let's dive in. Let's talk about hypnosis. And one of the big I get a lot of questions, but I would say that the biggest question that I've been getting lately is what's the difference between self hypnosis, hypnosis,hypnosis audio, and then hypnotherapy session with a professional. So I want to talk about that. And, and I want to share with you what I have found, and and also my opinions.And I'll let you know when it's my opinions. But and this is one of my opinions I'm about to say which is hypnosis is really my most favorite tool in the whole entire world because it rewires the subconscious mind to literally believe whatever it is that you want to believe. And that is the truth. So, I use hypnosis for transformation. I use it on myself for transformation. I use it in my membership for transformation, I use it with my clients, it is not for entertainment. There is no fancy stage tricks. There is no you know, clucking like a chicken. There is no entertainment for the movies of mind control. I know that somebody brought that up recently about a movie that had had hypnosis in it and mind control. What I want to say is that hypnosis is therapeutic.It's healing. It's non invasive,it's non pharmacological. We are literally training your brain as we remove those limiting beliefs, those patterns, those old behaviors, those habits that do not serve you, the habits that you do want in your life that you know will serve you and we do it in a fast and effective way when you're using hypnosis.Hypnosis really is a trance like state. I've said it's a state of focused awareness where you are in trance and trance is nothing to be afraid of. It's your state of mind. It's when when you go into hypnosis, we bypass your conscious Mind and we access your subconscious mind. So,people ask me, What's the difference between self hypnosis and hypnosis? And I think that that's a really great question.Because a lot of people when they talk about hypnosis, they refer to it as self hypnosis.And so that can sometimes be confusing to people, because they're like, is self hypnosis different from hypnosis? So here's what I want to say. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. And hypnosis happens all the time. I know that you've been driving down a freeway, and you've missed your exit.And that's happened to me before, because your mind was off somewhere else. And that is hypnosis. When your mind is somewhere, and what your body is elsewhere, when you're driving right past your exit, that used to happen to me quite a bit when I was commuting a lot. I mean,and the other, it can be said to that, you know, it's like,you're driving and all of a sudden, you've reached your exit, and you're like, wow, how did I even get here so fast? So that's an example of hypnosis.And oh my gosh, there's so many examples. You know, have you ever been in the movie theater watching a really great movie?And you're just loving it?You're having, you're in it. I love thrillers, and I just get carried away. And then you come out of the movie theater. And all of a sudden you're like, oh my gosh, where did the time go?You're in hypnosis. So a trance doesn't mean your eyes are closed and you're walking around with your arms up like a zombie,doing what other people say. A trance is where your brainwaves what we call alpha, and theta brainwave are accessed. And right now as you're listening to me, we're in beta brainwave state. I don't want to get too technical because you can't see like the diagram in my head. But when you're in trance, you're in alpha or theta, brainwave state,your breathing starts to slow down, and so do your brainwaves.And we're accessing your subconscious mind. So, a lot of modern hypnotherapist like myself, we just when we're referring to hypnosis, we just say hypnosis. We don't always say self hypnosis. In fact, I never say self hypnosis because I know that self hypnosis is a type of method that I used to teach my clients. So when I'm referring to self hypnosis, I'm referring to that method. I'm not just referring to, to self.I'm not just referring to hypnosis in general. So I hope that that makes sense. self hypnosis is when a person hypnotizes themselves, okay?It's when you sit down, you're by yourself. And you essentially walk yourself through an induction I'm going to talk about inductions in the next podcast episode. But you sit down and you hypnotize yourself.Now I'm going to give you an example because I want you to really understand what I mean by self hypnosis. There is a hypnotherapist that I really like his name is George beings,b i e n s self hypnosis method.And this is something that I used to have my clients practice, I don't have I don't teach self hypnosis anymore,because I teach more effective ways. I have protocols and systems in place that are more effective and a little bit easier than self hypnosis. But for the sake of teaching, I'm going to share with you what self hypnosis, the self hypnosis method looks like and sounds like. So when I used to have my clients practicing self hypnosis, I would ask them to record what I'm about to read to you. Now I am going to read something to you. Please do not be driving. Please Note do not be operating heavy machinery.Okay, I just want to say that do not be driving Do not be operating heavy machinery just turn this off until you're at home. So I used to have them take their cell phones and record this. So you're sitting down, you're in a quiet place.And this is what you say. I now go into hypnosis for reasons of relaxation. For better self control, and a more positive and confident self image. I will take three deep breaths and with each breath that I take, my eyelids will become more and more heavy. And on or before my third breath. My eyelids will slows down. And I will feel a pleasant relaxing and comfortable feeling that enters my body. One, take a deep breath in and exhale my eyelids are getting more heavy and more tired to take a deep breath in and exhale my eyelids are even more tired. And then allow your eyes to close. Three, take a deep breath in and exhale every day, in every way, I feel more and more confident about being.Now I'm just going to add in what comes to mind about being a Hypnotherapist. I'm going to say that again, every day, in every way, I feel more and more confident about being a Hypnotherapist. Every day in every way, I feel more and more confident than I that I can help others. Every day, in every way,I feel more and more confident that I know what I'm doing. And then I'm making this world a better place every day in every way. I believe in myself more and more. And each and every time that I do this exercise, I go into hypnosis much more quickly, much more deeply than the previous time. I will now count up from one to three. And when I reached the number three,I will open my eyes and feel totally relaxed and refreshed.One feeling good and to feeling relaxed, and three, opening your eyes and welcome back to my amazing life. So, this is an example of Self Hypnosis. This is you hypnotizing yourself.Okay. So that is what I refer to when I refer to self hypnosis.Excuse me. So hypnosis with a professional, I highly recommend seeing a professional therapist.I do. I do and I know that a lot of people like my get a little concerned about money. So they ended up buying a hypnosis audio, which I still recommend.But if you are feeling blocked,and you cannot figure out why you're blocked, hire a professional Hypnotherapist. So the graduates that I have trained, know how to get to the root cause of why you are doing what you are doing. So most hypnotherapist and I'm not knocking other hypnotherapist,but I know because I used to be trained this way. That's why I know not to do it. Most hypnotherapist start with the behavior, but not me and not my graduates. They are taught to look at why you think what you think, why you believe what you believe, the patterns that you have and the behaviors that you have. We look at how you think.So we start with the way that you think the way that you believe your patterns and your behaviors we do not get to. So most people want to see a Hypnotherapist. Not so much for me anymore. But this is pretty common. Most people want to see a hypnotherapist to lose weight.And they want to see the hypnotherapist to lose weight.But that is the symptom.And yes, I know hypnotherapist can help people lose weight, but if we do not identify the core root cause if we do not identify how they think and how they believe in their current patterns, and what we call secondary gain, then then the then the client will probably end up gaining back the weight that they lose. So it's so powerful to work with a trained hypnotherapist because they can help you see what you cannot see. And they can help you get unblocked or unstuck because they can see your blind spots and If you want to make sure that they are trained by the National guild of hypnotists,you want to make sure that they're not just because every state has their own requirements for for hypnotherapy. So you really want to do your due diligence to make sure that you're hiring somebody who is skilled, and a trained professional. And I can tell you that any of my graduates from the Hypno Thrive certification Brain Training Institute are excellent at what they do. And I stand behind the work. And I know that they are getting long lasting transformation for their clients. All right. So I'm going to talk about an induction and I'm going to talk about what happens in a hypnotherapy session on the next episode about hypnosis, but I do want to just dive into hypnosis audios because some people don't know what a hypnosis audio is. So I want to talk about that.Hypnosis audio is a recorded audio that you can download from the internet. Or you can buy CDs although I don't think anybody has CD player anymore. But you can download an mp3 Hypnosis audio from the internet. And I call them journeys I call them hypnosis journeys. And most hypnosis audios have a specific intention such as unstoppable confidence quit smoking, love yourself more self love, self worth, lose weight, peak performance. So most audios,audios will have a specific intentions, intention. hypnosis,audios can be anywhere from 12minutes to an hour. Now, I have found through experience, that the shorter the audios are, the more likely that people will listen. Because 60 minutes, I mean, I love hypnosis. This is the 60 minutes can be a long time. So Dr. Spiegel, who is a psychiatrist, and he is also a professor out of Stanford. He has a app called the reverie app. And it's a great app, and I subscribed right away because I wanted to know like what does a psychiatrist hypnosis audio sound like compared to mine, and I'll tell you that here in just a moment. But I enjoyed his app,and his audios, I think are about 1010 to 12 minutes long.So we're doing the same thing like we get that people are busy. And so the shorter the audios are, the more likely people will listen so my audios tend to be about 15 to 23minutes long. Now if you ask some of my former client they will tell you that my audios used to be a lot longer,but that's okay because we learn and we grow. So I did care compare my hypnosis audios to Dr. Spiegel and when I have Andrew Huberman on my podcast we'll talk about his mentor dr.Spiegel because I will say this and I mean, this was so much love and respect to Dr. Spiegel but my hypnosis audios knock his right I mean, my hypnosis audios will knock your socks off. And that's really what I want to say. They'll knock your socks off. And but here's the thing that I love about Dr. Spiegel, I just watched a YouTube video on him. And he's just so funny and amazing. And he's bringing he's talking about hypnosis. He's talking about it in a legitimate way. He's talking about it as a form of healing. And what I was watching was him talking about hypnosis, using hypnosis instead of opioids for for pain relief.So I so appreciate Dr. Spiegel bringing hypnosis to the mainstream, and it's coming from a psychiatrist who teaches out of Stanford. It's big stuff hypnosis really is catching on.So back to the hypnosis hottie.What I would recommend I mean is have fun figure out like you could just type in anything in Google hypnosis, audio on unstoppable confidence. And I think mine will pop up, but they'll pop up and then you get to decide like you know how much you want to spend and what the intention of the hypnosis audio is, and you get to enjoy some people have a voice that you like, you may not like my voice.Some people have music.Sometimes I don't have music.Sometimes I have binaural beats sometimes I don't. So you get to decide like kind of what your jam is when it comes to hypnosis audios, and they can be a lot of fun. And I know that the hypnosis audio that I created called I'm already wealthy I'm already abundant generates a lot of joy from people because of what I have them do in the hypnosis audio. And so you can have a lot of fun. And here's what I want to say about a hypnosis audio though, once listening to it once is not enough. Okay? Once it's not enough, wants does not change how you think, once does not create new neural pathways. So I do have a best practices that I generate with every hypnosis audio that I sell, because it's really important that you know how to use this hypnosis audio,that can be very, very powerful for reprogramming your subconscious. So the more you listen, the more that the the suggestions in the hypnosis audio will become a part of your daily life, the more that message will just be who you are. So daily listening is required. So you might need to do some work to find the best time that's going to work for you and for your lifestyle. Most people listen to the hypnosis audio before they go to bed at night, or when they first wake up in the morning. And other people have said they listen to it at lunchtime or when their kids go down for naps. So you get to decide what is the best time for you. And really incorporating that into your lifestyle. But creating the habit of listening every day,and just allowing the habit to be easy. So you can add a daily reminder on your alarm or on your phone you can have your calendar out that you track your habit on of listening to her hypnosis audio. But yes,listening to your hypnosis.Audio is a habit that you're developing and being committed.That really means being committed to this new habit.And, and that means listening daily. So if you want the hypnosis, the audio to work, you must listen to it daily. And if you don't find the time to listen, which a lot of people don't, then nothing changes. So I always tell everybody put yourself first make the time.And that may require some effort and some organization on your part. But you are worth it. All right, everyone. That's what I have for today. And until the next time, I want you to say it with me. Go out there and live your unstoppable life.Alright, everyone, take care. I would love if you shared today's episode with your friends and loved ones. Please share it on your social media channels. And make sure to subscribe to the podcast. I believe that we are all here to help others.Together, we can help more people. I would be so grateful for a five star review. And I'm also grateful that you took the time to let me know how this podcast is helping you. If you want more transformational content, connect with me on Instagram at Mary Lou hypnotizes you and then go over and join my Facebook group, the unstoppable mind. Visit Mary Lou For more information on my programs, and how to work with me until the next time. Go out there and live your unstoppable life