The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

Episode 26 | Hypnosis Basics - Part 2 | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

May 04, 2022 Season 1 Episode 25
The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
Episode 26 | Hypnosis Basics - Part 2 | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
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alo unstoppables of the world, you're listening to the unstoppable mind podcast. And this episode is part two of hypnosis basics. It's about the biggest questions that I get asked. So if you are curious about hypnosis, I know that you're not going to want to miss this episode, I'm going to share what it feels like to be hypnotized. I'm going to share what to expect during a one to one session with more. And I have a special surprise. So stay tuned. Hello, unstoppables of the world. I'm Mary Lou Rodriguez, your podcast host. And I want to thank everyone, I want to thank all of the new listeners. And I want to thank everyone who's continuing to listen. I'm just so grateful for you. And I want to say thank you. Thank you for supporting me, thank you for sharing this podcast. Thank you for being a part of this podcast and thank you for being a part of my life. So because so many people are constantly asking me, Mary Lou, what's it like being a hypnotist? Now I got asked this question quite a bit. When I was in Maui, so many people are curious. And and I know that the hypnosis seems very mysterious because of what we've seen on TV. And what we've seen on stages, like in Vegas, and so I decided that I am going to do a five day hypnosis challenge called hypnosis mastery, five days to skyrocket your subconscious and become an in demand Hypnotherapist. So this is perfect, because if you ever wanted to learn hypnosis, but you were afraid to commit, I want to invite you to a preview of what it's like to be a hypnotist, and a preview of what Hypno thrive is like, because Hypno thrive is my hypnosis certification program. And I know I've talked about it before, I teach people how to be world class, unstoppable badass hypnotherapist know how to get long lasting transformation. So if you're curious, and you want to learn, if you want to know a little bit more about hypnosis, I want to invite you to participate in this five day challenge. So the link is going to be in the show notes. So today we are going to talk more about hypnosis, specifically, what it feels like to be hypnotized, and what it's, you know what to expect during a one to one session with me. So what I want to say is that, by the time that you've come to our first session, we will have had a consultation. And during that consultation, we go into detail about what you want to accomplish. So I'm taking lots of notes, I'm writing down your blocks and your stories. And I'm writing down your beliefs. And during this time, I share with you what hypnosis is, what it looks like to work with me, and how you prepare for your session. So that all takes place in the consultation. Now my sessions are now via zoom, which gives me access to the world. But initially, my business was in person. So Zoom is so awesome. Because what I tell my clients is that you can do hypnosis, in your bedroom, where you're comfortable, or on your sofa, whatever the most comfortable place is for you. And that's why I love zoom so much. And all you need is a warm blanket, and headphones and a place where you won't be disturbed. I tell my clients to come to their first session wearing comfortable clothes, which means usually they're in comfortable clothes sweats, or whatever that is, I let them known to avoid caffeine and alcohol before our hypnosis session. And, you know, as I said, by the time that we get to our first session, I've already determined what protocols I'm going to be using with my client. And one of the most important jobs that I have as a hypnotherapist is taking that mystery out of hypnosis because if you've never been hypnotized before, you're probably going to be a little bit nervous and not sure what to expect. And if you've listened to my podcast, you know that the brain loves to know what to expect. So I tell you what's going to happen in our First session together. And in our my sessions are definitely tailored, they're very specific to what the client wants to accomplish. And we, and this is a big thing to know, because I've had clients come to me and they say things like, I want to lose weight, I want to quit smoking. And I want to overcome procrastination, or whatever it is, you know, during the consultation, so I make sure to share with them we are working on one thing, one thing at a time, too many things makes it hard to for the brain. Our brains job is to conserve energy. And when we're quitting smoking, and we're, you know, drinking, you know, two gallons of water a day, and we're overcoming procrastination. It's just too much, it's too much for the brain. So we focus on one thing at a time. So during my first session, I asked my client to block out an hour and a half. And during that time, we spend time finding out what the blocks are, you know, more specifically what the blocks are, and how to move through them. It is one of my favorite parts of doing what I call a hypnotic, first hypnosis session with a client, even though we're not doing hypnosis, yet, we're just talking. I love this part, because I really love to understand what is getting in their way, what stories, what beliefs do they have, what patterns, what habits do they have, that block them from living their most amazing life? So I'll ask questions like, What do you want? What stops you from having it? How will you know? When you have it? I love this question. And when do you want it? Because many times my clients believe that they have to do the work, whatever the work is for them. You know, for example, if it was to lose weight, that they need to all of a sudden start eating right? That they need to do the work. And that's how they'll know that they have it. But what I like to tell people is that you get to decide when you want to have the identity of the person that you want to be that you don't have to wait, those two weeks, I'm just throwing that out there of eating right? In order to call yourself healthy, that I say, Guess what? You can call yourself healthy right now. And then they'll fight with me. And they'll argue with me about all the reasons why they're not. And so I love to work through this with a client. When do you want it? Because if you want it right now, I want to help you have that right now, because you could decide to choose to have it right now. And most importantly, is what are you willing to do to have the outcome that you want in your life? I love this stuff. I love finding out what are they more committed to. And so this is what we uncover at the first session, we uncover the history, we have uncovered and a little bit in the consultation to you know what they've previously tried, we look at their triggers. And we look at what they want to achieve, and how they want to achieve it and when they want to achieve it. And so we agree to you know, how many sessions that's necessary in order for them to achieve their goals. And again, part of this is done in the consultation and part of it's done in the first session. And I don't just bring awareness to how to change what they want to change. Like, I don't just bring awareness, I don't just say let go. I just I don't just say you've got to give up control. I don't just tell them to surrender. I don't do that. I do tell them to do that. But I give them tools to practice how to do that. And, and so this is what one of the reasons why I love teaching hypnosis to my students is because I don't just tell them what to do. But I teach them how to how to how to give them the tools so that they can give to their clients so that they can have that long lasting transformation. And I get everybody's unique. And I get letting go and surrendering is different for each person. But I give people tools on how to do that. So before we actually do the hypnosis session, so there's some talking in the beginning, and and then I let them know what What to expect during our session our time together. And then what I do is pre talk. So we talk about what to expect in hypnosis. Because people have this misconception that hypnosis is like a blackout of the mind that you go completely unconscious, almost like you're doing anesthesia. Or if you're having surgery rather, and you're under anesthesia, you know, hypnosis is not a blackout of the mind. And, and people also have this misconception that they're going to forget everything that happened during the hypnosis session. And that's not true. More often than not, people are going to remember everything that happened, unless they were deep into trance. And if you're deep into trance, sometimes you don't remember it consciously. But your subconscious mind does. And so it kind of feels like a blur for some people, depending on the depth of their trance. And then some people can remember everything. So I want you to know, or you know, I tell my clients this, you're going to be aware of what's going on. And you might remember everything, and you might not get it depends on how deep they are. So when somebody goes into hypnosis, they're either in alpha or theta, brainwave state. So alpha is very relaxed. And alpha is, you know, you're still aware. And I guess, sometimes the best way I like to describe alpha is that if you're working out and you're exercising, and your mind just goes into that zone, that's but you're relaxed. You're not exercising, maybe in the mind, but that's what alpha state, brainwave state feels like. It's this relaxed state. And then there's theta and theta is a brainwave state that I love. I love theta brainwave so much, because it feels like a dream. And it's not sleep, you are not asleep, you are awake, but it feels like that dream. Like it's like right before you fall asleep kind of feeling and, and it is the state of the brainwave state that your subconscious mind is most programmable, programmable, I can get the word out. I was gonna say suggestible. But it is the most program programmable, I can get the word out state that your subconscious mind can be in when you are making transformation. So the state that we're in right now, I wish I had my PowerPoint, so I can show you the different brainwave states is beta, because I'm actively thinking, and I'm actively talking. And there's a lot of activity that's going on in my brain. So it's a shorter wavelength, and it's much faster, and this is what we call beta. And as you relax, your brainwaves start to get longer. And it's fantastic. I mean, I just I love it so much, that when I go into alpha, and I can literally, I programmed my mind to close my eyes and drop into alpha and then go into theta, brainwave state very, very easily. But if you'd asked me this four years ago, it was not so easy. I have been training my brain. So what does hypnosis feel like? And this really varies from person to person. And as you move into hypnosis, you'll definitely experience physical, emotional, and mental effects. And what I mean by that is that your breathing begins to deepen, and it begins to slow down. And then your mind occasionally starts to drift. And then you'll return back to what it is that I'm saying. You'll have increased awareness, narrowed focus. I mean, your focus is just you have this incredible focus, your circulation starts to slow down, and it leads to this tingling sensation that happens in the hands and in the feet. And then your muscles begin to relax. And it feels like your body is heavy, like some people experience heaviness. Some people experience lightness, especially in their hands and in their feet, and in their eyes, and some people's eyes can flicker. So it's similar to the movements during REM sleep. And the other big thing when people relax is that they swallow. The mouth can become dry, and the swallowing happens and that's a great sign of relaxation. So feelings and since they Asians have of relaxation, and the anxiety and the worry just simply dissolve away. And that's what hypnosis can feel like. And not everybody experiences the same symptoms, some people will see colors when their eyes are closed, and some people won't. So, during the hypnosis journey, I'm excited to talk to you about this. So there are three main parts, there's sometimes a deep inner that I add, but there are three main parts to a script. And yeah, I'm gonna just dive into this, because I'm excited to share this with you, but or I should say, and so the script has an induction, it has the middle part of it, which is where the change, work happens. And then it has the emerging, which is where you end the journey. And I call them journeys. But they're, you know, they're, you can use a script for this. And I'm basically explaining the anatomy of a script. So the beginning of the journey, is where the fun begins. There's the induction. And this is the process where your client is led into a very relaxed high learning state. And this is what we call hypnosis. And the induction is a series of exercises that I take you through to relax the mind and the body. And most people find that being hypnotized is extremely relaxing and pleasurable. And I use different inductions, depending on what it is that I'm working on. It also depends on how you know, if a person has done meditation and hypnosis before then they typically will be a little bit easier to hypnotize. If they've never done hypnosis, or meditation in their life and their high anxiety. I'll use a longer induction. So it depends also, you know, there are, you know, different there are different ways that people learn and process information. So during the first part of our session, when I'm talking, and I'm listening to the client, I'm trying to understand what kind of stimuli and language is best for me to use with them. Some people are visual, some people are more auditory, some people are more kinesthetic. So I'm listening for those things I just realized I said, I've said Oh, my a bunch of times during this session, but I'm thinking and as I'm thinking, I'm like processing information here. So some inductions are quick, and are just, you know, what we call a rapid or an instant induction, which means that somebody goes into alpha brainwave state, almost instantly. And then other inductions take 10 to 15 minutes. And I like to do inductions, that are about 10 to 15 minutes long to get the person deeply relaxed. And this also allows the nervous system to repair. And this takes the person out of fight or flight. I know I've talked about this before, but your parasympathetic nervous system is activated. And this is when healing hormones are released into the body. And so I like to do these longer inductions because they serve many, many purposes. So I typically will do a 10 to 15 minute induction, some inductions are longer. I mean, when I first started doing hypnosis, you can ask some of my clients. My first clients, I mean, the induction was like 30 minutes long, I would take them deeper and deeper and deeper. But now I realized that most people will listen to a hypnosis audio, that's probably about 2025 minutes long. And so so it's your dog. So it's important that I'm listening to what the client is whether or not they're visual, or kinesthetic, and then that'll help me determine what types of inductions to use. So the middle part of the journey of the script is really where the change work happens. This is where the change takes place. And this is where you go through the process. That you know for basically why this person is coming to see you whether it's pain management or weight release or being a nonsmoker or overcoming fear of self sabotage, procrastination, perfectionism, public speaking, or whatever it is that they're coming to see me for not see you but see me for this is where we do the change work. And, again, this is 100% client driven. Every session is personalized and customized for my one to one clients. And, and we have a great time during this part of the journey. And this is the part of the journey where we really empower our clients to really be who They want to be and it's so much fun like I love this and if you've ever listened to any of my hypnosis audios you know I get super excited and I don't take that passion out of my hypnosis audios. I know that a lot of hypnosis audios in the past. So I consider myself a modern hypnotist, a modern hypnotherapist, and I have a motion in my voice. My my audios are not monotone. And they're not low, and they're not slow. They're regular, passionate audios, where I help people train their brains to believe that they are unstoppable. And if you listen to my audios, where if you haven't, definitely check out my website, merely and you can download a free hypnosis audio, but I am passionate. And, and this is where the change work happens. So that's the middle part of the of the journey. And then at the end, we do the emerging. And this is where I count you out of hypnosis and back into what we call waking state. And so this is where we, you know, I welcome back the client, and we check in and then I answer any questions that they have. And it's really a beautiful, I mean, it's so beneficial and rewarding in so many ways for me as the hypnotherapist but also for the client, because just by listening to this hypnosis audio, they're making changes. They're training their brain, they're activating their parasympathetic nervous system. They're creating neuroplasticity. And it's enjoyable. People love to be hypnotized. And so depending on the situation that I'm working on, it can take anywhere from three to five sessions to really make significant changes. And then after hypnosis, what's so incredible is that you feel calm, you feel relaxed, you feel mentally fit, you feel like life is happening for you, your attitude changes. And the actions that you take, or the actions that you don't take are typically inspired by this hypnosis session. And it's rewarding. It's so incredible to see people's confidence to see people's lives completely change. And so, that is some more hypnosis basics. And again, I want to invite you to the five day challenge that I'm going to be doing if you're just curious about becoming a hypnotist. And you know what it's like to hypnotize because I'm gonna have you hypnotizing people in this five day challenge, because I want you to understand what it really feels like to be the hypnotist and to also be the hypnosis and to be the recipient. So it's the five day hypnosis mastery challenge five days to skyrocket your subconscious and to become an in demand Hypnotherapist. So the link again will be in the show notes. And until the next time, go out there and live your unstoppable life. All right, everyone, take care. I would love if you shared today's episode with your friends and loved ones. Please share it on your social media channels. And make sure to subscribe to the podcast. I believe that we are all here to help others. Together, we can help more people. I would be so grateful for a five star review. And I'm also grateful that you took the time to let me know how this podcast is helping you. If you want more transformational content, connect with me on Instagram at Mary Lou hypnotizes you and then go over and join my Facebook group, the unstoppable mind. Visit Mary Lou For more information on my programs, and how to work with me until the next time. Go out there and live your unstoppable life