The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

Episode 38 | Discover Your Inner Confidence with Sensi Graves | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

September 28, 2022 Season 1 Episode 38
The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
Episode 38 | Discover Your Inner Confidence with Sensi Graves | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
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Join us for this incredible powerful episode on confiden with our guest host Sensi Graves.

Sensi Graves is a professional kiteboarder, confidence expert and women’s empowerment speaker. She's also the founder of sustainable swimwear line, Sensi Graves Swim. She helps people feel like they’re enough now by sharing the story of becoming a pro kiteboarder and starting a business before she believed that she could. When not traveling for photoshoots or speaking gigs, Sensi runs women’s kiteboarding retreats and camps and mentors women on confidence and business. 

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Hello, hello unstoppables of the world. I am so excited about today's podcast, I am going to introduce you to a professional kiteboarder a confidence expert, a women's empowerment speaker and a complete and total badass. Her name is Sensi graves. So you're gonna want to stay tuned because what Sensi is going to share about confidence is going to rock your world. Alright everyone, stay tuned Hello unstoppables of the world. I'm your host Mary Lou Rodriguez. And I am so excited today because I have an amazing badass, unstoppable, inspiring guest on my podcast today and I'm so excited to introduce you to Sensi graves. Now before I have Sensi Say anything you can say hello for those of you who are watching Scentsy on YouTube. I just want to tell you a little bit about her. She's a professional kiteboarder. She's a confidence expert, and a women's empowerment speaker. She's also the founder of a sustainable swimwear line called Sensi graves swim, she helps people feel like they're enough by sharing the story of becoming a professional skateboarder. And starting a business before she believed that she could when not traveling for photographs or speaking gigs since he runs a women's women's kiteboarding retreats and camps and mentors people on confidence and on business. So I'm so excited to welcome welcome centigrades to the stage. Thank you. I'm so excited to be here. I just love having awesome conversations with amazing people. And Mary Lou, you're obviously one of those people. So I'm really thrilled. Sensei, it really is a treat to have you here this morning and talking to all of the people who want to be unstoppable in their lives. But before we dive into that, I want to just I want to ask you about kiteboarding. Now I've seen kite boarding but for those of you who haven't seen for the people who haven't seen kite boarding, can you tell me a little bit more about kite boarding? Yes, kite boarding is an amazing sport. It's truly given me my whole life. And so I owe a lot to this sport. It is interesting in that it harnesses the wind. So kiteboarding just put it in layman's terms, I guess you could think of it as wakeboarding, but you're driving your own boat. So you have a board on your feet, you have 20 meters of lines, and then you have a kite in the sky that you're using to generate power to pull you across the water. And so if no one's seen it before, it's pretty incredible looking because you have all of these people out on the water, all these colorful kites and they're just pulling themselves around on the river or body of water that they're on. Yeah. Yeah, it's pretty amazing. It really is. It really is nice. I've seen kiteboarders when I've gone to Hood River, but I haven't seen it. I haven't seen professional professional competition. So yeah, keep going. Since the sorry, I didn't Yeah, I just recently stopped competing. So I actually used to compete in kiteboarding within the discipline of park riding, which is even more obscure than kite boarding in general. So it's like you have sliders and things on snow rails. That's the most common thing. People see a park riding on snow where they hit jumps, and then golf rails. And its features. So I do that in the water. Like all the guy I know. So what came to mind for me the visual was skate a skateboarding workers. So as you're essentially skateboarding, the waves. Yeah, exactly. So we have those similar skateboarders hit rails and things. We have that floating in the water. They're called sliders or features, and it's called park riding. Yeah. So I've been I've been a professional skateboarder for the past decade and traveling around competing insider riding for the past decade. I no longer compete, which is I'm thrilled about because it's opened me up to so much more opportunity and now I'm passionate about helping people feel good in their bodies feel good about their what, what they're doing and feel like they can go out and tackle the world. So you've said kiteboarding has given me everything. I want to hear more. Tell me more. What do you mean by that? It's given me community. When I first started kiteboarding I was in college and I had a community in college but I never really felt at home. I was in San Diego was living in San Diego at the time. And I remember not feeling really grounded or settled. I moved to North Carolina to start coaching kiteboarding shortly after I had learned and I just Just remember being so enthralled with a sport. It was literally eat, breathe live, work, dream. kiteboarding Yeah, I was just thrown in this into this community of like minded people, and that has carried through over the last 15 years. It's given me my husband, I married another professional in kiteboarder. Of course, he is giving me my job. You know, as a swimwear designer, I started designing swim for kiteboarding and staying on in the water, because I wanted women to feel empowered in their bodies, and like they could go out and do all of the fun things that I love to do and not have to worry about their swimwear falling out. Yeah. And obviously, it's giving me my career in that I have this family, this group of resources, just this platform to really speak and share this message that I believe to be so true and so crucial in the world. Wow, 70 I got goosebumps. Oh, it's, it's so beautiful, what you are doing. And I know that you're, you're speaking more, and you're your confidence expert. And I can see why you did say right after I learned kiteboarding I started coaching, I'm like, oh my god, that is so good. See, right after you learn, you started coaching others how to do it. So I want to talk a little bit about confidence, you know, confidence to be on the water, have the confidence to be able to be in a swimming suit confidence to to compete. So share a little bit about that. That's been such a journey. And that's why I'm so passionate about that today. Because for me, and I didn't realize that I didn't really have confidence until I was probably halfway into the decade of my career in IT as a professional skateboarder. And as a business owner. I didn't realize that I wasn't hold that I was holding myself back. I remember at that time, I was traveling around the world as a professional cyborg. Excuse me. And I was designing swimwear, running the badass company, getting paid to kiteboard you know, pretty badass, pretty cool. And people would tell me that they'd be like, Oh, my gosh, you're amazing. You're so badass. And I really was like, Wait a second, I don't feel that way. Why did I feel like that I have this super shiny exterior. But on the inside, I'm not feeling proud of myself. I'm not feeling confident in who I am. I'm not standing in my power or claiming where I'm going. I'm not doing any of these things. But I'm still an inspiration to other people. So something's not matching up. Yeah. And that's when I started really diving into mindset, how the brain works, how to fill your own cup up, why it's so important to own your impact, and how you can really have self leadership to change the world around you and change your own life. It was that journey that led me on Okay, wow. Competence is one of the biggest things that if you ask a roomful of people who here once more competent, everybody's gonna raise their hands. And I think it's one of the most crucial components to being wholehearted in the world and having impact and inspiration and connecting with others. Yeah. I think it's just such a core piece that I was like, Okay, why am I not feeling this? I gotta figure this out. So what did you discover? So much? So much learning? Where do I start? Number one, we are so in our own way. We're so in our own way. And you know that that's what you can help people get out of, it's so crucial. You can come at it from a lot of different areas, right? Hypnosis is one of them. Yes. mind body connection. It all feeds into developing yourself as what Brene Brown calls a wholehearted human. Yeah. And so I just started looking at different core components of it. body mind, spirit. Yeah. Not trying to change everything all at once, but being like, okay, usually an action either brings you towards your goals or away from your goals. Isn't that the church? Then you evaluate them and see, all right, is this serving me or not? And look at it objectively, all the while having so much grace and compassion for yourself. Because no one ever changed from shame. No one ever changed from being shamed into it. We change from love. And that is really true for ourselves. How can we learn to love ourselves and it's a process I think it's a full process, but it's that commitment to life to journey to the unfolding. Beautiful, beautiful. How do we learn to love ourselves? Hmm. Share with me, you know, and I know I'm I'm I'm kind of I'm asked Skeet, a lot of questions about the deeper inner work, but what was it? Because this is what a lot of people want to know, like, you know, what was it that was getting in your way? And then what was the thing that kind of the, what was the thing that helped you move through it or overcome it? And become the confident person that you are today? Hmm. Once again, there's so many different aspects to going at it. Yeah, I think one of the first ones that people can do, because once again, I wasn't proud of myself. I had this awesome company. Yeah, people thought it was awesome. On the inside. I was like, I suck. Because I'm not meeting different goals, arbitrary parameters that I put on what it meant to be successful. I made those up, I could change those. Yeah. I realized, okay, that's awesome company. I'm traveling around the world as a pro kiteboarder. And I'm not feeling like I'm good enough. And I remember it was actually at the end of 2019, that I had kind of one final click to the puzzle. But I think people could really start here. Yeah, we did a decade and review. So I'm in this accountability group, we do yearly kind of reviews of what went well in the year. what didn't go well, all the learnings that we had in the previous year only in coverings. Yeah. And we looked at the past decade, because it was end of 2019. So we're coming into 2020. Yeah, we pulled out, I remember, I did this worksheet online, like really deep dive into everything that I was proud of for the past decade. Everything that I accomplished, all the places I had traveled, it was like going through your social media, go through your journals, go through your calendars, and kind of brain dump everything that you wanted to take away and remember, and all the goodness. And then I remember, we did that pre work before this retreat. And I went into their tree. And then the retreat leader was asking some poignant questions around that past decade and doing some inner work. And I had all of my past 10 years laid out in front of me. And I remember sitting on the floor and the small group of women. And all of a sudden, I burst out crying. And I just was overcome with emotion. I actually had to excuse myself and step outside. And I bawled for like, 20 minutes, because it hit me sitting in that moment, looking at all that stuff. I was like, Wow, I'm actually proud of myself. And I never let myself feel that way before. Wow. I know, it still gives me it's so overwhelming. Because I was like, what? I was so emotional. Because I once again, I realized I hadn't let myself feel proud of myself. I have done all of this stuff. And I'm here being like, I'm not enough. And I'm the only person that matters. I'm the only ones opinion that matters. And so I think really starting with that and saying, Okay, what have I done? And can I acknowledge myself for that? Because we're always striving to do more. Yeah. And life is its balance of contentment, and stretching and great. We want to have goals. We want to get to the next level. That's amazing. Yeah, but we know the secret is, even if you get to that next level, if you don't feel confident and great. Now, you're never going to feel that way. Truth. So how can I? How can we start to feel that now and it's the I think the one of the core pieces is is acknowledging what you've done and saying, I've done enough. Yeah, I'm proud of who I am and what I'm doing. Even if you are like, I want to keep changing this. Okay, great. Yes. You want to be a better leader. Amazing. But own that you've done a lot right now. Yeah, I don't care. who you are. You've done enough. Yeah. Oh, it's so good. It really is. It's so good. And I just want to say like, you know that acknowledging ourselves that truly does validate ourselves, that helps us to develop trust in ourselves, because we're like, wait a minute, hey, I'm doing all of these things I am following through with what I say I'm going to do. What you know, it's like, why can't I just celebrate this moment? Hey, I can. I can. Yes, because the thing is, is that people were telling you, You were amazing, but that didn't matter. I mean, it was nice, right? I mean, let me reframe that. People were telling you where you were amazing. But you still weren't believing it. Yeah. And you got the opportunity. And you took the opportunity to do the deeper work. It's so beautiful. Yeah, so inspiring. And you inspire a lot of people. You do. I witnessed it at camp. Yes. Or we met by the way at camp. Yes. We were both camp counselors. And just looking At your Instagram, and I'm inspired right now, by the way that you're speaking. So, do you do more public speaking? Like, are you available, like, let's talk, I love, I love speaking because I feel like this is the work that will change the world, I really believe in it. And I really love sharing these messages. And so that, you know, now my mission is to help successful people, or people that look successful on the outside, feel successful on the inside? Yes. Because I, I truly believe that that's how positive ripple effects are going to impact this planet. And I've seen that for myself. So yes, I do it. I'm thrilled to speak on competence, and feeling good and empowerment. And I really believe in the messages that I'm putting out into the world. So it all feels really alive. So I would love to share this with everyone, everyone I think needs to hear this. And it doesn't even have to be for me, right? You can hire any sort of impact speaker to come in. But I think one of the poignant lessons that I want to get across as well is that investing in yourself is one of the best ways to start to build your competence. Yeah, because it does a couple of things. It shows that oh, I'm worthy. I remember when I used to be afraid of spending $100 on myself, like $100 course, online, I'd be like, Oh, my gosh, should I do this? You know, something like learn SEO was first building my business. Now, I spent five figures a year on myself. It's the most important thing. Yeah. And that's how you can really up level in a lot of ways. It's just okay. Having that accountability, having the community having people around you that inspire. But you said one other thing, you're like, you're an inspiration. And I want to say one thing, too, that everyone is an inspiration. Everyone is an inspiration. If you think about walking down the street, and someone is walking down the street, and they have a massive smile on their face, and you're walking and you're see them and they smile, you huge and they just have this bright energy, you are going to smile? Yeah, I guarantee it, you're gonna be like, Oh, wow, this right, and so someone can impact you from walking across the street, they are inspiring to you, they just changed your energy. Every single person listening to this does that every single day, whether you recognize it or not, by the energy that you bring into the room. I love it. It's it really is. It's so beautiful. And I love that I love that everyone is inspiring. That's a quote from Sensi great on your Instagram. But you have to take ownership of that. And you have to acknowledge your your impact. Yeah, you did say that you said, you know, self leadership, and owning your impact, which I think is really powerful. It's so powerful goes back to that acknowledging piece, right? Because we go around thinking I'm not enough. But like I said, the truth is you no matter what you're doing, you're influencing other people around you, whether in a positive or negative in every single action. And I'm like, That's the brain, no matter what you're doing. You're you're influencing your brain, whether it's good or bad, sorry, oh, yeah, no, that's a good wrap around because it's so true. We have to look at externally what's in our environment, how we're influencing ourselves. But with the building competence piece, if we can look at how am I influencing other people? And I remember Can I share one quick story? I, this hit home for me after one like small little thing that I did. So a number of years ago, probably seven or eight years ago, I did a water gallon drinking challenge. So you drink a water a gallon of water a day. challenge to do I remember I was I was carrying around the gallon jug because I was like, Okay, here's my gallon jug drinking it. And it's just a conspicuous thing, right? You have this gallon jug of water. And I remember people would come up to me and they'd be like, What are you doing? And it would open up this conversation. And then I would explain to them I'm doing a gallon of water drinking challenge. Here's why. Here's all the reasons drinking more water is great. And I could see their wheels start to turn and they'd be like, Oh, maybe I should be drinking more water. And it was such a lightbulb moment for me because I was like, oh wow. This is before I knew I was an inspiration. I'm an inspiration. People are seeing me drinking water and it's making them look at me. And it hit me I was like oh actually You're an inspiration all the time. You are inspiring people. action that you take. And Paulo Coelho has a great quote, which is the world is not changed by your opinion. It's changed by your example. And once we take ownership of that, and we say, Oh, I'm impactful, right where I'm at, I don't care how much money you have, I don't care what your job title is, you're impactful, exactly where you are. It does a number of things. It builds your competence, because you're like, Okay, people are looking at me, which they are. And then number two, it raises your level of responsibility, because you're like, Okay, people are looking at me, I better step it up. I'm a leader. So now I need to, I better let's go. Here like, where am I leading my people who land of confidence to the land of living their best life? Because that's what confidence does. It becomes a part of who you are. You start to you don't just think you're enough. You know, you're enough. So, love, I know you shared a couple more tips about confidence you shared about acknowledging yourself, love that. Love that. What else would you recommend for confidence? One of my favorite ones is a number of favorite ones, but claim where you're going. So stand in your power, plant your flag, and really say, this is what I'm doing. I didn't do this for a long time with my career. You do it either with my career, nor my swimwear company. Right, I would stop even though I was doing this, I was a pro skateboarder and running a swimwear company. I'm doing these things already. And I remember still it manifested and how I introduced myself, I still didn't introduce myself in a way that was powerful. When people would ask me, what do you do? Cocktail Party of the century, I would say, um, I clipboard and I make bikinis. And I would like stumble and fumble over it. And I wasn't owning my power. I wasn't only one I was doing. And so when we actually claim where we're going and say, Hey, this is where I'm heading ignatia gives us more confidence, we can kind of reverse engineer the competence because we're like, Okay, this is what I'm doing. I'm being honest speaker acknowledges for other people that they can support you gets people on your bus, you stand with more confidence when you actually practice it and say it. So you can kind of trick your body and your brain into believing it acting as if, and then you're setting that course and that marker and it doesn't matter. here's the here's the secret. It doesn't matter whether you get there or not. Doesn't matter. What matters is that you put in the energy and the effort and you aim for it. And you try and you believe and then you course correct. You say oh, wait, okay, actually, I don't like being a speaker. It's not working for me. I'm gonna switch it up. Now I'm gonna go be whatever, an astronaut, a plumber, I don't care what it is. This is what I'm doing and having that clarity, and that ownership is so game changing. Yes. And just I love it so much since he constantly giving yourself permissions, to course correct and not make it mean anything. You know, okay, maybe public speaking is too much on my relationship or you know, whatever is too much for me, blah, blah, blah, whatever the reason is, and you get to decide, okay, what do I want to do now? Like that is so empowering? It really is versus what's wrong with me? Why can't I make this work? You know? It is truly a confidence mindset, a success mindset, a growth mindset, when we can look at everything as opportunity. Everything is growth, because that's how I see it. Yeah, yes. Gabby Bernstein says rejection is protection. Which is, you know, okay. It's not happening. That's fine. Everything's happening for me, not to me. And that's great, because we don't, you know, I think it's really ridiculous that we expect high school aged kids to go into college and say, This is what I want to do in my career. This is the this is the Yes, Major that I want to go into when I graduated high school and you have to apply to college and check the box for your major. Right. I put aeronautical engineering. That's what I thought I wanted to do. Which is comical, because it's so far away from what I'm doing now. Right and thinking about I'm like, No, that was not the group. Yes. I didn't know you don't know until you have experience with it. Yeah. And you allow yourself to take action clarity comes from action. Yes, it does. It's the truth. It's the truth. Yeah. And we learn from the action that we take training I'm constantly learning even though if I you know, even though, you know, the action may not have been the most fruitful or I could have done it better. That's okay. I I learned from it. It does create clarity, but you have to take the action. And that's where a lot of people like get a little stuck is taking the action piece. But I do want to just reference Gabby Bernstein, you know, the, the quote that you said about rejection because I did a podcast episode last week on what does it mean to say yes to yourself? Because a lot of times, the reason why we don't say yes to ourselves is because we're afraid that we're going to fail, right? We're afraid about what other people are going to think of us. And we're afraid that we're going to be rejected, so we reject ourselves before anybody else can. And then we don't take them we don't take the first step in our dreams. So I just that's what came to mind when we were talking about the rejection piece. But I taking the action. I love to talk to you about that, because that is where I see people getting stuck. Right. And and they're it's fear. They're afraid they're not going to take the right action. I mean, one, I hear this all the time. Yeah. So what do you say to that? You know, how do you like yeah, what do you say to people who are afraid they know what they want, but they're afraid to take the action? There's so many good, juicy strategies. What's coming to mind, right in this moment, is to actually do some fear casting and say, Okay, if I am afraid, recognizing that and saying, okay, it's okay. My brain is trying to protect me. Great. What is the worst case scenario? I'm writing down, okay, if everything goes wrong, and I think I think the world implodes in this particular project, what's the worst case scenario that can happen? And that actually helps your brain kind of be like, okay, you know, usually when you listed out the worst case scenario is not that bad. Or it's something that you realize you can come back from, because you're like, Okay, if I started this business, and I, let's say, I lose all my money, and I have to go bankrupt. Can I move? Am I going to move back and my parents, okay, is that the end of the world? All right. I mean, it might feel like it but no, okay. That's the worst case scenario, I got to move back in with my parents, I'll still be okay. I can get a job at a coffee shop. Alright, let's build it back up. So actually doing some fear casting can be helpful in that you look at what's the rational and the irrational fears? How likely is this going to happen? Just getting out of your head can help your brain kind of relax and have a little bit more feeling of control? Right through? Yes. But then it's reframing failure, and using us a couple of tools and reframing failure, but saying, Okay, can I change the word failure to Revelation? Miki Agarwal, the founder of go to sheet or tushy, which is the Bay Company, she's really awesome. She writes, in her book, she says, change the word, failure to Revelation. And that way your language is so so powerful. We have such negative connotations around the word failure. But if you say revelation, okay, what did what did this reveal? Oh, I learned, wow. Okay, I can take that and move forward. Because life is just uncovering. It's just learning. It's just experimenting, we do not come out of the womb knowing anything. You have to learn everything. But somewhere along the line, we just get it in our heads that we have to do it perfectly the first time. And I thought that I used to think this all the time. When I first started my swimwear company, the suits were not even that good. And I remember feeling like such a failure because the first production run, I had no manufacturing background, no production background, no business, no design, and the first round of suits were not good. Make sense? And I remember feeling like such a failure and being like, I should just stop. I just quit. But we don't expect a baby to know how to start a swimwear company. Why do I expect the 20 year old meeting started won't know how to do it. I didn't know anything. So it's just changing that language to what's the revelation here. Wow. So good. It's the truth, right? Yeah, it's like but what I heard was you didn't know all of these things. And you did it anyways. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I think it was really just grit. Sometimes it's grit. Yeah, that's what we need sometimes. But I think the final component in looking at okay moving past fear and doing the thing that your heart feels called to do is looking at why do you want to do it? Why do you want to do it and is there a really strong why behind it? Is it that okay, you want to start your own company because you want to make more money? What's underneath that? Is it because you want to have financial freedom? What's underneath that? Is it because you want Want to impact and inspire? You know, what's the real coordinating gritty? Why? Because that will help carry you through and be like, Okay, if my why now My why is to impact and inspire and help people feel good in their bodies and about themselves feel worthy now. So I can have a business that manifests in a couple of different ways. If my why's clear, then I can go about it and say, All right, my purpose is to impact and inspire. So is that through speaking great, yes, maybe. Let's see what happens. And let's see what's working in that component. And that will help carry through that dream actually into reality. Oh, it's so good. And I heard you say your why. If that's your why, might have more wise, but I heard you say it's to empower and inspire people to feel worthy now. To be enough now. Mm hmm. So good. And that because I feel so strongly about the why I'll do anything to make that happen. You know, but if you're if your why is lukewarm, you're not going to go through the ups and downs that is life is your business. So yeah, and I didn't have this to be honest. Because it I think people can be like, Oh, I don't have a strong way. I don't know what it is. That's okay. You're just experimenting. I didn't have that going into my swimwear company. Though I can have bacon have baked it and have found ways to incorporate it so that I can get through the hard ups and downs. Yeah, starting with your why. And Simon Sinek has a book called Start With Why totally recommend every entrepreneur read it. That will help get you to Okay, really, why is it that I want to do this? Yeah. Yes. I love that. Oh, it's so good. If you don't know your why that's okay. You know, it takes time. Do you know how many times my why even my business name changed? Yeah, because I was growing and expanding. And I was like, Oh, I don't like life guidance, hypnosis that doesn't really represent you know, who I am, you know, who I am being and my message. And so I love that. I love that so much, since it's like knowing your why. And then and then if you don't do it, that's okay, too. Yeah, figure it out. Yeah, it's just giving yourself so much grace. And we don't give ourselves any grace. I know. I know that. And then we're walking around all wounded and like, I'm not enough. And I duck and you know, there's little tiny Gremlin on your shoulder gets in the way. Even if we're out there running now awesome swimmer company and being a pro skateboarder. And looking like we have it all together, we have a little gremlin that's like, Oh, you're not enough? Yeah. Out of here. I know. And I love that story so much, because it's so different from mine, not enoughness. But yeah, the same, right? It's the same, you know, I didn't have the external stuff. And therefore I made it mean that I wasn't a good, you know, hypnotist, or wasn't good, good entrepreneur, because you know what I just started, like, I'm already judging myself for not having the things that I want. And I just started my business. So I came from the opposite ends of not enoughness in the world, and I grew up with not enoughness you know, growing up in poverty, and just really having learned lack mindset, and understanding how that followed me throughout my entire life. And lack included not being enough. Not knowing enough, not being smart enough, not having a successful business, right when I started from day one. All those things that we do to ourselves, but, you know, our stories are different, and yet it goes back to the same core. That's the thing. It's all it's all the truth. You know, there's so many healers and leaders and speakers. Yeah, a lot of it just goes back to the truth, which is, we are enough just as we are we are individual unique human beings that have such a small chance of being on this planet. There's never going to be anyone like you. There's never been anyone like you. You have unique amazing gifts, and your magic is needed in the world take ownership of that and go out and be awesome. I love your approach. I love your coaching approach. I know your coaching. I want to talk about that a little bit. So let's talk about your business. So I know your you have your swimwear line, but yeah, and I know you're doing public speaking and I and share with me what else you're doing besides besides those two? Yeah, a lot of things. I'm also passionate entrepreneur, I love it and I love it. So my swimwear company and then I have kite camps, women's kite boarding camps and retreats that I co founded a company with my best friends so we help women To feel great on the water, it all goes back to competence. And then the two really intimate things that I'm most passionate about are the motivational speaking public speaking on confidence, helping people like they feel like they have enough, they will excuse me, helping people feel like they are enough now. And then one on one mentoring, I think it's so impactful to invest in yourself that I started doing it because I was like, Okay, once again, I so believe in this message, and I want to share it with people. And it's business, it's competence, and it's everything to help get you to where you want to go. I specialize in creating your brand. So coming into that, why figuring out your why getting clarity on where you're going, having some concrete goals, and then all the little components that go into building that it starts with you. And then it's a product or service, and then it's a brand so we kind of focus on the three, what I think are the basis of the pyramid in business. And of course, so much confidence. So right, yeah, just little practices to try and call it out because it takes time. It's really it does take time. And the fact that you called it mentoring that is so badass, I just have to say that it's not coaching you are mentoring and I know you're doing coaching as a part of it, but I love that I love that one to one mentoring and and then the motivational speaking and then this one where you really are and then the kiteboarding can retreat. So how can people find you and I want everyone to follow you. So everyone who's listening to this podcast episode, I want you to follow Sensi on Instagram and since he can you give your your Instagram what do they call it name? Yes, so it's Sensi, Graves is my primary it's s e n s IGRAV s. Then my swim R is Scentsy swim. And then the two websites are Sensi grave swim, that's where you can find all things similar. And then my primary website is Sensi craves. And that's where you go find the speaking the mentoring link to the kite camps a link to the swimwear company. All the goodness is on there. Yeah, I love that and you don't have to rewind it to listen because it will be in the show notes I will have all of senses links in the show notes so that you can just click on there and go right to her website. And and since see like is there anything else that you would like to share I said it before, but I still want to end with the world needs you. The world needs you and you are already an inspiration. And so I encourage everyone listening to remember that and do any practice or any sort of work that they feel called to do to invest in themselves whether that's with Mary Lou whether that's with me whether that's simply going to a yoga class, but just remember that you are worthy and enough right now. What a way to end today's podcast episode Cincy I love you. Thank you for being a guest thank you for doing what you doing what you do in the world. And I'm just I want everybody to follow us and see go to our website, hire her as a mentor. Listen to since these podcasts that she hasn't created yet, but probably will. And thank you again, Cincy. Thank you for having me. You're welcome. All right, unstoppables. Until the next time, go out there and live your unstoppable life. I would love if you shared today's episode with your friends and loved ones. Please share it on your social media channels. And make sure to subscribe to the podcast. I believe that we are all here to help others. Together, we can help more people. I would be so grateful for a five star review. And I'm also grateful that you took the time to let me know how this podcast is helping you. If you want more transformational content, connect with me on Instagram at Mary Lou hypnotizes you and then go over and join my Facebook group, the unstoppable mind. Visit Mary Lou For more information on my programs, and how to work with me until the next time. Go out there and live your unstoppable life