The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

Episode 27 | The Magic of Life with David Lion | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

May 12, 2022 Mary Lou Rodriguez Season 1 Episode 27
The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
Episode 27 | The Magic of Life with David Lion | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
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Hello unstoppables of the world, you're listening to the unstoppable mind podcast. And today's episode is really special. I'm interviewing the amazing David Lyon. Now, initially, I interviewed David on my Instagram. And it was such a special, inspiring and insightful episode that I wanted to share it with you. I've been mentoring with David for seven months. And he is many things. He is a mystic, a clairvoyant, a healer, a hypnotist. And his mantra is really about you, being the magic that you are looking for. In on the live, we talked about hypnosis and how hypnosis is the bridge, the bridge to spirituality, a bridge to your higher potential, a bridge to the life that you want to live. So I am excited to share this live with you. And stay tuned for the magic of David. Hello, and good morning unstoppables of the world. I'm so excited to be here this morning. And I'm going to be interviewing the amazing David Lyon. So I'm gonna give him a moment. Oh, here he is. All right. It's coming on. Good morning, everyone. who's joining us. What's going on Mary Lou? Oh, it's so good to see you. So good to see you, too. It's a pleasure. Oh, I'm so grateful. I'm so grateful that I'm spending this time with you. And I'm so grateful that you were taking time out of your schedule to be with me. Are you still in Costa Rica? Yep. I'm still in Costa Rica. I gotta tell you a little does the house got a little view over here? Wow, David. How long are you? Will you be there? I have no idea. I'm very much just going with the flow and following the pace of excitement. Right on Oh, my gosh, right on. I thought that you were going there for work initially. But maybe you're just hanging out and living your best life? Yeah, well, I was actually I was initially invited out here because I got invited to a pretty next level retreat with some of the top level music execs and Grammy Award winning music artists and conscious billionaires and just people who are really making a difference on the planet in no major, major way that was way beyond my wildest dreams, which is a big statement for me to say. So you're having fun? Oh, yeah, definitely. I'm living, loving, loving living. Gosh, it really is good to see you. I love being in your energy. And I missed I missed that. I haven't seen you this. Well, it's I feel like it's been a little bit. It's been a moment since we had our last session. But I want to take it I wanted to just take this time, David, before we get started. First of all, when I was preparing this morning by just getting in tune with my higher self and really feeling the flow and the love of source and the universe. One of my favorite mantras to read every day before I start work at my desk is today's the most magnificent day of my life, health and wealth and happiness and love and joy and success and prosperity and money. Come to me in great abundance. Yes. Hey, man. So and I just want to take a moment to you know, I know that a lot of people are going to be joining me who've never heard of me, they don't know who I am. And I'm going to just introduce myself and then I'm gonna introduce you because I'm introducing you to a maybe I don't know, you know, to a different group of people. But for those of you who have never heard of me before, my name is Mary Lou Rodriguez, and I am a master hypnotist. I'm a brain training expert. I'm also certified through the National guild to teach hypnosis to do what I love in the world and to serve and I'm living my best life. And I have the most amazing opportunity to be mentored by David. David, I came to David because originally I wanted to talk to David about dream time. And I remember David kept kind of bringing me back to what about working from this place of pure joy. And David is a healer, you're a mystic, you're a guide, you're a hypnotist, you're a mentor. You're an infinite cosmic being. And you what I love about you, David is, and this is what I'm learning from you is that we are the magic that we seek. Yes. And you're teaching me that you're teaching me that I am the approval that I see that I am the abundance that I seek, that I am the love that I seek. And that the joy, the joy that I seek, and really working from this place of creating my most amazing life from ease and flow and love. And so I'm so honored to introduce you, David, and I want you, I want to give you a moment to introduce yourself, but thank you for being here. Thank you so much. Thank you for the warm welcome. Thank you for inviting me, thank you to everyone who's tuning in who's here to have some fun and jam with us. I'm excited for you guys to be here was poppin. And yeah, I'm just excited for this moment. In terms of me, at this point, I'm never quite sure how to introduce myself, you know, I'm a, I'm a being of magic, I'm a being of love and being a play, I really care about people seeing their highest and truest potential and experiencing the complete magic of their nature, living entirely through joy, fully experiencing the wealth of their spirit, and just having fun with life. You know, I would say that my, my biggest thing is really encouraging and exciting people's connection with Source energy inside of their heart, to make that very natural and effortless for them without necessarily needing plant medicine or, or whatever else. You know, it's, you know, it's about remembering our birthright of that connection. And really doing it in a fun way, you know, because, you know, playfulness, creativity, joy, those are all the frequencies and vibrations of spirit. And so when we allow ourselves to elevate into those states, as opposed to seriousness and rigidity, and have to and all those things, it gives us greater access to that which we might be seeking, which is which we are hence you are the magic that you think. Right? Oh my gosh, there's so much beauty there, David. And, you know, you said remembering the birthright of our connection. And tell me like how that happened for you. Because I know that ultimate. I'm gonna start right, we're gonna go deep right away? Because I think that that's well, yeah, yeah. Yeah, how that happened for me, you know, it's interesting to speak into, because on one level, it was always there, you know, just in the same way that it's always been there for everyone. And for me, specifically, it was always there in a, in a very clear way, I may not have had the language to say that this is what it is. And this is what's happening. I've always been someone who can see things that others can see and feel things that others aren't feeling. So, you know, for the best, why not express it, as you know, I came in very awake, so to speak. And my mom very much nurtured that connection. And so I, you know, so that helped. And there was definitely a point in time in my life. In 2012, where I went through what we can call an awakening were the things that I was doing unconsciously and naturally became much more conscious. And of course, you know, when we bring consciousness to something we're doing unconsciously, it turns the volume up. And, and so that along with, you know, I went through a series of activations, which were very intentional meditations, to turn back on the lights of my spiritual gifts that I wasn't aware of, you know, such as being able to see spirit guides and angels and read people's energies and mines and all kinds of things like that. So as much as there was always a very natural connection, there was also the experience of the unfolding of that connection and getting to experience magic for the first time again, and so yeah, that happened for me. And it started in 2012, and very much cascaded forward. Right, so 2012 So just were you practicing hypnosis at that point? Yes. You were right. Yeah. Yeah, sure. Because I know I know this, like through our conversations together. But how did you get started on your path? Like, I know, it's been an interesting path for you. Oh, really? Yeah. So I was, you know, pre 2012 I wasn't, I wasn't necessarily what you would call a spiritual person in the way that it's now commonly understood. Like, I wasn't not, you know, I was, I was spiritual in the sense that I was good hearted and I cared about people and stuff like that, you know, but I wasn't, I didn't believe in energy healing. I didn't necessarily believe in psychics and things like that. And and so, you know, I actually thought a lot of it was just fake and trickery, because, you know, I came from the world of being an illusionist, right, entertainer, right. And in that world, you're taught that because we can mimic things like psychic ability through trickery, that all psychics are fake, you know, so which is I can understand the thought, but to me, that just didn't it that that didn't resonate with me either. Because I'm like, well, even if most psychics are fake, they must have gotten the idea from something authentic. Right? You know, and so, so yeah, my path before, we'll call it spirituality was I was very much an ego driven goodhearted celebrity chasing entertainer, yeah, okay. And, you know, and my, the way that I got onto the path, so to speak, was actually after, so in to at the end of 2010. On December 26 2010, I had performed for Drake. And that was one of my biggest that was my biggest dream at the time was to perform for, you know, who was the biggest celebrity at the time thinking that that was going to equal fulfillment, that, okay, I achieved my biggest dream. And once you achieve your biggest dream, that is going to give you fulfillment, because everyone's going to want me I'm going to be super famous and XYZ. And that didn't happen. 1111 as they say that, because it very much was the new beginning, which is what 1111 represents. And, you know, the next day that rolled around, it wasn't my phone blowing up or fulfillment, it was just another day. And, and because it was just another day, and because I didn't have any other big dreams to strive for, because I achieved all of them that I could think of, yeah, I actually felt, now I was more present to the emptiness that was always inside me that I had been trying to fill with fame. So fascinating. And so I felt so the day after performing for him, I felt more empty than I ever felt in my entire life. And then I had a moment where I just kind of sat with myself and the feeling. And I asked myself in life a very powerful question that changed my life, which was, what is it that I'm not seeing? Right? Because it wasn't, it wasn't what am I not doing? Right? Because everything I was doing, I was accomplishing? You were doing it. I was doing it. You know, it's what am I not seeing? I don't know, what is it? I'm not seeing? And there was something about me asking that question that opened up these doors of synchronicity. And then suddenly, all these spiritual teachings starting with these ancient Egyptian texts started to flood into my life, started with a book called beloved one, which is the teachings of rock, the Egyptian sun god. And that was my introduction to spirituality because it you know, it just started off with the teachings of Raja, which are phenomenal. By the way, it gave me a very, gave me a good foundation of spirituality in terms of unders it made. It simplified a lot of things that were very complex to me, such as, like, what is God? And it had a very simple response, you know, what is the universe very simple responses. And I'm like, wow, that actually makes sense. So it's that started in 2011. And then by 2012, was when I met my first experience of a psychic channel or healer, type dude. And he was the one who was the catalyst to my gifts, reawakening and all kinds of things and I could go into that story if you want as well, but that's basically what happened. So, so, okay. I, I'm just curious, when, when you met your spiritual teacher, and, you know, and this is the, this is the, the, you know, this is the experience that I'm going through as well like, how do I awaken to all my guests, right, which is why I'm working with you. And so when you start working with your spiritual teacher, and you became conscious of the unconscious, so more aware of how to connect directly to these gifts that you have, I know that people want to know the how they want to know like, how did that happen? So can you talk a little bit more We're about and I know you've mentioned, you know, activating you know, or the the spiritual lights, the lights of the spiritual gifts being turned on, which I love. I love the visual of that, like, oh, light switch. And we're just like, so share with with me like some of the process of the house? For sure. Yeah, I'll make this very, very practical for everybody. Yes. So in my case, I needed to experience it first because I didn't necessarily believe it was even real. So I was coming from that standpoint. So my experience with him was very much this like, holy shit. This is a real he's been, you know, he's reading my mind. He's doing these crazy healings. He's telling me things that he couldn't possibly know. And so, for me, that was a big part of the catalyst was was was nice seeing like, Okay, I can't explain this through trickery, or illusion or any of those things. I'm curious. I want to learn more. And. And actually, like, you know, so the thing that got me, I'll just go into this real quickly, the thing that got me was, so he was a channeler. And, you know, he was telling me certain information about myself that I was like, wow, yeah, that's true. That resonates. And even though he was able to tell me things that resonate, I mean, it didn't get me on the spiritual bandwagon. I was just like, yeah, thank you for your help. And cool. You know, and, you know, and he was like, Oh, we're gonna be working together. I'm like, Sure, buddy, if you say so. And, you know, and I would go through moments where, like, I'd be at home, and then he would send me a text and be like, you're feeling frustrated right now. And your lower back is hurting? And I'd be like, Okay, that's true. But who isn't frustrated right now? And whose lower back isn't hurting? That's, you know, that's 80% of the world. Yeah, yeah. So when I say I was skeptical, I was very, very skeptical. And then one day, I was giving my he didn't know anything. He didn't know my circle or anything like that. And so I was with a girl at the time. And I was at her house, and she was my girlfriend. And we had gotten into a really big fight, which, in and of itself is very, very rare. For me, I'm not someone who like, I could probably count on one hand, the amount of times I've raised my voice in my life. And so we'd gotten into a really big fight really big verbal argument. And, and then I like I got so mad, I left the house, I slammed the door, and I'm walking down the street. And all of a sudden, I get a text from him, who lives very far. Sends it sent me a text, he's like, you and your girl just got into a fight. This is what you were fighting about. You just left the house and slammed the door. And now you're walking down the street. And I was like, What the? Like, how the how did he like chilled my bone? You know, and now looking back, I know it was my Spirit Guides working through him to do whatever was necessary to wake me up. So that's what got me involved. That's what got me intrigued into like, Okay, what is this. And so in terms of the how in terms of the how of like, re waking up back to your gifts, because like I said, it's your birth rate, everyone's got unique gifts. And everyone's style is very different. You know, it's kind of like martial arts is just karate, there's Kung Fu, there's taekwondo. Same thing with the psychic world, there's there's higher self psychics, medical psychics, all kinds of different things. So the How was very simple. Imagine that, in your consciousness, you could be on different radio stations, within your consciousness, you could be on the radio station of who you think you need to be. And then there's the radio station of who you truly are. Right? So a big part of the process is to first go back to the station in your consciousness of who you truly are, you know, and for me, that was, it was it came through with the understanding of this idea that, you know, the sooner you let go of who you think you need to be, the sooner you become more of who you truly are. And at the time, I thought I needed to be tough and macho, and cool, and charming, and all these things, where I'd forgot about the true me that was soft and sensitive and goofy, and wanted to help people and playful and all these things, you know. So it was very much this practice of that. And a really good exercise that you guys can do if you want to accelerate this process and make it very grounded for you as you can literally take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. And on the left side, you're going to write who I think I need to be, and on the right side who I truly am. And the beauty. The beautiful thing about being in this world of duality is that as soon as you start to write down who you think you need to be like you write down tough Yeah, you're gonna immediately become aware of who you truly are, you know, professional, you know, and you'll be like, Goofy, whatever the thing is. So it's a great way to attune your radio station so that's step zero even before step one is get on the right radio station because your gifts exist on the station of your soul self. Yeah. Okay, so that's, that's how you prepare the soil so to speak, right? Now the way that you water the flower is you know, for the seed of your soul that's already in there is quite simply, well, there's different ways I'm going to speak to two different things but to speak to it as an essence is simply to act on your highest passions and excitements and inspirations and joys in every moment that you can why because those energies are the nourishment for your gifts it's the nourishment for your souls flower if you will. And so when you act on those energies which are literally you know, passion excitement the way our bodies translation of those energies is, which is our body translating the language of our higher self saying this way this right so when we act on those energies, we also tune into synchronicity and so we might think that oh okay my well my highest excitement is like to go paint right now or to go get a smoothie, but you don't know what else is going to unfold you don't know who you're going to bump into. You don't know what Right Place Right Time moments are gonna happen. Yeah. So it's it's a big part of the How to devote yourself and prioritize your highest passions and excitements is that the waters, the seeds, so to speak, and leads for the synchronicities. I love it. So just to speak to one more thing here. Yeah. So that's, that's, that's basically the how, you know, for anyone wanting to do it, that is the how, if you have the inspiration, that's how it can unfold. That's how it's gonna unfold for you. The other thing I'll speak to, you know, aside from me, having like a whole training program around this for people who might want to experience it, called the opening the channel is on my YouTube channel, if you type in David Lyon, Soul Magic, I believe, is the exact meditation that I used back at the end of 2012, close 2013 That reawakened my gifts, and it works on a very, very practical notion. It works on this idea that when you were a kid, chances are like most other kids, because you didn't know how to deal with certain feelings, you eventually numbed yourself, you know, and when you numb yourself what you actually numbed was your sensitivity, so that you didn't have to feel certain feelings. But when you when you numbed your sensitivities, you also numbed your sensitivities to feeling and sensing your, your divine gifts, and your imaginary friends slash spirit guides and angels. Yeah. So you numb these things as the kid without realizing it. And then you forget that you did it, which is amnesia, right. And so you go on your life thinking that these things are fake, or maybe they exist, or whatever it is. So in order to or one way you can reawaken them is by using the meditation I have on my channel, what it does is it's a meditation that helps you to re sensitize anywhere inside yourself where you don't know you numb yourself, right? So it turns the lights back on. And so it's a very, very practical way of doing this. It's a it's a great experience. And then from there, you'll you'll have more ease and exploring the energetic world, be it by yourself with a teacher was with training, whatever it is, right? Right. I love it. I love it so much. It's so beautiful. And I have some I have some questions. But before we move further, I want to pause because I forgot to say that at the beginning that I'm doing, I'm hosting a contest. And what that means is that for any of your followers who follow me, at the end of our call today, somebody's gonna win abundance they're gonna win $25 cash and you get to choose the winner you get to like everyone who wants to win 25 bucks and the connection with Mary Lou and whatever sync synchronicities, come through there, make sure you give her a follow. You know, David, it's so I love I just love talking to you and I love being with you and I learned so much from you. And you know, it's like you were talking about that meditation and tapping into you know, turning the light switch on. And you and I both have this intention and goal, which I think is why we aligned so well and helping people live their best lives and I come about it from a little bit of a more practical, more 3d angle. And that's why it's so fun to be with you because you come at it from more of a spiritual level. Whereas we know it's so when I read your posts, when I read how you did your post on your IG, about talking to talking about how you are going to be interviewed today by me, it started off with there's two hypnotists in a room and I thought, oh my gosh, is he going to tell a joke. I'm like, it sounds like you send us up for a joke. But it is fun to talk hypnosis with you. And, and one of the ways that I help people is also you know, with the same intention of mine in mind that people live their best lives. And I do it more from the angle of how do they overcome their fears, so that they can be open to source in a way that into their gifts, and to the magic really, of this life. And I help them you know, in my mind, my jam, you know, is really hypnosis and reprogramming the subconscious. And helping them so that they're not living their lives in fear, and in, in anxiety, and in frustration and doubt, and then guilt and shame. You know, all of those lower vibrations, those lower frequencies that keep us in the muck of life, in the hardness of life. And when we're in that place, which was me, you know, I'm speaking from personal experience, you know, when I was in that place of living in fear, I turned to alcohol. I was numbing out in that way, you turn to fame. And I turned to alcohol. And, and, and so, you know, I feel really committed to an end, and so grateful and blessed to be able to help people figure out, how do I get out of my own way, so that I can love myself so that I can know that I'm worthy, so that I can know who I want to be so that I can be open to the spiritual gifts that that we all have access to. It's so fun. Yes, totally. Yeah. And you use hypnosis, but now you use it differently. No, I know, originally, you started out doing like street hypnosis? Am I correct? Yeah, I started out doing it on the street and for entertainment purposes, for entertainment purposes. And I want to just ask you, like in terms of, you know, spirituality and hypnosis, you know, how can you use hypnosis to expand spiritually? Wow, it's such a great question. And in so many ways, I know. So it does help. It does help that you're already naturally embodied in the energy yourself. Meaning, like, you're already embodied in your spirituality in your gifts, you know, and it's, it's not, I wouldn't say it's 100% necessary, but it is helpful, you know, because you could definitely help people explore certain spiritual things without knowing much about it yourself, or without being, you know, embodied in your own gifts. Because there's, you know, there's, there's pathways, right. But where it's helpful is that, you know, we get to serve as tuning forks so much in the same way that, you know, if you're feeling down and out, and then you go around, hang around people who are very positive and inspired all day, they're going to be a tuning fork for your own joy and elevate your frequency. So the same thing is true with spirituality and our spiritual gifts is if you're, if you're around someone, be at a hypnotist, or otherwise who's very embodied in their, in their divine intelligence and their mystical gifts, that's going to serve as a catalyst and tuning fork for you to rise to that frequency as well, because that's where they're vibrating. So when we, when we use hypnosis as a tool, to compliment our beingness and our vibration, then we have the opportunity to get creative, and to and to just, I call it like being like a genie, you know, we take their dreams and desires and their wishes. And, you know, you know, I've used it to create experiences, to go into their past lives to become aware of the spiritual gifts that they've long forgotten about to pierce through the veils of amnesia to, like, you name it, like it's, it's, it's literally infinite. And I think that's where, you know, we both have a very mutual love for hypnosis in that sense, because it literally is, it's an infinite tool that's only limited by your imagination. Right. And that's so good. Yeah. Good, yeah. And I will say, you know, like for me, you know, the, the way that I came across it is, I don't even know if I have to I told you this story or not, but you know, so I was purely using hypnosis for entertainment. And then one day when I was hypnotizing someone and I, and there was cameras on and stuff like that, I had said something to the effect, you know, while they were in a deep trance, and I was having them do all kinds of silly things, like making them forget their name and believing I'm invisible and stuff. And at some point, I was freestyling. And I said something like, Okay, I want you to go to a place that is like heaven for you, not realizing what the word heaven might trigger. And what I didn't know is the girl one of the girls who was hypnotized, her mom had just passed away. And then all of a sudden, what went from being like, comical and entertaining, she like, reaches out in trance, and like, hugs something and she's just like, Mommy. And, and obviously, this deep moment unfolded, and her boyfriend was there, and was just like, her mom just passed away. And I was like, Oh, crap, and you know, the cameras are on. And I didn't know anything about that. At the time. I was 24. And so this is before my awakening, quote, unquote, and, and but of course, in that moment, your heart kicks in. Yeah. And so I use that moment to allow her to have a final conversation with her mom and jokes and get advice and really just get the closure if she didn't get a chance to have and, and it was just beautiful. And then you know, when I woke her up from translator on, and she remembered the experience, she was so moved by just I'm gonna do everything to pass school, I'm gonna do everything that make her happy, so on and so forth. And that that moment changed my life because it was like, Okay, I'm like, hypnosis isn't just an entertainment tool. It's literally a bridge to the spirit world. And it deserves to be treated more sacredly, you know, and that's when I truly understood that whole quote of with great power comes great responsibility. Wow. Yeah. Wow, what a gift you gave her. Have I told you that story before? No. Oh, you gave her piece? Yeah. I didn't even know that was possible at the time. Wow. So that showed me that, you know, with hypnosis, you really have the potential to go beyond the veils of physical reality of what you think is possible. Because you're literally unplugging from your current system of beliefs as the ego that you are and plugging into the possibilities of all that you are. And when you have someone who's embodied or who knows how to help you navigate, the possibilities are literally infinite. It's like, it's so powerful. And you know, I love hypnosis. This is one of the reasons why I love hypnosis, there's we can unlocks so much, we can attain peace, we can find our true you know, we can awaken to our gifts, because I heard you saying earlier, I was wondering if you were gonna say that hypnosis can help you awaken to your spiritual gifts? Totally. Totally. Yeah, it creates pathways for you to explore it more easily, by getting parts of your mind out of the way. And also if you I mean, my style, I everyone's got a different style. This is why I always tell people going to see a hypnotist is like going to see a hairdresser. That's right, that's right. More of the same, or it's like no two are the same. Because Gnosis is just a tool, right? You know, and my my personal style is to make it really fun and playful and creative. So while you're having fun, you don't realize that you're about to access these things. And these things are happening. And of course, the playful state is closer to the state of spirit. So it makes sense. Yeah. It's the bridge, you said, it's the bridge to the spiritual world. Oh, my gosh, that's so good. Yes, within your own consciousness, and that's where I'm going right? You know, I mean, right now I use it to help people live their best lives here in the 3d world, you know, to live to love themselves fully and completely and to not live in fear. And I think through the work that we're doing together, and through the work that I've been doing on my own, and you know, that I'm growing spiritually, and this is what happens, right. I mean, and I like to say it's funny, because, you know, when when I tell people, I'm a hypnotist, they automatically think that it's for entertainment. And I always say, oh, it's for transformation. I mean, one day, I think I want to do a stage performance. Honestly, I have that desire. I could so see you doing that. It's fun making people do things. I make my boyfriend do the dishes. I'm kidding. He likes to do that on his own in case he's watching us. Don't whisper sweet nothings into his ears at night while he's sleeping. I don't. But, um, yeah, really, hypnosis has been the gift also that's changed my life. You know, it's helped me to overcome those addictions and not just addictions to alcohol, but addiction to fear, addiction to struggle, addiction to the pain of life being hard. And I didn't know that that was an addiction inside of me, it had just become my norm, and become what I had habituated without even realizing it. And so and so I love hypnosis, because it was the bridge for me to live my best fucking life. As Yes, Preach it up. It really, and and I feel so and I know you feel this way to David, it's like, we're able to teach people how to really tune in and, and to awaken to the magic in their lives, we do it differently, but with the same intention. Absolutely. And I just wanted to ask you, you know, that have been I know that this is true for me, like when I'm on my spiritual journeys in hypnosis, you know, I've visited other dimensions. You know, I've I've experimented and seen what is possible. And it's really magical when I come back. And I'm like, That was that was, that was just so wild. Because when you talk about when you talk about pathways, for me, I think of the brain I think of neural pathways, but it's the same thing, what you're saying is the same. It's the same thing. And I remember in one of my spiritual journeys and hypnosis, I remember feeling like I was I was writing a wavelength, you know, and I love I love the brain. So you know, there's, there's brainwave states, and I felt like I was, you know, I was writing this brainwave into different dimensions, and it was just so wild. So much fun. So much fun. So, um, what? Are you still seeing clients? In Costa Rica? Somebody asked earlier, what part of Costa Rica so I just wanted to make sure I asked, asked you that? Yeah. Yeah, for sure. It's funny. So I've been taking on clients, kind of by special requests, you know, I don't have sessions available on my website, I haven't for over the last year and a half, for different reasons of service. And, and at the same time, it's not a rigidity of mine, you know, I go where I'm called. And so as I've been bumping into people here, who either may have known me or who didn't know me, and you know, and they've asked, yeah, I've been giving sessions here and there as well actually had someone who reached out to me who just so happened to be in Costa Rica as well, and has been following me for two years. So she's coming for a session tomorrow. That's, that's, you know, like, that's the magic of the life. Right? We were in the right place at the right time when we're ready to like, you know, do the things that we're being called to do. Oh, totally. You know, so right now, I'm in an area called cardio Costa Rica, which is near Samara, and near Nosara. Oh, okay. Yeah, I'm, I'm about an hour away from Nosara. And, like, 10 minutes away from Samara. Okay. All right. So you might just be there for a while. So our next session, you'll be in Costa Rica. That's it? Yeah. I'm gonna be here and in the rich in the rich Costa Costa Rica. Right, right. So David, I know that I always talk to you, when we do our one to one sessions about what I have been, you know, creating in the world and what your biggest influence for me really has been like, does it bring me joy? Yes. Am I having fun? And I'm gonna be honest, like, there's a lot of trust that comes with that, you know, in the beginning, and I had some resistance. I was like, fine. I mean, of course, I want to work from the place of fun, right. But I, but I didn't know that working from the place of fun could feel hard. And I know that that sounds silly. But it was true for me. I'm like, because if I'm working from the place of fun when I'm creating, that means that I'm fully trusting. Totally. Yeah. And it's also as you know, it's not. If we break it down even deeper, it's not so much that working from the place of fun, is harder to feel hard. It's it's our unconscious resistances to letting it be fun that creates the hardness. Right? But fun, by definition is an art. Right, right. Right. You know, I was, I was applying for a TED Talks. And when I was applying for the TED talks, I sat down, I lit my candles, and I was like, I'm going to create this. I'm going to fill out this app. occasion, from from joy, from no expectation from just sitting down and figuring out and writing what inspires me. And that's how I'm going to create this application. And that is exactly what I did. No pressure you, I didn't know that. No pressure, it was the first time David, where I fully leaned into trust, where I didn't feel the pressure to be perfect the pressure to be, you know, to say the right things, the pressure to be anything other than my authentic self in that moment, truly connected. And I had the best time filling out that application and submitting it, knowing that whether or not I was chosen to speak didn't matter to me. I love that. Congratulations. That's huge. That's amazing. And you did it from joy. I love that. And I did it from joy. Yeah, I want to say thank you, because that is how I'm creating. That's how I'm creating because I got to experience what it was like to create from this place of purely trusting in the place of really wanting to serve from the place of love, from the place of teaching from the place of experience. I mean, it was just so anyways, I so I just wanted to share that with you. Because really amazing, you know, it's amazing, you've truly like if I may say so myself, like you truly come such a long way. You know, I don't know how many people know your journey. And that's definitely for you to share. You know, if you wanted to, but like just someone who's got to witness your journey. And you know, going from believing in hard work or like you have to push hard and work hard. And, you know, to me coming on but like, No, you can do everything through effortlessness and joy. And, and here you are. Here you are, you're doing right, so I just want to celebrate you, you know, you're doing and you're being amazing, and you're just your your your legend here, you're absolutely phenomenal. David, I love you. And I, you know, I came to you feeling like I had a lot of shit together in my mind. You know, I was like, I have a very successful business. You know, I, I'm, I'm I'm, I'm living my best life. So I came to you feeling like, you know, I had a lot of shit together in terms of the 3d world. And that was me. So my ego. I wanted to learn though, I wanted to grow, I wanted to be open. So I knew I had that for me. And what I didn't realize was that I was creating, I was creating that I was making an effing hard. It was just like, you know, I was forcing, I was pushing, I was hustling. And that's what I was doing. I was hustling for my worth and, and I didn't even realize it, I couldn't see that. I know everybody else could see it. I couldn't see it. And so now I'm it's like, my life continues to expand. And I feel like I'm I know, I'm skyrocketing. And it's because I have these different pieces in place. You know, I came to see you as a woman who really loves herself, who has accepted herself. But one of the things that we worked on specifically was how do I remove the guilt, the shame, the feeling bad all the time, because that also had become habituated. And I didn't realize it and I came to you. And I was like, teach me. Like, what is it that I have to do to let go of shame? Yeah, yeah. And we did it very rapidly. We use hypnosis or you have like a higher hypnosis and I know that that you're tuned in, you're turned on. And that was amazing. Yeah, it was beautiful. Honestly, it's been such an honor to witness your journey and your unfolding you know, because it's just like, you're a testament to how possible it is to truly, you know, live through your essence through your joy without having to push without and struggle or feel bad or shame or any of those things like you get to have your bliss uplands instead of your disciplines. Yeah. Yeah. And I also just want to speak to something real quick because I keep getting this intuition from from what we spoke of about sessions. So if anyone on here is listening and is interested in having a session with me as a gift for being a part of this live if you DM me the words Mary Lou are just mentioned that you were here on this live with Mary Lou, I will send you a secret link where you can schedule a session with me Yeah, it's it's 444 is the price so you guys know ahead of time. And and yeah, that'll be my gift as it's 1144 as I say that. That's so that's so generous of you, honestly, because nobody you can't schedule with you directly. There is no scheduling fee directly. So what again, After that, you're and I love that so much I do. I I wanted to say that, that working from joy, and creating has been one of the things that helped me to really unleash be unleashed into the world. And I love that you've taken hypnosis, and you've done your magic with hypnosis. And as a teacher, you know, because I teach hypnosis. And as a teacher, I get to see what the students are doing with the tool with hypnosis, the tool that I'm teaching, and you know, it's so much fun to see how many doors can be unlocked and opened by using, you know, the, the bridge, you know, because hypnosis really is the bridge, I love that I'm gonna, I think I'm gonna use that bridge to every I mean, because what we're doing is we read, I mean, what I do specifically is like I'm reprogramming the subconscious, so that somebody's not living in fear. And I'm helping them find their inner peace and how to feel confident and empowered, so that they can share their gifts with the world. Because when I'm working with clients, one to one, I'll say that one of the biggest things that I work with a lot of entrepreneurs is that they're afraid to shine their light. They're afraid to be seen. They're afraid to be imperfect. They're afraid of judgment. And so I get to help them and teach them how to believe something different. Yeah, and I'll just add, like, you really do so so magically, and so gracefully. You know, I really mean it when I say I know a lot of hypnotists as I've been in the community for a long time since 2008 or so. And you are one of the few hypnotists who genuinely are hypnotherapist transformational hypnotist who genuinely impressed me. Simply with with your light with your love, and I know what you're capable of me here, the only person so far who I've offered to come onto my platform and to end to speak and to teach to my students. And you know, it's just a testament to you. So I you know, so anyone here who might be looking to have an experience with Mary Lou, I also highly, highly recommended. She is phenomenal. Well, David, I want to invite everyone to a five day hypnosis challenge. It's where we go. It's called hypnosis mastery. So it's for anybody who's ever been curious about hypnosis, or for coaches and healers. For whoever I've taught, I've taught CPAs you know, whoever, if they're looking, if they're just curious about hypnosis, this five day mastery challenge is going to be fantastic, because I'm going to teach all about hypnosis, and they get to do they get to learn it for free. This is my way of really serving the world. And so I'm excited because I've created a hypnosis audio called Share your gifts with the world, it's going to specifically accompany this five day challenge. And it's not really a challenge. It's more of five days to learn hypnosis, for me invitation sounds like an invitation. It's an invitation. And I'm super excited, because I love to teach hypnosis in a way that people can understand what it is, and how to use it, and why it works. And so I'm super excited. And I want to invite everybody who's on here, first of all, thank you so much. We've got 46 people that are on, but I want to invite everybody who's on here to join me for this challenge, where we're going to learn about how powerful hypnosis is and how it can be life changing, not only for themselves, but for the people that they serve. And so my team has just put the link in the challenge, you know, it's merely Mary Lou, forward slash mastery. And it's also the link is in my bio. And then I'm just, I'm excited David, as I continue to just live my best life as I continue to work with you. You've been such a gift to me really, in so many ways. And, and we're we're just we're getting we're making this world a better place. And the ripple effect that we create, Keep creating. It's just, it's incredible. Absolutely, you know, and this is where it comes back to, you know, we're just here to shine. You know, we're not this is this was the message that changed my life when I was 30 years old on my birthday, and I was sitting there trying to figure out like, why is my life still so shit like, how come I'm not progressing? I've been serving and helping people and changing lives and I'm still broke and unhappy and all these things and and then this message came in from Thoth. One of the beings that I that I work with the higher frequency of my soul, if you will, and was you're not here to help people. You're just here to shine and showed me the image of the sun. And reminding me that just like the sun through your shine as a side effect, you're going to help people, you're going to heal people, you're going to inspire hearts, Ignite joy, attract tribes, so on and so forth as a side effect, but you will get to just focus on your shine. And how do you ignite your shine by living your passions, living your joy, living your excitement, living your freedom, being the example of that which that which you are the magic that you are. And so you know that that would be my message to everyone here as well is to, you know, if you if you're someone who has been focused over focused on thinking you need to save the world, or help people or change things, understand, you know, like I did, it's a very pure intention. And the way that you could better align your actions to that intention so that it doesn't feel heavy, is to focus on your shine, let yourself be ignited. And that will serve so much more powerfully. And so much so much more playfully than you could ever imagine. Oh, my gosh, I love that so much, David, and my shine loves your shine. The feeling is mutual. I love shining with you. You are my brother, you are my mentor. You are my teacher. And I'm grateful. It's so grateful for your time today. Of course, it's been my passion and my pleasure. And I'm grateful that you've been asking me so thank you. All right, everyone, until the next time, you know, live your unstoppable life and David live your magical life. But before we go, I do have one question because I wrote this down. You said in the beginning, your biggest dream at the time was to be you said I had fulfilled my biggest dream. I want to ask him getting goosebumps was my biggest dream now that's what's your biggest dream now it was getting there. With it now? Wow, such a great question. I don't know if I've been asked that in a while. My biggest dream now I could speak to this on different levels. But it's simply to simply to continue to be me in in the highest and most profound ways, in ways that are beyond my wildest dreams, you know, what's been unfolding in my life. Recently, the theme if I had to chapter it has been beyond my wildest dreams, literally beyond what I could imagine, you know, I've been living my my actual dreams for many years now. I've been blessed to have risen into that space. And life has been amazing magical 10 on 1011 on 10. And, you know, lately, within the last couple of weeks, I've just been manifesting and tuning into spaces that are beyond my wildest dreams in ways that I barely have words for, you know, like working with the people who are actually making a difference behind the scenes in the planet that, you know, some people may never know about, you know, and you know, from conscious billionaires to top level music artists, we're going to use sound frequencies to heal the world by playing better sound frequencies and things like that. And just, I literally don't have words. So like, my biggest dream is Is this right now. And what's continuing to unfold that I can't even see because, yeah, it's just to continue to be my fullest. most vibrant, most alive self my greatest shine. I almost I love you, David. That's so beautiful. It's so inspiring. And I before I forget somebody's supposed to win 25 bucks. I want to honor that. Yes. So you get to choose. I don't know how it looks on your end, if you can see for the people for your people who have followed me. And I don't know if it shows on on Instagram. I don't even really know. I can't see from here. But what I mean, like what I can do is I could see who's in the room and who's watching. Perfect. All right. Would you like me to someone like yes, yes. Hi, Flavio. It's so good to see you. Okay, cool. So in the name of our biggest dreams, you know, this more than just, you know, winning $25 What I'd love to infuse within this for everyone who's even excited about this opportunity, whether you get the$25 or not, just know that you win. Alright, know that you went for being here and know that you went for being yourself. And that we're all here on this wildest dream path and whoever wins is 25 is winning it for all of us. Because we're all bringing in that energy i That's That's my wish and my blessing on this. So I'm gonna choose someone at random. I'm not going to look at the names. Just give me a second over here. All right, go on random random random eyes closed and Let's stop here. The winner is. Next step with Nicole Renee. Wow, that is her instagram name. Next step was before. She is one for all of us. We all get to uplevel through her even more so. So thank you. I love that. I love that. Thank you, David. I'll see you next week. I love you. I love you lots as well. And thank you everyone who tuned in. I appreciate you. Again, make sure you go check out Mary Lou, if you've been following me check out Mary Lou. Check out her five day invitation slash challenge. She's phenomenal. So much love to take care of David. All right, please, everyone. I would love if you shared today's episode with your friends and loved ones. Please share it on your social media channels. And make sure to subscribe to the podcast. I believe that we are all here to help others. Together, we can help more people. I would be so grateful for a five star review. And I'm also grateful that you took the time to let me know how this podcast is helping you. If you want more transformational content, connect with me on Instagram at Mary Lou hypnotizes you and then go over and join my Facebook group, the unstoppable mind. Visit Mary Lou For more information on my programs, and how to work with me until the next time. Go out there and live your unstoppable life