The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

Episode 24 | My Million Dollar Habit | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

April 20, 2022 Season 1 Episode 24
The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
Episode 24 | My Million Dollar Habit | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
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Hello unstoppables of the world, you're listening to the unstoppable mind podcast. And this episode is called my million dollar habit. So for those of you who've seen my growth over the last couple of years, you know that I'm not playing, that my growth has been exponential. And part of the growth has been about serving the world. It's about changing the world, and really feeling unstoppable. And I want to take everyone who wants to hop on board, the unstoppable ride with me. People ask me all the time, what are you doing?

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How are you creating so much success?

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What is it that you're doing that's

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making such a huge difference, and I am going to break it down for you.

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I'm going to share with you how I created so much success in my life over the last two years, and how you can create it too.

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And you are going to want to stay on until the end of the episode, because I have a special surprise for you. So stay

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tuned. Hello, unstoppables of the world. I'm your host, Mary Lou Rodriguez. And welcome to the unstoppable mind podcast. So today, we're going to be talking all about my million dollar habit. My million dollar habit. For those of you who know me, you could probably guess what it is. But for those of you who don't know me, you might be really curious. So I've been asked Mary Lou, how much how have you done it? How have you created so much success in the last couple of years. And I'm excited to break this down for you. But more importantly, I want you to know that it's absolutely possible for you to to have the kind of life that you truly want to live. So my million dollar habit is listening to my hypnosis audio every single day. New research in the brain is revealing how we can learn faster, how we can learn better. And if we're intentional, we can increase our brain's capacity with little effort. And I would say little effort is putting your headphones in your ears and lying down on your sofa or your bed and listening to your hypnosis, audio. Hypnosis is so powerful, it's non evasive, it's non pharmacological. And it has helped me create my amazing life. Now there was a time where I felt sad, and lonely, afraid and lost and stuck. And I couldn't figure out how to change. But hypnosis has really helped me to be able to unlock the doors to greater expression, and to my highest potential. And I really do feel like I'm an athlete in my mind, every day, I'm training my brain. And it feels effortless. Not all the time. But it feels effortless. And it feels like I'm achieving optimal performance. I'm able to solve problems more easily. And I have better concentration. And there's measurable improvements to my productivity. And the other big thing is that my self esteem has changed my self image, my self confidence has totally changed. So as we upgrade our brains, we upgrade our abilities with neuroplasticity. So there was a study that was done at Harvard, that they found substantial changes in the brain between meditators and non meditators. 26% difference in brain functioning 26%. I mean, that seems like such a big deal to me. Now, you might be thinking, Mary Lou, you said meditation and not hypnosis. But the more I learn about the brain, the more I realize, it's kind of like, do you want to call it tomato or tomato? We're going to the same place, the subconscious mind. We're accessing alpha and theta brainwaves. And so you can call it meditation. You can call it hypnosis. I'll say that one of the biggest differences that I had seen so far, is that with hypnosis, whether you're listening to a hypnosis audio or you're doing hypnosis with a hypnotherapist that at the beginning of your journey, you are taken through a series of exercises to relax your mind and your body. Whereas with meditation, it's usually taking some deep breaths, exhale, and then the journey begins. Now there's no right or wrong. So you just get to Choose what you prefer. So some of the areas of the brain that are impacted is the cingulate, and it's associated with emotional processing, with learning with motivation with social intelligence. And these are things that we value very much and are relevant to learning.

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And as I said, ourselves, our self image begins to change, because we're using our brain differently. And when we do that our brain changes over time. So, as the brain changes, how we experience the world, literally changes. And this is incredible, to be able to reshape our experiences, to heal our past, to reshape our emotional lives, and to reshape our potential as human beings. So Wired Magazine did an article about Silicon Valley, and how it's become very interested in how to make their employees more productive and creative. And they did this full feature article, you can find it online, on how companies are viewing mindfulness as the new caffeine. So you can see that these practices are huge, and it's catching on. So companies like Apple and Google and Facebook, there was an X excerpt from Google that says, hundreds of people are on the waiting list. They're on the waiting list to take classes like neuro self hack, neural self hacking, and what I want to share with you self hacking, I know it's self hacking. That's hypnosis, baby. hypnosis and meditation, because we're accessing the subconscious mind and that's where 95% of your brain is. So hypnosis is often misunderstood as mind control because of stage hypnosis. But what I want you to know is that the hypnosis that I do and that the hypnotherapist that I train, we do hypnosis for transformation, not for entertainment. It's a state of focused awareness where you are receptive to positive ideas, and it can help you overcome fears and behavioral issues that you might have with food or alcohol, or stress or anxiety or sleep. Money. I did a seven day money challenge that was a big effing hit, fears and phobias and confidence, motivation. There sports and relationships and fertility, and healing pain, public speaking, I mean seriously, happiness, self love, trauma, procrastination, I can keep going. chronic migraines, letting go unlocking your full potential children with trauma, anger management, I mean, I could keep going. The data is in hypnotherapy is becoming more and more mainstream. And there's scientific research from leading medical institutions like Stanford and Yale, and the Mayo Clinic that are verifying these benefits. And there was a study that was done by Dr. Cathy sunder and Samantha Franklin of the mind and body Research Institute, in which they assigned seven days of hypnosis to 100 participants and of the 100 person participants. 35 completed listening to the hypnosis audio for the seven days, and this is what they found 32% are more happy 45% less stressed feeling 32% more satisfaction. 51% reduced procrastination 58% less depressed feeling 29% More contentment. You start to feel unstoppable. When you listen to hypnosis, your mind begins to change. And you start tapping in to a new identity, a new self image. And that's how you see yourself and that's how you feel about yourself. And then what can happen is that your beliefs start to change. And then your feelings start to change. And your feelings fuel your action. And your actions create those outcomes and your outcomes create your environment, your circumstances.

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So yes, I do hypnosis every single day. And now you know why. It truly is my million dollar habit because I've created a new identity and new thoughts and new beliefs and new feelings and I take different actions. And that means that I have different outcomes. And my whole world my whole environment has completely changed This isn't just my success formula. I've seen it with the 1000s of clients that I've worked with. With the hypnotherapist that I've trained. This formula can be your success formula too. Now if you want suggestions for a hypnosis audio, I'm your girl. You can access a free hypnosis audio at Mary Lou And I'm excited for you to check it out. And if you're interested in learning how to train your brain, learning about hypnosis, I am excited because in June, in June Hypno Thrive will be open, and I will be training a whole new group of unstoppable world class Hypnotherapist. So I want to invite you to stay tuned to my Instagram at Mary Lou hypnotizes you because we will be sharing more and more information in the next couple of weeks. But I do want to invite you to unlock your infinite abundance. That's a free workshop that I'm hosting tomorrow, Thursday, April 21. And for those of you who participated in my seven day money challenge, this workshop is going to strengthen everything that you've learned. And if you didn't participate in my money challenge, I want to invite you to check out unlock your infinite abundance. So I'm gonna give you a deep dive on how I've used hypnosis and subconscious rebirth reprogramming to attract everything that I want in my life and in my business. So I invite you to join me Thursday, April 21, at three o'clock pm Pacific Standard Time, and the link will be in the show notes. So until the next time, go out there and live your unstoppable life I would love if you shared today's episode with your friends and loved ones. Please share it on your social media channels. And make sure to subscribe to the podcast. I believe that we are all here to help others. Together, we can help more people. I would be so grateful for a five star review. And I'm also grateful that you took the time to let me know how this podcast is helping you. If you want more transformational content, connect with me on Instagram at Mary Lou hypnotizes you and then go over and join my Facebook group, the unstoppable mind. Visit Mary Lou For more information on my programs, and how to work with me until the next time. Go out there and live your unstoppable life