The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

Episode 39 | What Becomes Possible When You Have Fun | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

October 26, 2022 Season 1 Episode 39
The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
Episode 39 | What Becomes Possible When You Have Fun | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
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Join us for this incredible powerful  and fun episode with the incredible Bonnie Macfarlane.  She’s a master comedian and writer. She’s dropping some gold on what’s possible when you have fun!

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Hello unstoppables of the world. Hey, I'm so excited to share this podcast episode with you. I am interviewing the one and the only the amazing Bonnie McFarlane. Now Bonnie is a famous comedian. She's also the author of you are better than me. She's done stand up comedy on Colbert and Fallon, HBO and Comedy Central. So it was a real treat to have Barney on my podcast. We talked about what becomes possible when you follow your dreams. So here's what I want to say to you. It takes confidence to follow your dreams. In the show notes, you can get access to my mini unstoppable confidence with a new program for free when you use the promo code, Bonnie, I know you are going to enjoy this podcast episode. Barney is amazing. Hello unstoppable of the world. I am so excited because today. Today, I have the most inspiring, amazing, badass, limitless, unstoppable guest on my podcast today. And her name is Bonnie McFarlane. And Bonnie. I'm looking at her right now. Not only is she beautiful, not only she extremely beautiful and funny, she's a you know, she's a writer, she's an author. She's a famous comedian, she's also a mama and an amazing wife, who collaborates with her husband on lots of projects. And she's the author of you're better than me. And she's also a filmmaker. She's on directed and written women aren't funny. And and I'm going to go ahead and introduce Bonnie while I wiped my nose because I'm already crying. And I'm gonna give Bonnie a moment to brag about herself. Go ahead, Bonnie, welcome. Well, thank you so much, Mary Lou, you're the best, I really love you. But I can't brag about myself because I'm Canadian. So we just, we have a like a real hard policy on that no bragging. But I will say I am living an amazing life right now that I mean, when you think back when you're a kid and you dream about what kind of life you're gonna have it is, you know, it's everything that I that I really wanted, I really wanted when I was little to be creative, and to not have to go to an actual job. And I remember someone asking me when I was in high school, like what I wanted to do, and I was like, I'm not sure. And they said, Well, what do you want to wear? And I said, like, I want to wear jeans every day. And they're like, well, good luck finding a job where you can wear jeans every day. But it's so funny that that's that was one of them was like, that's a good yeah, what can I do what I wear jeans every day. But I didn't you know, I always say this. Sorry. I never. I never made any decisions in my life. Like, consciously. I just always just, you know, I just always went the way the wind took me. It's so weird. And then, but it's things that I really wanted, obviously. But even at the beginning of my career, I got a job working in a comedy club as a hostess. And then I was like, oh, I should write jokes for these people. I'm a very good writer and, and then ended up doing stand up. But it wasn't like this thing where I was like, I'm gonna go get a job at a comedy club. I'm gonna become a comedian. I'm gonna do this. And then I was like, Oh, I think you know, I need to, like, expand and all of a sudden, I was going to New York and doing shows in New York. It was just like, yeah, like a very, like, I mean, that was the thing that my mom was always worried about was I never thought things through, but I never thought anything. Say they're following your heart. I mean, I feel like I was following my fun. You know, I wanted to do things that made me happy. I mean, I'm a like a, like a, like a, like a joy seeker at all times, you know? And so I was always looking, oh, this is a fun, like, being around comedians immediately was a very fun experience. I was good at doing that kind of, you know, talking to comedians like that. I was interested in that sort of, you know, deeper conversation that was also like laced with like in appropriateness and comedy. And it just felt very, very comfortable for me to be there. And so I just didn't leave. I just stayed. Yeah. So you said something really profound. You said, I followed my fun. Yeah, I did I really. I mean, I had a lot of personal I grew up very, very poor. And so in my mind, I always thought I didn't need money. Like I always was kind of like, like, people would say, oh, you can't, you know, I grew up in Alberta, Canada. And then I moved to Vancouver, and then I moved to Toronto, and both Vancouver and Toronto, people would say, you need so much money to live there. And I'd be like, Well, do you I mean, kind of know what I'm doing in this department, you know, so I never worried about it and never worried about having money. I never, I always in my whole life of head. Just enough money. I never really had more than I needed. But I always had enough to pay the rent. To go where I wanted to go do what I wanted to do. I don't ever remember, like, being worried about money, because I always thought, wow, I grew up super poor, I can do it. Like it's fine. You know what I mean? I know how to navigate this world without it. Wow, you did. And I did. Although, then after I got married and stuff, I started really being like, I need a you know, walk in closet. I'm gonna need a, you know, an, you know, an island in my kitchen. You know, I started like, sort of having because I never that was the other thing too is I always felt like freedom is not needing anything like then you can really like you can take off you can go where you want to go you don't have you know, you don't have things you have to worry about, you know. So I just I never really had material possessions. I think back to even like, when I first started doing stand up and I was in my early 20s mid 20s. And, and I just wore like a men's button down. And yes, like baggy jeans, which is so popular right now. But like, I was like I was doing this for 25 year right with their dogs. Yeah, that's yeah, yes. Um, but ya know, it's funny, it's funny to think like, I had two shirts to G like I wasn't, I just I never had so weird that I never wanted, I never thought about like, oh, I should go shopping. I really would like to have these nice things. I just, Oh, I get to go on stage and do stand up and travel and drink and you know, smoke weed and write other comedians. And that was completely fine. And then, especially in the early days of my career, things went very fast. I wouldn't say it was easy, but because I you know, I didn't have a lot of money or anything. But there was something that I was doing that people noticed and started, like, just I got a development deal really early on. Why now I got a big huge amount of money from CBC CBC. Or CB CBS. Sorry, CBC News can be CBS or we're gonna make a sitcom for me. Yeah, there. Okay. So I just want to make sure that we're gonna come back to the sitcom really quickly. So you in your mid 20s decided that you were going to be a waitress at a at a is that right? Did I hear that? Right? Well, yeah, so I think I was 22 or 23. So like, and I'd been working already gone to college, and I was working at a advertising agency as a writer, really low level and I was doing freelance writing. I remember doing like, menus for restaurants and like safety equipment for whitewater rafting and you know, boring writing. And I was also working as a waitress and at a different restaurant, and someone in that restaurant came in and they worked at a comedy club and they said, Oh, they need a hostess at this comedy club. They were telling someone else. And I went there right after work. Got the job. I was like, I overheard I was like, comedy. That sounds pretty fun. So, yeah, yeah, I just showed up, got the job started working. Quit that waitressing job, I think or maybe I still had that job too. I mean, who knows? I was working all the time. But um, that was your introduction to comedy. So this was I'd only ever seen maybe one comedy show prior to that. Yeah. And then I would just, I would just watch every show. And then I would go backstage and I'd say to the guys, like, I wrote some jokes. And they would be like, well, we don't have any money to buy jokes. And this one guy was like, actually pretty nice. And he was like, these are pretty funny. You should do them yourself. And I was like, There's no way that I could get on stage and do it. But a year later, it took me almost a year. So why did you decide like, what was it that made you decide that you wanted to get on stage? Well, I kind of decided in my head early on, but I was really scared of it. I was a I wasn't an introvert, but I wasn't. I'm still not. That's still the biggest issue that I had with comedy was like, being free on stage. I had a lot of insecurities up there, you know, but the first time I went on stage, I did very, very well. Oh, yeah, of course you did. I mean, I don't even remember it. It was such a blur. It was just like, I don't know what was. I didn't Well, I know that I did well, and then they asked me to be in this contest. It was like to find the funniest new comic in Canada, which I ended up. This was took months, but I ended up winning that whole contest. Of course you did. That was like, I guess. I you know, we talked about manifestation stuff. I guess I was just manifesting like, No, I want I mean, I just was like, oh, I want to do that. I want to do that. I want to do that. Then I was like, I want to go to New York. And yeah, I call this is kind of a wild story. So I called I didn't even have a television set. That's how little of stuff that I had. Like I was, you know, very. I was always like, I can move in the taxi. I'm fine. But um, I was at someone's house, and they were watching Caroline's Comedy Hour, which was a TV show, obviously, from New York, filmed in New York, and I was in Toronto at the time. And I was like, oh, I should get on that show. So I don't know if it was the next day or a couple days later, I called Caroline's just the club in New York. And I said, Who books the TV show. And they're like, kind of what are you talking about? I was like, do you do a TV show called Caroline's comedy show? And they're like, yes. And I was like, Who books the TV show. So they put me through the Booker. And the. So I talked to the guy for a while he was amused by me. He asked me if I was cute. Guys. Oh, no. I was like, I go, I don't know, a full like mirror. But I do all right. And he said I had laughed. Yes, he was like, he was completely amused by me, which at the time was sort of, I just expected it. I just sort of expected people to sort of be like, who says, you know, sort of this weird energy that people kind of liked. And then I had my notebook out because I really thought this is the way that it was going to happen. And he said, I have a workman in my office right now. So he asked me questions about comedy, how long I've been doing it, you know, I'm Canadian, blah, blah, blah. And he said, Well, I have workmen in my office right now. They're fixing the ceiling. I'm going to put you on speaker if you can make them laugh. I'll give you the show. So no way. I know it sounds absolutely insane now, but at the time, I believed this is how it was gonna happen. I had my notebook ready. It wasn't like, oh, what? I was like, got it. Started doing my jokes. I heard them laughing. I said, don't fall off the ladder. You know, I was making jokes about them. They were laughing harder. And I don't know, maybe five or six jokes. And the guy got back on the phone. He goes, You got the show. And I was like, oh yes. Very low. You're gonna love this. So I go to I use all my money, every penny that I have to get a flight to go to New York, New York. And I get to, you know, go to the show. The day of the show is so nervous. Well. Somebody had already reached out to me this is prior to this and said he was a manager and wanted to manage these from New York. And I said, I didn't know what a manager was. I didn't understand it. So I just never responded to that guy. He had just written me an actual letter. Yeah. Because I guess that when I won that contest, my picture was in a few like sort of comedy magazines or whatever. And as an up and coming or whatever, so he'd seen my pick Sure, you've never seen me do stand up. But he's seen my picture. And he was like, Okay, I want to manage you. And so I just was like, like, that's weird. And I don't know who this guy is, or whatever. But then I had to go to New York to do this TV show. So I found the letter I called them. And I was like, I just got this show. And, you know, I need a place to stay. And, and then he, I, he said, Where are you going to stay? Actually, I think he said it to me. And I said, I'm gonna stay at a hostel. And he said, you can stay with me. And I was like, I don't think so. And so he put his fiancee on the phone, who's living with him. And we had a great conversation. And I ended up staying that he picked me up from the airport, and I stayed at his house with him and his fiancee. He was my manager for a long time. He's Joe Rogan's manager. Yes. And so it sounds wild. But it was like, while at the time, I was just like, this is how this is how it's gonna get done. I just believed that I was gonna go to New York. And well, the thing is a good thing that I had to call them because to do a TV show in New York, I had to have certain papers. And so he got me the lawyer that got me my Wow, immigration and everything. Yeah. You said you you said I just believed it. I just believe it. I just I don't remember ever thinking it wasn't going to work out any, any of the things that I was going to do. I did have like, I know, because I did have this thing, though, where when I met people, they liked me. And they thought I was a little weird and a little out there. But they, you know, I could feel the energy like people. So whenever I was always like, I was excited to meet new people. And like, even at the comedy clubs, when I would go and meet the club owners, they seem to like me, and they would put me up even though I you know, I was not the funniest person on the planet. Especially not on stage, you know? Yeah. And in fact that Caroline's I bombed really bad ask you how did it go? Yeah, no, I ate it really, really bad. I got very, very nervous. That's the only time I really had some doubts where where they were putting makeup on me and stuff. And I was like, This is real. This is like an actual TV show. You know? I'd never seen all those cameras before the way the lights were. You know, I was like, oh my god, what am I gotten myself into? Yeah, I'm in New York City. Yeah, you bombed it. So I did bomb. I don't think you could tell necessarily on television. I'm not sure I don't remember watching it again. But I did cry afterwards. I had a good old cry after I was like, okay. But then I told myself, you're never going to be nervous again. Yeah, I didn't let that stop. You know, I had an I had booked another TV show for the next night. Somehow my manager then had gotten me another one on the basis of that one. So I knew I had to get up and do it again. And I was like, um, you're not going to be nervous for this next one. That's that's just not going to happen. And I did fine. Yeah. Incredible. Yeah. So just fun. But you know, what I think happened is that somewhere along the way, people just beat it out of you. You know, people tell you you're not good enough all the time, or that your dreams are silly. Or, you know, I'd be like, oh, I want to write movies. I want to direct movies. And people be like, Okay, I guess you know what I mean? And make you feel dumb about your dreams. And then you do start to internalize that, or at least I did. And I feel like, by the time that I had moved to LA, maybe a year later, I was like, not the same. Hey, you know what I mean? I wasn't having the same experiences, the same interactions I was having with people prior to that when it was just me living in my own bubble. You know? Yeah. Once people started telling you, you can't do stuff, you go Oh, okay. I felt like I was learning the rules. And then I was taking it all in and I was like, I was a good student, but being a good student meant that I was like great, bringing all my things down to a level that were manageable to everyone else but not too deep, right? Yeah, I I'm like in my mind, I heard squashing your dreams or minimizing your dream minimizing minimizing, yes, this is not possible. People just love to tell you things aren't possible. You can't do that. That's not this is what you're going to do. This is how, you know they'd love to tell me this how everyone else made it. This is how everyone does it. This is how it works. And I I am I believe that I listened to it. And I took myself down and I feel like it's really only been in the last last couple of years that I've brought myself back up again, you know, to the, to where I was before. Yeah, I know, it's like a, it's like, but I think it happens in every business where, you know, I remember when I said, I'm gonna go to the States, and I'm gonna be alone, I'm gonna move to the states. And when you stand up in the states and people in Canada, we're like, all these comedians that have been doing it for years and years, there were like, they can't happen. They kept telling me stories about somebody who would go and come back because they couldn't hack it, or they can't make it or, and I remember that time just being like, whatever. Maybe to you, you know, I wouldn't believe it. But then get told it enough times. Yeah. So tell me like, and I do want to get back to that sitcom, but what was it that kept you going? So then, after, so, so, so right away, when I got to New York, things went very well for me. And I had that manager who was a good manager, and I got the Montreal Comedy Festival, which is very big, and then I got a deal out of that festival. But again, even as I'm getting all these things, people are telling me, like, my manager was saying, like, don't spend all your money and don't do this. And, you know, yeah, I would not want to go on an audition, let's say because I didn't like the script, or I wanted to write my own or whatever. But this is how it's done. And you have to go and I'd be, you know, shamed into going or if I didn't get an audition, they'd say you did it on purpose. Because they, because I was sort of very, like, good at charming people in those days. And so when I didn't do that, they felt like I did it on purpose. But really, I was just not in charge of it. Yeah. You know, they mean, I didn't like something I have. I was vibrating it. And then I would, yeah, get in trouble. And then I was like, sometimes my standup would suffer, but it was like, because I was trying to do new things and try to be good. And then they would say, oh, go back to the old thing, or do it this way. Or, you know, you were trying to fit in the box. I was trying to fit in the box, I really wanted at that time. Even though I was still getting stuff, I was still doing pretty well. It wasn't the things that I wanted, like I just never wanted to act, it just wasn't something that I wanted to do it for fun if it was in a situation where I knew that people even now I'm like, you know, you know, I want to be around, I want to be part of the fun. You know, it's fun. But a lot of times acting as a job is a real grind. You know, it's a lot of waiting around is boring. I prefer writing and collaborating. It's just much more fun to me. But I was trying to do what they wanted me to do. You know, I had a whole team at this point. I had William Morris, I had this management company, I had all these people telling me what I should be doing. And I just, I feel like it just kept like wow, chipping away until. I mean, I guess I didn't really have low self esteem until Wow, really nothing not good. Wow. You know, and then. And then But then, but you know, throughout my career, I would feel myself rise up again. You know, yeah. And when I could shake it, I could react and doing the things that I wanted to do. I could rise again, ya know, so I always had stuff going on. I never like completely, but there was times. After that to the CBS development deal and stuff where I was really, really unhappy. I was just very, very sad about feeling like I was in a box like being you know, that they're putting so many conditions on it. I mean, I was a real tomboy. I mean, I grew up on a farm. And I remember wearing my hat backwards one time to something and my manager flipped out. He got so mad at me in front of everyone. It was like really embarrassing. It was like take your hat off. And I was just like, oh my god, you know? And then another time I was I got a TV show. I was at the table read and I wasn't wearing any makeup and my manager took me outside and was like hey well fire Yeah. Wow. Not wearing makeup. I was like it's a table room study when the thing but it was stuff like that where it was like your you know? I felt like I was constantly, like, not able to be myself, like when I'm, this is the thing when I'm allowed to be myself. And this is the true gift that you've given me back. Because when I grew up, am I talking to you, oh, this is good, no, but when I grew up in Canada, on a farm, I had very few outside influences. to shape me, it just was me, it was my family and me, and my family, you know, accepted me, for better or worse, I was different than them, even. But it was fine. And I was just, I couldn't be anyone but myself, I just didn't have the capabilities. I didn't know there was anything else to be even. And so when I started this career path, I was just me on stage off stage, when I interact with people. And that's the thing that I think attracted people to meet. That's the light the yes, when you felt that energy with people, they liked it, because it was like, Oh, I'm getting this real authentic person. And then as the hair and the makeup and the yes, the rules and everything, I stopped having that energy pouring out of me. And so it really stopped me getting the things, the thing that they thought was going to get me everything was right, because they saw this pretty girl under there, you know, they were like, Oh, we can make a Yeah, but once they started taking away everything that I felt was me, I stopped being me, that's when I stopped getting stuff. That's when I stopped having success. But I didn't stop having success, I shouldn't say that I always sort of broke through. And, you know, I just wasn't having the success that I think if left to my own devices, I could have probably had, you know, if I hadn't had encouragement instead of, yes, it's so interesting to have this conversation with you. And for you to be able to look back over your career and to be able to see like, the points where maybe you could have given up but you didn't you know, or what came to you and also to have the awareness that as you were being told who to be how to act, how to behave, what the rules were of the the profession that you were in, and realizing that you were losing connection to who you truly are to your authenticity to your authentic self. And to like, into to know that, that, that when you're not your authentic self. This, this isn't fun, right? It's fun for me, it's not fun for you, you know, it's like truth, right? You when you're when you're sparkling, you can feel it and you can feel other people sparkling. And it's like, it's a really fun thing. And then when you're trying to hide something, it's really not fun at all. It's like, work. Yeah. I didn't know that I didn't realize that you had been that your dreams had been minimized. Because when I met you, you know, it's like I you know, I'm meeting this really and honestly, the only so the only research I've done on you was an hour prior to starting this podcast. I'd seen your insulin because I like your Instagram stuff. You know, I like your posts, but I hadn't done any research. But I knew I knew when I met you that you were successful in your own right. Like, yeah, and and by what you would share with me, and, and the projects that you were working on. And then also based on what and you told me I knew that you were you're a big fucking deal. Not really getting there. No, no, no, no, I want to help. All happening. It's down. But I feel like this, this this journey from when I started, like, you know, really reflecting on the things that you know, how my life unfolded and how I was feeling now and the things that I wanted to do and why I couldn't get there and how I could now get there and doing the hypnosis and stuff. I mean, when you start looking back, you go, Oh, those are the places where I felt good and good things were happening. And those are the places where I didn't you know what I mean? It starts to make perfect sense. And I think doing the hypnosis with you has just, it's just unlock that thing again of like, oh, this is who I am. And this is what I like to do. And when people tell me stuff, I don't care anymore. Like, you know, it's like I it's like suddenly I see it more clearly. It's like, oh, they're in their own trap. You know, they're they're, they're in their own way of thinking and their own stories and their own box part of it. Yes, exactly. And they want me to believe that so that their beliefs seem more legitimate, you know, but you don't play that game anymore. I don't play that game anymore. And I just I used to be embarrassed to tell people What I wanted for so like, not in the beginning, but then at some point I stopped, sort of, like expressing the things that I wanted, because I felt like people were just gonna, like, you know, mock it or think that I couldn't do it or kind of talk me out of it or whatever. So now I just, I just I don't ask for approval, I don't wait for it anymore at all. I just go, Oh, this is what I want to do. And this is what I'm going to do. And, and it's like, it's, it really is like sort of miraculous because it I see it just starting to happen again, like that. Whatever I had in the beginning is like back, it's like rubber. Yes. What do you think that is? I think it's a lot of it is like that. When I'm knee. It feels very comfortable to me. And then I can I know it sounds crazy. But I feel like I vibrate at a different level. And it's attractive to people. So even on stage. I feel like I'm different. Because I used to go up thinking I hope they don't. I hope I hope they like me, you know? Yeah. Instead now I'm like, I know, they'll like me. You know, now it's just a matter of how much you know. Yes, yeah. So I don't have the same. I don't have the same wall up that I used. Like, I used to sort of wait till they would come to me and then give them but now just give it right away. Right? Oh my gosh. I love that so much I hear like that you have the freedom to do what you want to be who you want to think what you want. And you have some amazing projects that you're working on. And I Yeah, and it's like, it feels like when I say something, it's like, okay, that's actually going to happen. Because I know, but it's like for so long. I sort of like denounced that part of me, you know? Yeah, that's like waking up again, like, oh, it's the death I don't think was ever dead, by the way, because I do see that certain things did still keep happening. But it was like, sort of crawling up under you know, this concrete, like, here we are, you know, right, right? No, I think that it sounds like you you just have you always had the work coming in. So you didn't ever get to that point. Or maybe you did. I don't know. But where you were like, I'm just gonna quit this because I'm not having Well, there was times when I first moved to Los Angeles when I first had the big, like the team meetings in the what are we going to do with you? And how are you going to, you know, that I did not want to do it anymore. It was it was it was not? I just I didn't like people telling me who I should be and what I should talk about on stage. That's the whole reason I got into comedy was like this reader. I get to wear jeans. That was why I wanted to do it. Yeah. But like, yeah, so you do have the cutest outfits. I've seen them I've seen IG by the way, it's Bonnie McFarlane or give your IG Bonnie. Well, yeah, it's at Bonnie McFarlane, Bo NNIEMCFARL. A NE. And that's my Twitter to it. Yeah, okay, great. I was gonna say because I'm gonna give you a chance here to invite everyone to follow you because you have to follow Bonnie because she's amazing. But I wanted to ask you, like, you know, how do you feel about what you're doing in the world? And so part of this part of the whole the theme of this podcast for everyone who's listening is that I wanted you to know like, Bonnie to me is the epitome of a woman who is living her dream life like right now. I don't have a kitchen island yet I know one more move that's on your that's on your list that's on my list. Here's my man If yes, yes, yes. Good. It's so good. And I really am I you know, it's like the the theme of this podcast was what becomes possible when you follow your dreams and I and you shared it here today. I did it I followed my dreams without really realizing I was following my dreams. I followed my fun you followed your fun? Yeah, that is but I like that's the biggest like, I mean, I have a job that's really fun. It's so weird that for years I was like angry about it when it's like literally the best most fun job in the world with the you know, craziest funniest people in the world and it's like, Oh, I did do it. I I always wanted to just like you when I was little I just want to eat up the fun all the time. It was like I deal with real stuff. I just want fun. And like I'm a fanatic or something. Yeah. Well, I feel the same way. Like, my job is so fun. I, yeah, it's following my son. And I didn't realize that until you said that I was like, I'm following my fun. That's why I'm having so much. Yes, right. Right. But also, if you're going to where the good feelings are, it's like, you're probably going to be okay. I mean, if it's not drugs and alcohol, though, I'm not against drugs and alcohol. But I'm just saying like, you know, because that means people are vibrating at a high level. You know what I mean? It's like, if you're having fun, it's probably pretty good. Yeah. Yes. So tell us a little bit about what you're having fun with right now. Anything that you want to tell us about everything that you want to promote? First of all, okay, well, I want people to come see me do stand up, because I feel like, I'm at the top of my game right now. And you're gonna see a really good show. Yeah. And I mean, I even say on stage, we're just exchanging energy, which I do believe it's true. It's like I am a I'm the I'm the chip for the hummus. You know what I mean? It's like, laughter is the hummus. I'm the I'm just delivering it to your system, you know, and I could see people in that is what like, when they're when it's like that. Yeah. Feel. It's like something you can't get on TV. It's like, you're in this energy of vortex and people laughing and you're laughing about stuff that you might not normally laugh at. Even? Like, yeah, not that it's offensive. But it's just, it's, it's the whole it's just being in a room with other people laughing there's something so kind of like, the best. It's the best it's elevating it makes it I watch people leave that the room and they're like, talking to each other on a different level their laugh at, you know what I mean? It's like it is a drug. It's like, you should go get your fix at some point. So how can people find you like, where are you? Well, I work mostly in New York City. So you can go to my Instagram and most of my dates are on there. Or I work at the stand comedy club a lot. My managers, my new managers are the owners. And they're fantastic. They're great. Okay, they're there. Their ideas are very much bigger than mine. I'm like, what? Wait, yeah. That's so good to be around that. Yes. Yeah. What else is going on? I know you have a book, you know, like, what else do you want to talk about? Well, I have a book called you're better than me that you could definitely if you want to hear more about my crazy upbringing, poor abject poverty, and my rise to the middle of the coma. But, and then I just sold the rights to that book, and we're making a TV series that so I'm working on that writing a movie for Lions Gate right now. So there's that and wow, yeah, I got a lot of TV TV show with FX. Bobbing. So my writing is really like my writing and directing has like finally it's like, you know, like taking off so very excited. I love it. So I want to make sure people know how to find you. So just share your Instagram and and tweet, Twitter. Yeah. Oh, so I I go through periods of tweeting a lot and then not tweeting at all but it's at Bonnie McFarlane for both Instagram and Twitter at Bon and I E mc FA R L A N E at Bonnie McFarlane. And I'm not I'm not blue checked on Instagram if somebody wants to make that happen for me, right. Oh, yeah. But and what do you want to say to people who are trying to follow their dreams? Like what would be your best advice? Well, honestly, for me the thing that I had to rework in my brain and reprogram was that I deserved it that it's fine to get it it's like it's not you know, we all have these weird stories about like you know, whatever they are like mine was probably like, rich people are bad and you know, because I grew up so poor and stuff. And that you know, I feel I do a joke about it, but like that when you grow up trash it's always trying to drag you back. It's always like come on, man. Get attend to come on, man. Like it's always wanting you to like get it by some lottery man, you know? And I feel like you're, it's like a constant fight to be like, no, like, I can have nice things I can elevate myself. It's fine. I don't have to like, you know, say at all so, yeah, just like believe your subconscious when it tells you it wants something and then let it let it let your you know, let yourself just stay out of its way. Yeah, let it work. Its magic. Wow, I love that. I love that. Let it work. Its magic. Yeah. Because I think it does. I think it's just working for you all the time and you're the one putting up. That's, that's your blocks. That's right. Bonnie, I'm so grateful for your time. I know you are super busy. And I love doing this with you, Mary Lou, I love you so much. I just I I can't tell you how much of a difference you've made in my life. Honestly, it's it's been it's just been such a rewarding journey. So thank you. You are so so welcome. You're so welcome. And it's such an honor for me Bani. Like, this is what this is what I think is fun and exciting. And you know, it's like, I feel like I get to help people live their limitless lives. And I just say this, it's like being around people who don't think you're crazy for thinking these thoughts about yourself wanting to be happy and wanting to have great things happen for you. Yeah, you need more of those people in your life. It's like, I could tell you any crazy idea that I had, you'd be like, You should do it. You know, but it's like, why not have those people in your life that you know, want you to succeed and want you to have those great things and and be around those people instead of people who are always like, Oh, can't get it can't be done. You know, stay away from those people at all costs. You heard it here. Stay away from those people. True. Bonnie. Thank you. Thank you. Me too. All right. All right. unstoppables. Until the next time, go out there and live your unstoppable life. I would love if you shared today's episode with your friends and loved ones. Please share it on your social media channels. And make sure to subscribe to the podcast. 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