The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

Episode 44 | The Nurtured Nurse with Tasha Triana Interview | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

December 15, 2022 Season 1 Episode 45
The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
Episode 44 | The Nurtured Nurse with Tasha Triana Interview | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
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Hello Unstoppables! 

On this week's episode we are interviewing  the amazing HypnoThrive Graduate Tasha Triana! She has a background in nursing and shares with us her experience of Hypnosis and what she's been able to accomplish after getting certified as NGH Hypnotist through HypnoThrive! 

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Hello unstoppables of the world. It is my honor to be sitting here with a colleague, a hypno, thrive graduate, and a friend. And I'm super excited to be able to interview her today about what she's doing in life, about why she wanted to study hypnosis, what she was before, she was an amazing badass Hypno. Coach, because I think you might even call yourself a hypno coach. But I'm excited and honored to introduce Tasha Tasha Triana. Thank you so much, Mary Lou. I'm so grateful and excited to be here and to talk with you all things hypnosis, coaching, all the things, all the things. Yeah. So Tasha, share with the audience a little bit about who you are, where you come from, and what you're doing now. Yes, thank you for asking. I always love this question. And I'm one who doesn't like to put myself in a box. So I wear many hats, and I'll share a few of them here. But I am a registered nurse turned coach, and I love all things mindset and overall well being. So I'm also a yoga teacher, a meditation teacher, a Hypnotherapist. Now, thanks to you, Mary Lou. I'm an adventurer, a traveler at heart. I love being in tropical environments. And I'm just really passionate about self care. Because early on in my journey, when I was a new nurse, I burned out pretty early in my career, and I burnt out pretty hard. And so that experience while I say it was one of the most challenging experiences I've gone through, it also was a gift because it allowed me to just look at my life, take it as an opportunity to reflect to dive deep into where I was, what was working, what wasn't working, and really to understand the importance of self care. And the way I define self care is your well being mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally because as a nurse and caregiver, I was always putting that energy out. And I wasn't always giving it back to myself. And so that has really been a huge catalyst, one of many, you know, opportunities in my life to really grow and expand. But I'm very passionate about empowering others, especially other high achievers to prioritize themselves, to slow down to take time for themselves so that they can really create an aligned and authentic life. So that's a little bit about me. I love it. I love it. Thank you. And, and and aligned, authentic life. Yeah, I think is more fulfilling or rewarding than living that life. I agree. That's what you're doing. You are living that life. Yes. Thank you. I am Oh, and I would add retreat leader. That's a recent addition to my to my list of who I am. And that's been amazing. I recently hosted, guided a retreat in Nicaragua, which is one of my favorite countries in October. And that was amazing. And I was able to share hypnosis there as well. I love it. I love it. And I'm trying to think Tasha, like how I think we were part of a mutual program. That's how we were exposed to each other. Yes, I had been following you for a while even before you reached out to me, Tasha is on Instagram called the nurtured nurse. And don't worry, everybody, I will have her links in the show notes. But Tasha just really quickly if you want to say your Instagram account so people can follow you. Yes, I am. That is exactly right at the nurtured nurse on Instagram, and that is my website as well the nurtured Okay, so I've been seeing Tasha for a while, even before she came into my world, I've always loved your posts. I've always loved what you've shared. And then when you reached out to me, and you said you were learning hypnosis, I got so excited. I was like, Oh, I'm so excited to be able to meet with her because I knew that hypnosis was going to be an incredible tool for you to add to your to your toolkit. And so I want to ask you, what was it like, share with me about your coaching program? Well, first, let me ask you this. Why did you want to learn hypnosis? Yeah, good question. I call myself an avid learner, a lifelong learner. I'm always so curious. I used to call myself a degree collector because I just love learning and one of my friends and I jumped because that's how I felt, you know, before I became a nurse, I studied psychology, I got my masters in psychology and I've just always been really fascinated with the human mind with relationships and then having the mind body piece with nursing and then after that, when I had my spiritual awakening, really diving deep into yoga, meditation, and so just really looking at things holistically, but I say I can really geek out on all things, the mind psychology, you know, just neuro. I know you can relate to me here on this Mary Lou. And so I really have been, I would say self studying the subconscious mind for quite a while and just digging deeper, I love Dr. Dispenza his work and, you know, just have been so blown away and seeing the effects of certain things in my own life. And I had always had a certain curiosity with hypnosis. And I actually had my first session with a hypnotist in November, I believe, yes, November of 2020. Right when I was in the midst of wanting really wanting to leave working full time as a nurse to pursue entrepreneurship. And I knew that the identity piece was really huge. So I went through a hypnotist to help me go through this transition of leaving the hospital and then jumping into entrepreneurship as a coach full time. And so I went and that really blew my mind. And through that, I started making my own self hypnosis, audios for myself. And so I've been doing that like, like I said, I could just nerd out geek out on this stuff all the time, and always trying different things with myself. And so I've been fascinated. And I knew it was something that I would do for myself, I just didn't know when and then you know, I also followed you on Instagram and social media, and I just had a good connection with you and just really liked your work as well. And I knew it was something I would do. I didn't know exactly when and then the stars all aligned for me to be in the last August cohort. And yeah, I'm so grateful I got to go through it. And your program is amazing. And I love how much we dive into the subconscious mind. And really, you know, I haven't gone through another certification course. So I have no comparison but just the amount of depth we go into the amount of topics we cover the knowledge, I mean, it's it's such a such a gift of a program. Thank you so much. I love I love hearing that. You know, when I created that program, I really wanted to teach people how to be the best at creating transformation. And if you can believe it, when I took my two certification courses, we did not cover the subconscious mind. I mean, my gosh, that yeah, that blows my mind. So hard to imagine that. I was like, the reason why I fell in love with the brain was really because of Dr. Joe Dispenza. And of course my mom who was in a coma for two years, you know, but the to happen I found Dr. Joe Dispenza. And that happened to my mom around the same time. But um, so thank you, Dr. Joe Dispenza. But I want to ask you, so share with me what was your coaching experience before? And then after adding hypnosis? Yes, such a great question. Hypnosis is such a game changer. I, you know, I had been studying as I said, you know, all my own different things about the subconscious mind. But really hypnosis I feel like provides like such a framework, especially the way you create Hypno thrive. And not only that, it allowed me to, I think this is one of my biggest takeaways from from it, there's many, but I think if I really hone in on one, it's the depth and now the quickness, I feel like I can see my client's subconscious blocks a lot faster before I could see them and we would get there. But it's almost like I can laser you know, just go in and hear the language and, you know, things yes, I was doing before, but I feel like it just gave me like some rocket fuel into being able to really hone in on to those things. And so I can see the patterns a lot faster, we can get there a lot faster. And it's really powerful. Wow, I so love hearing that. It's like you're you can hone in. Because that's what happens. We become, I guess, block blocks experts is one way to put Yeah. But we really are able to hear the limiting beliefs, the limiting emotions, the limiting stories, like we can the patterns, like we can hear it right away. So fantastic. And honestly, I want to add one more thing. I mean, because that's specifically about my coaching, but the amount of healing transformation and depth, I was also able to go with myself, you know, through the training, that alone is worth it. I mean, I just feel like I have leveled expanded in so many ways, as a human as a person, and then to be able to apply that to, you know, multiple aspects of my life, whether it's relationships, with friends, with my partner with my family, or through coaching through entrepreneurship. It's incredible. Oh, Tasha. Thank you. Yes. And, and when I designed Hypno thrive, like self transformation was one of my, you know, intentions, because I wanted you to experience the transformation, to learn about this powerful tool, so that you can take it and you can go out there and change lives. And yes, that's what you're doing. Yeah. And you did it. You created it. And i Another thing I'd like to add to is, you know, apart from the coaching and the individual transformation that community, it's so nice to feel really supported in an area that I really love and to be able to be connected with other people who are in this field as well to, you know, talk about certain things or to ask them questions or you know, have experts in different areas of hypnosis because hypnosis on its own is a pretty big field. Right, right. Right. And when you didn't know, well, you know it now, but when you signed up, you may not have understood that I'm teaching you basic and advanced hypnosis, at the, you know, not at the same time, but we go through it throughout the eight days that we're together. And so how do you feel now about, about transformation? And yeah, let me ask you that first. Yeah, that's such a good question. I mean, I think everything does start in the mind, you know, and really, just all the trainings I've had, I would love to share just like a short story, because when I was doing the Hypnosis Training, I was so excited. And just so into it, and so energized. And you know, like I said, I can really nerd out on this stuff. And my partner, he at first was like, really hypnosis like, yeah, I can see you doing that. And he always supports me, you know, and is super supportive. And he's like, but it seems like you have so many things already, you know, meditation teacher, this that. And then what after, like, the first day, he was like, Oh, this is your thing, like you this this is this is it, you know? And I was like, Yes, I love it. And he was like, this is like, just to hear it reflected back to it was so powerful, you know? And I was like, Yeah, this is for sure. My thing. I really love it. But I don't even remember what the full question was. Sorry, Mary Lou. No, I love it, too. I mean, of course, like, that's, it's like, we're so aligned in so many ways. And but it was, it's about like, it's, here's the question, I think I really wanted to ask, which is, do you know how to create transformation? Yes, absolutely. Without a doubt, and that is like music to my ears. You now know, I mean, you may have known this before. And let me ask you, like, how did hypnosis help you to understand how to create transformation? With your clients? Yes, great question. And yes, I did, you know, know, a lot before however, this again, I feel like it just gives such a nice framework, such a nice structure, it, it's very simple, yet complex, you know, like, you can really get down to the facts, like the really like, this is a framework, you know, your thoughts, create your feelings, which create your, the way you show up your outcomes, it, you know, everything can just be really simplified in that way. And then, of course, you can go really deep, but through that, and understanding that and understanding how the mind works, how the subconscious works. You know, a lot of times when you're in the field of transformation, it can feel really frustrating. You know, I've been in those moments to where it's like, there's something blocking me and I'm just not sure what it is, you know, but with the hypnosis, training, and the knowledge of the subconscious mind, being able to help my clients, you know, not only understand what those blocks are, but then move through them is so powerful. So it's definitely elevated my game. And in many ways, we would love that so good. Yes. And isn't it crazy to think that hypnosis and neuroscience hadn't been combined before like I am? It's wild. Yeah, it's wild. It's hard for me to understand that. Yeah. It's like, but it's my dharma, you know, like, it's what I'm here to do. I am here to, I'm here to help people understand how to create long lasting transformation, how to create change in their life and how it can be easy and fast. With combining neuroscience and hypnosis for you know, I like to call it brain training. Yes. And now you're doing group hypnosis sessions for Pinterest. Like, I was so excited when you shared that with me on Instagram. I was like, oh, go go Dasha. Yes, thank you. Yeah, it's been really amazing to have this skill. I love being able to do it in groups as well, which is something you talk about as well in your training, you know, and I think being able to reach multiple people, and then you know, just have this experience have this tool that really does create, as you said, rapid change and deep change, you know, because I think a lot of us are seeking to transform but we tend to change the things on the surface level and that doesn't really create change. You know, it's like that idea of since we're approaching soon, the beginning of a new year. You know, the gyms are always packed right in the first first month and then it kind of tapers down after a couple of weeks because it's changing surface level things versus going deep within to see what are the subconscious patterns, what are the blocks, what are the identity The use of these people, you know, who want to create the change. And so being able to take people deeper, you know, to create this not just change, but long lasting change that it becomes a part of who you are. Right? It's so fun. I love doing well. You know, it's like I love hypnosis, but to do group hypnosis? Yes. It's really not hard. You know that? Yeah. And it's so powerful. It's so powerful, but to be in the group collective? Yes. And I know you did that in on your recent retreat, a group? Yes. Question. That I think, you know, there were many powerful tools and modalities and healing events and things that we did there. But doing a group hypnosis, there was one of my favorite things, and so powerful, and all of the women on the retreat, you know, really experienced a profound shift after that, and you know, are still shifting even a couple of months after, and just to really be able to see how the impact how deep it went, you know, and we can really see the effects of it. So yeah, it's, it's very, very powerful. Congratulations. Thank you. And one of your retreat, one of the people who attended the retreat has signed up for hypnosis. Oh, I'm so excited. That's like a pure example of such the ripple effect, right? I mean, it's it. I was so happy to find out, she signed up. I am so happy. i She's so great. And I was like, Yes, I was like, so when I'm meeting with people, I'm like, I when I was talking to her, I'm like, oh, Hypno thrive is going to change your life. And it's the gift that she gets to learn so that she can change other people's lives. 100% I so thank you so much. That was so fun to meet her. And the biggest compliment Tasha, when somebody gives me a referral, like a word of mouth, there's a word of mouth referral, there is nothing more rewarding to me than when I meet with somebody who said, Ah, so and so referred me. Yes, I agree. It's the best and most powerful and I love being able to refer and connect people. It's one of my I think superpowers is just connecting people, you know, who feel aligned to and feel like a good synergy. Good Energy. And so yeah, I'm very excited and excited to see how her journey with hypnosis unfolds. Yeah, so let's talk about money. Money. Yes. So let's talk about money in two ways. And let's talk about because we did money, we looked at money, and what we believe about money inside of Hypno thrive. And I'll Yes, I'll never forget our conversation that we had, or the group coaching when you were on the hot seat, when you were asking me questions. But so let's talk about money from that perspective, and also from the perspective of how you're creating more revenue in your business with hypnosis. So I wanted to ask you, because I'm always curious, and you know, I want to talk about money. But what do you think your biggest money? Takeaway has been since, you know, new belief awareness? Yeah, there's been many, and honestly, I feel like that day alone in our Hypno training, made everything worth it. I mean, not just for myself, but to really again, like, that's such a safe space for people to share, you know, many people saying, like, Oh, I didn't even think I would share this, but I'm here, I'm open, I'm, you know, helped me see the blocks. And I think it was really empowering, you know, to see that we are more similar to than we think, you know, because it's like, even if we don't have the same background or group in the same culture, we are programmed with so many money stories from a young age, you know, and it's really fascinating. So that day alone was it blew my mind, you know, to see everybody kind of sharing their stories. And for me, there's a couple of one that comes to mind is, you know, just the automatic place, my mind would go, just getting more awareness there and seeing that, you know, where my mind would tend to take me out is fast forwarding super into the future. So I would think of, okay, this is coming up, and then I have this and that, and this and that, and then my mind would just go, like, so quickly to you know, two years down the line, and then I would feel like, oh my gosh, like, hopeless, like, how am I ever going to do all these things or pay all these things, you know, in terms of money, like, I would think of all these financial scenarios, and I realized it was really taking me out, you know, and my mind would go there a lot. And so, one, you know, being aware of that, catching it. And then I also really uncovered a deeper layer of a belief that I was already had become aware of, I've done a lot of money work, but I think it's lifelong work, you know, because we can always go deeper and really connecting this idea that hard work equals money. And it all We've had to be hard, or I didn't earn it, you know, if it was easy, then I would feel guilty. And I know a lot of that comes from culture. And, you know, I'm first born immigrant generation on my mom's side. And you know, just culturally, there's a lot of different stories we've been told. And so, as I left, you know, working as a nurse in the hospital and embarked in entrepreneurship, I love coaching, I love helping people on their transformational journeys. It's so fun for me. And so when I would start to get paid, I just thought, ah, can it be like this, you know, it felt very weird for me. And so that was an area I really had to reprogram for myself to that it can be fun, it can be easy, it can be effortless. And some people might who are listening might, you know, be triggered by that. And I know I used to be. And so it's just to show that we are taught so much, you know, whether it's empowering or disempowering about money as a topic in general. And I think that, you know, having my own awareness, there has also helped me so much with my own clients, because money is something that affects all of us. And literally, I had a coach once say, money is associated with everything you do, like every decision, and I was thinking, wow, she's right, you know, and so that it's, it's a part of, it's a part of every day, and so to to notice, you know, where the blocks are to be able to spot them or to say, Hey, I'm feeling blocked, I can't see it. Let me go have someone who can see it helped me out, you know, because sometimes we cannot see our own blocks. And so that's the beauty of, you know, going to coaches going to hypnosis, you know, hypnotist hypnotherapist, and it's powerful. Definitely. Oh, I love that. I love that you shared that. Yeah. And I've seen the transformation happen for you from even from August to now? Yes. Yeah, thank you. Yeah, it's been a lot, I feel like since then, I've gone through a lot of up leveling, transformation, rapid growth. And in terms of, you know, the hypnosis and having this skill, it's given me more confidence in my knowledge, and kind of like putting everything together, having me show up in a different way. And also, you know, allowing me to be open to new experiences, and putting myself out there in a different way, you know, like, Hey, this is really beneficial, it's really helpful. It's a tool that is, you know, and I've studied a lot of tools, but it's a tool that just really again, like hones in and helps you make this change in a quick way, you know, and so it's, it's very powerful. And, you know, I didn't think I would be able to do corporate sessions, and I'm doing that, and, you know, there's an interest and a need. So I think that is really been super expanding for me as well. Gosh, it's so it's powerful. And I wanted to say that, you know, I like hypnosis is that is my non negotiable. It's something that I do every single day, it's something that I look forward to, it's something that I love, you know, I know, the perfect the sweet spot, the amount of time that I need, you know, and it's not 45 minutes or 55 minutes, although sometimes I do need a longer hypnosis audio, but not so much anymore. It is the rocket fuel that continues to change my life. And I continue to have massive success in every single part of my life. Because the stories that I tell myself are different. The thoughts that I have are different, the actions that I take are different. Yeah. And therefore my outcomes are different. And you had said that earlier, and it's the truth, and sometimes we can't even see what's right in front of us. And so you're right. It's like we need to, you know, we get to, we get that opportunity to have additional coaching, or to help somebody see our blind spots like a hypnotist. Tasha is taking clients, by the way, I think, yeah, yes, yeah. And she's an incredible Hypnotherapist. Incredible. They make sure you follow her. No, it's the truth. It's the truth. And you are unstoppable. You are an incredible hypnotist and an hypnotherapist, an incredible coach, an incredible mentor. And I do want to come back to this because I do know that people will have this question. So you know, how has your business changed, you know, in terms of revenue, by adding this tool, and have you made back your investment? You know, I'm just curious. Yeah, yes, I've definitely made back my investment. And I think I'm in this period right now where I know where is shifting, a lot of things are closing out and I'm creating this beautiful space for I already feel a lot of new things coming in. I'm actually doing quite a few corporate workshops in January at different companies, which I'm really excited about. I'll put in a little bit of hypnosis there too, but I'm really focusing on self care and the great thing is we with hypnosis, it can be applied to literally anything in life, anything. And so it's such a powerhouse tool. And yes, my business has definitely shifted, you know, in terms of money and just, you know, again, like that confidence piece, I think being able to really own my skill own my craft own, you know, my knowledge and my expertise. It's really just helped provide this beautiful framework. And to be able to, yeah, help people transform, like you said, with the rocket fuel. It really is powerful. I love it. I love it. And I'm curious, are you doing hypnosis with? Like, is it how have you structured it in your business? Are you doing it with every client that you do coach coaching with? Or how does that look like for you? Yeah, good question. I have a couple of clients that I strictly do hypnotherapy with, you know, hypnosis with and then I have, I incorporated a lot with my coaching sessions. So sometimes it'll be, you know, and before hypnosis, I did a lot of meditation, mindfulness, you know, I still do and my coaching sessions are very unique. It's kind of incorporating the holistic, like mind body spirit approach. But now I do use hypnosis. And as I mentioned before, you know, having just a deeper knowledge of the subconscious mind, of the blocks of being able to spot them of honing and even more on the language that people use, you know, that piece of just being able to really pick out the limiting beliefs for people. I mean, that's something I constantly use. And it's interesting, because it gives you such a different way of looking at things, you know, when you really even go around the world, and talk with people to see what they, you know, bring to the forefront. It's, it's very interesting, it gives you such a different lens to look through when you have this Hypnosis Training. Beautiful. Oh, Tasha. Is there anything else that you want to say, for anybody who's maybe on the fence? And they're thinking about learning hypnosis? What would you what would you say to them? Yeah, such a good question. And I think this comes up for any of us whenever we're intrigued, but we maybe block ourselves out, or we don't lean in. And, you know, our mind can of course, come up with 1000 ways why we shouldn't do something. And I would say, you know, lean in and lean into the discomfort as you'll learn in hypnosis training, too, you know, discomfort is a natural part of change, even good change. And so whenever you are, you know, creating a new identity for yourself, or creating new patterns, or habits or behaviors, it's going to feel uncomfortable, even if it's, you know, quote, unquote, a good change, because we are creatures of habit, and not just that our subconscious mind, view safety as the familiar. So I think for anybody who's on the fence, you know, listen to I'm so big on listening to the inner voice, you know, get yourself in a place of being grounded, really connect with yourself. And if it's calling you and speaking to your intuition, if you have that inner nudge, go for it, you know, take the leap and be open. I think that is also a huge part of not just this, but life, you know, you never know where life can take you. If I think five years ago, when I first had this vision of hosting a retreat, I am so proud of where I am today. But I got here by leaning and by challenging myself by being uncomfortable, you know, it's going through that process. And it also shapes you to be that next version of yourself. So for anyone who's on the fence, I say do it, you get the investment back only in the amount of transformation you receive for yourself. And then there's like the added bonus of being licensed, being able to use this and multiple different ways. So I would say go for it. Take the leap. Take the leap you heard or everybody. Yeah, take the leap. I want to thank you for your time. I I am so just I'm so excited for you. And I know that you are already making massive impact and you are going to continue to do so thank you for taking the time to hang out with me here today to chess Gnosis thank you so much, Mary Lou, such a gift and a pleasure to be here and I really admire you for the work you're putting out in the world and together with everyone else who joined said no thread was already been in it. We're really making an impact in the world. So yes, thank you very much. All right, Unstopables. Until the next time, go out there and live your unstoppable life I would love if you shared today's episode with your friends and loved ones. Please share it on your social media channels. And make sure to subscribe to the podcast. I believe that we are all here to help others. Together. We can help more people I would be so grateful for a five star review. And I'm also grateful that you took the time to let me know how this podcast is helping you. If you want more transformational content, connect with me on Instagram at Mary Lou hypnotizes you and then go over and join my Facebook group, the unstoppable mind. Visit Mary Lou For more information on my programs, and how to work with me until the next time, go out there and live your unstoppable life