The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

Season 2 | Episode 47 | Interview with Andy Gupta, Take Control of Your Finances | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

April 19, 2023 Mary Lou Rodriguez Season 1 Episode 47
The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
Season 2 | Episode 47 | Interview with Andy Gupta, Take Control of Your Finances | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
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Lo unstoppables of the world. So excited to have you here with me today on this podcast episode, I want to let you know that I am right in the middle of my five days to activate your success mindset challenge. And guess what? It's not too late to sign up, you can still catch the replays. So check the show notes for the link. I also am super excited because today, I am interviewing the amazing, amazing Andy Gupta. He's a Wall Street broker turned entrepreneur with a passion to help women take control of their financial lives by teaching them how to invest, you do not want to miss this. So stay tuned. Hello, hello unstoppables of the world. I'm so excited because I have a special friend, a special guest, who is here to share with us his secrets on how to have power around investing your money. And before I dive into Andy, and all the questions that I have for him, I want to introduce him. And I want to give him a proper introduction because he is an incredibly inspiring person. So it's a real honor to have Andy here. And Andy is incredibly talented. So his NIFS full name is Andy Gupta. And he helps women take control of their financial lives by learning how to invest and start building their vision of financial freedom without overwhelm. And this is meaningful to him because he's invested billions over his 20 Plus career in Wall Street. And he made his way from India to Singapore on a high school scholarship, a Lafayette College where he worked five plus jobs to pay for school. And then Harvard Business School eventually is where Andy went. And his years at Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street firms helped him to hone his time tested investment philosophy, philosophies and strategies. He's developed a 10 week interactive course, which we're going to talk about here. And he believes that everyone, every woman can be a rockstar in the world. And they can build, even if they're an investment novice, because he is going to be the one guiding us and teaching us on how to invest. You want life on your terms, you want to achieve your financial version of freedom, you got to connect with Andy, which is why I'm so excited to have him here. And you know, more importantly, learning how to grow your wealth with confidence, using his step by step framework and a manageable time commitment. Missus what he's going to share with us today is really just how to feel really empowered when it comes to money. And so Andy, I want to welcome you all, Mary Lou, thank you so much. It's such a joy to be here with you. I listened to so many of your podcasts. I am a huge fan of it's such an honor. Such a pleasure. Talking to you. Yeah, so Andy, we're gonna dive in. But before we dive into strategies and tactics and fears, I would love for you to share a little bit about you. I know that I just read your bio, but I really want to hear from you a little more about your story. Yeah, sure. And, you know, thanks for that intro. But, you know, when someone sees me, they're like, look at Wow, you spent 20 plus years in Wall Street. You went to Harvard Business School. That's the facade. Right. Everybody's got a facade. That's the that's the external facade. Sure. Okay. Well, what you don't say is the trauma that I went through as a child, as far back as I can remember, as a five year old in a tiny, tiny apartment in Mumbai, seven square feet. crouching in the corner of my room, got an older sister and my parents are fighting violently. That was not one episode. That happened almost every night. And I grew up, I grew up with this fear. In my mid 40s, it still chokes me up. I grew up with a fifth. I grew up with a fear that I'll be thrown out on the streets of Mumbai. It's a pretty scary place to be. And when that fear is reinforced in you almost every single day, even with these accomplishments as well, I have my version of financial freedom, that fear never goes away. It shows up every single day for me. And of course, I've got started would use to fight then overcome that. But when we go through that, it never leaves you when you come up with strategies and you're an expert in this area come up with strategies to fight that mindset. But as you alluded to, I went to high school in Singapore, I had to do that. Because up until 10th grade, I didn't have a way to escape I did. In second grade, I tried to escape, I had my piggy bank, I had my little bicycle. And one of those during one of those episodes, I took off, I got on my bike, and it took off in my Facebook group I actually just went to visit my mom I filmed from that very home that I grew up and it got a lot of it brought a lot of triggers and emotional triggers. We're gonna talk about that, that very home where I escaped in second grade on my little bicycle, that path, it's still unchanged. Wow. But as soon as I emerge into the big bad world as all these people and all the traffic in the chaos, right, I was on my own. I turn right back. I was so afraid. When right back up, my parents even notice it was gone. But by the time I got to 10th grade, he was very hard for me. To maintain myself in that environment, I had to leave. And my parents don't have the money to send me anywhere. And luckily, I got a scholarship from the government of Singapore, which was the first step to creating me. And I spent two years in Singapore came to college here. Again, with no money, I had to work five jobs between a scholarship and those five jobs. I paid my way through school. In the first month. I slept straight on the mattress. I had no money for a bedsheet said, and my roommate from Connecticut moved in his parents came and he had this flashy, super comfy, he loved it, I loved every little thing about his side of the room, and I had a bare mattress until I worked at that time we minimum wage was 525 an hour $5.25. It took me about a month to save enough go to Target by myself one bedsheets set. That's where it came from. And even after 20 plus years on Wall Street, or Harvard MBA, I always remind myself of where I came from. So that ego doesn't get in the way. And that I can serve. And we're getting more why I'm doing what I'm doing. But this is why this background, this background watching my mom stuck in an unhappy relationship. This background of her feeling helpless, this background of me feeling helpless, is why I want no one ever, financial empowerment is every woman's birthright. Yet it remains elusive. And I am deeply motivated, I deeply believe no woman, no woman should be reliant on a circumstance, a job or a person, whoever that might be, to live the way she wants. With choices. Wow. Wow, that's so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing what you shared Andy. And it sounds like you've had these challenges that you've overcome in your life. And now you are empowering women. In a way I heard you talking about your mom. And and it sounds like she's probably one of your inspirations for why you continue to do what you do. Yeah, she is the whole subject of gender equality. Yeah, the values were all instilled right from you know, as far back as I can remember, because of what my mom's or the way my dad treated my mom. Right. It's, it's, it's it's those values that have come from a long time. And of course, it's 2023. And what pains me What pains me I have spoken to 950 women in the last last one year? What pains me? These are the three consistent themes that come up. Sexual harassment is still prevalent. And if she reports said, if she doesn't report it, it's daily Hell, if she reports it. Well, the guy will get fired, but her career at her firm is done. There's still a wage gap, a woman on average has to work 10 to 15 years longer than a man now, yes, several firms have equalized pay, but this is still prevalent. And women are still being told how to live. So these are the three consistent themes that come up after speaking with 950 women, and I can't fight these bigger issues, but what I can, what I can do, what I can do is help a woman step into and claim her financial empowerment, which is both right that I can do. Yes. And I have done that. Over the last year and a half. Yeah, so let's talk about that. How you know we'll first before we dive into the how like, tell me about the type of women that you work with. Oh, it's So, you know, quite honestly, when I started a year and a half ago, I pray to God that look, I am embarking on this mission uncomfortable action. And I'm walking away from a wall street career very successful. What's your career? I pray to God can I can I serve a woman who's just a rock star, she's just so accomplished. And it doesn't mean material accomplished. I'm a student of spirituality as as as our human. So let's let's What does accomplishment mean? A lifetime spent making judgment having experiences, right? Doing what she does. So a woman she's accomplished in whatever way she defines it. What she really wants to live life with choices, which come from having financial independence. Yeah. And what's been amazing as her so 950 Women have taken my free workshops and 140 have done my 10 week course. What's interesting is the age range goes from 17. The youngest was he just graduated from high school about to enter college. How awesome is it? That at her age, she's learning how to invest so mature, right? I'm not gonna go to the mean stocks, I'm not gonna go to crypto. Let me just learn how to do this systematically. Oh my god, she's changed her future trajectory at 17. Alright, so he is the youngest. All this is at 77 year old woman just graduated my course. And an 80 year old woman has just enrolled in the next one. They're both super spunky. I want to grow up to be like them. So the age range matters. But if I were to say the median, not the average, but the median are between, say 45 to 55, somewhere, but it really ranges because each woman is there for her own story, for her own purpose for her own reads. Yeah, yes. So maybe even it's fair to say that anyone, any woman who wants financial empowerment? Yes. Okay. Yes, exactly. Right. And you know, what's, what's amazing is let me just bust bust a myth right now, where some of your audience might be thinking, Look, I get this, I get his mission. But boy, investing seems complicated. Yeah, I don't even know where to begin. Yeah, that statement, I don't even know where to begin. Here's data. Okay. 950 women, here I have real data. Do you know verbatim when I asked I asked every woman What is the biggest challenge? What is your biggest challenge when it comes to investing? The response? I haven't exactly counted, but anecdotally is about 900. Out of the 950 900 out of the 950 responses are verbatim. I don't even know where to begin. I don't know where to begin. Those were not surprised. Yes. Those words. And that's okay. Yeah, we're taught, we're never taught how to invest. The fundamental skill is we're never taught. But that's the skill set is how and the other thing is investing is complicated. Investing is boring. It's only for the professionals, the flawed social conditioning that only men can invest. It is a flawed social conditioning. And in fact, fidelity. Just did a research get this, your audience must hear this research. Anyone who believes, and my wife had this flawed social conditioning, right? We've been married for 12 years. And this just two years ago, as I was thinking about my course, is Hey, hon, how can you don't invest? And she came out with this belief, and she had to dig it out. Oh, my God. I've always believed only men can invest. So we can get into that. I'd love to get your perspective on that. But here's a study from fidelity. When fidelity did this research? Yes. And they got millions of accounts. Yes, women tend to invest less than men. Okay. Grant, because of this flawed social conditioning. Yeah, all those 5 million accounts that they did research on, when women do invest, they do significantly better than men. All right, so let's pass this myth. And let's just pull away forever. Yes, you can. Yes, you can. And, look, I have evidence of taking these women, especially the ones who've done my course. Yeah, most of the 140. Yeah, there's a men there as well. I wouldn't discriminate. Those are women. Most of them are started from I don't even know where to begin. Yeah. Yeah. To in 10 weeks, designing their own custom portfolios themselves. Yeah, vesting that in the market, and completely changing their trajectory future trajectories, and we're not talking about single stock investing. We're talking about creating a simple portfolio. have five to 10 funds we can get into that. But the whole idea is investing. This is my whole mantra. Investing should create ease and joy. It shouldn't be simplistic, because that's gimmicky. There's plenty of people teaching get rich quick schemes. Ya know how someone with a conscience can do that? That's it sounds good. Yeah. When we don't know where to begin, someone doesn't get rich quick. Oh, my God, like, isn't that easy? Yeah, let me double my money every six months, you got to run away from anyone who guarantees results. Who tells you you can double your money every six months. Classic case of gimmicks and fraudsters. And most people unfortunately fall for that, because it sounds so good. Yeah. Can you say that? Again, I really want to make sure everybody heard that. So after 20 plus years on Wall Street, what I can tell you is even the experts can't predict outcomes. Even the experts, let me just give you a classic case right now, you may or may not have heard of Jerome Powell, you could call him the villain or the hero who caused the stock market to go down 20% Last year, but actually in my eyes, he's a hero. He's a man who's He's He's chairman of the Federal Reserve. And right now he's responsible for managing interest rates, to bring down inflation to the record high inflation we've had, right. So let's just won't go into the details of this. But he is the person responsible for setting interest rates. He's an expert. He's got an army of experts working for him. Even he doesn't know what the interest rates, he is the person responsible setting, even he doesn't know where he will set them two months from now. Wow. So experts have been around experts, I do not want to call myself an expert. But I happen to have had been on Wall Street for two decades, experts cannot predict. You can come up with reasonable outcomes. It's not gambling, it's not gambling, when you can't predict but you come up with certain bands and certain frameworks to invest. Because we're not going to go into all of that, right? Yeah. But when someone tells you look, you'll hear two versions of pitchers. Oh, I'll show you how to double your money in six months, it will be so worth the investment you make in my course, I'll show you will double and then they get paid actors. And it sounds no good. Anyone who tells you they can guarantee a return, run away from them, or they'll be like, I'll manage your money. And I'll double your money every six months. So run away. Anybody who predicts who anybody who guarantees returns, gotta run away from them. The second kind of fraud that happens is, let me show you how simple this is. You just look at these three signals have developed a system look at these three signals, when they turn green by when they turn red cell, just keep doing this. Just keep doing this. And then you'll double your money every three months, you'll just double your money every six months here, here, listen to these 10 people who did that. That's another case of let me make you sauce. Like it's so simple is to ballistic, and guarantee results. So let's not fall for those traps. Yeah, no. And in fact, as you're speaking, I realized, before we talk about what you do in your course, I'd love to talk about some more of these awarenesses that we can have around you know, and also to talk about this is the stuff that what you just described holds people back holds women back from investing, because they're afraid they're going to be scammed, right? Like we don't know. So that's why we're like turning to the experts to help us. So let's talk more about some of the other blocks that you see that get in the way of people like investing because I know you're reputable. I know you're integral. And, and I know that about you. And now my audience knows that about you. But for the other people who have been scammed before, or, you know, and I know you hear this all the time, this is what you this is what you help people overcome. So, you know, you gave us two strategies right there where, you know, it's like, run away from people who tell you they can double your money. And, and the other one was, they make it so simple. It's so big, so simplistic. It's like, oh, let's look at these three signals by look at these things that will sell every time this happens. Don't buy in. So so. Yeah. So let's talk about a few more things of of what to look for, and then how to move through them because I do want people to be working with you, Andy, you know, and and so it's like, what do we look for? Yeah, and yeah, definitely, let's address that. And again, as you mentioned, work with me. I want to what I want to impress upon everyone here like just like Mary Lou just like me, like we're not in this so that we can clip dollars every time you buy a course. Right there we live and I serve from our heart. I just I just did a four hour workshop on Friday for free, right for free. It was supposed to go an hour and a half. Everybody just loved it so much. I'm like sure I'll just stay on. I'll just stay on till everyone wants to wants to and I spent hours in the hours on the follow through making sure everybody gets the outcome that I wanted them to 950 Women are taking my free workshop. So when we say about serving, it's not so that Maryland, I can clip a coupon on every horse that we sell. It's in fact, how can we serve someone from our life experiences and help you reach that outcome that you want. And some of you of course, it'd be a disservice not offering you something, some of you may want to take that accelerator program, right. So Mary Lou, I would love to talk about money triggers, and get your perspective and your wealth of Gosh, explore experience in work in this area. But let me give you a specific example. So the four hour workshop that I did on Friday, it's so relevant, it's so topical to the uncertainty that we have right now. And I shared a Wall Street technique, very few people in Wall Street, know it, nobody else knows how to do this, how you can earn four and a half 5% returns in a very safe way, versus leaving it in the bank where you're earning 1%, a very useful skill set. And of course, I taught several other Wall Street strategies. And I made this replay available for free. And several women have taken me up on this. And then I got in a conversation with a woman, let's just call her Kelly will speak to her anonymous aid. And Kelly was like, Oh, look, this sounds good. I'm like, great. Well, why don't you register on the link? And it's free? There's no catch. Oh, great. I'll do that. 24 hours later, I'm like, Look, I've already sent out part one love for you to benefit from this. And she responded. It might be it might be a little complicated for me to do that. So I'm starting to see there's a story here. So I very gently probe a little bit more is like, Oh, tell me more how so? And she's like, Look, I've been feeling this is too hard. This is too complex. Actually, you know, why don't I just read what you said, Why don't I let's do it exactly the way she's Yeah. What she wrote is, I think it's it's a complex topic to learn investment strategy, as I don't know that much about it yet, say, another data point. I don't know much about it yet. So what I said is why don't give yourself the space to realize it can be fun, doable and empowering. So there's a deeper inner story here. Everybody's got theirs, especially around money. And you want to get in touch with what it is what it is that is coming up for you. Yeah, here's what she responded, yeah. That we all have a story about what we have learned about money. And of course, everything else too. And I just recently had a very bad experience that triggered a lot of shame. Get these get these words, right? This is not unique to Kelly. And I just recently had a very bad experience that triggered a lot of shame, guilt, and blaming myself for having this experience with losing all the money. Oh, yeah. So how about we start changing that self belief and stories start with this free replay? And she gives me a thumbs up. button the length? I would love I have my version of this. Again. Yeah, she's starting to appreciate why most people don't even recognize, replay, I'm not going to do it. They don't even dig deeper into why they don't want to do and why it's so easy to remain in the status quo. And nothing ever changes about lives. Yeah, well, how would you go through action, but then the mind doesn't even go there because of your trauma or something. So I would love to get your perspective on what is happening with Kellyanne Of course, her story is a common story. Yeah, I know. It's so good. And I'm so glad you asked me this question. Because I feel like you know, we're, you know, we are I know, you don't use this word very often, but we're experts in our field. And so sometimes we can be so focused on what we're teaching. And, you know, when I'm doing these podcast episodes that I forget about sometimes these questions, right. And I love the opportunity to be able to answer this question, because I understand. And many people understand that there are emotions that are tied to money, they're just not aware of it. Now, this beautiful soul Kelly has become aware of it. And this is where the opportunity is to heal it, to release it to acknowledge it like you were talking about with our nervous systems to acknowledge it and to release it. And she's not there. Because because they're she's has judgment about herself. How so? Tell me more. Yeah, so there's judgment. i It's I'm just split all in here, but I would imagine, you know, why didn't I do it? Right? Why didn't I invest differently? How did I let this happen to me? You know, it's those. It's like she's judging herself. And on top of that she's feeling shame and guilt, and blame, which is judgment. And so her initial, and I'm just guessing here, but her initial response is to push it away. I'm not ready. Because some of your audience might be experiencing right now. Absolutely. You have even clicked off at this by Absolutely, absolutely. Because it's painful. And they are judging themselves for not having been perfect for not having done it right for whatever the reasons are. I don't know is it my friend has done so much better. My college friend has done something, or I used to have so much. I got divorce, and much to show for yes. So I had a former client who was a judge, and she was scammed. And she had a lot of shame around being scammed because she should have known better. She's an educated woman. So there's all these reasons that we have for judging ourselves. So or being in judgment of ourselves. And I didn't used to understand what judgment meant. But now I do. It's because I'm blaming, I'm shaming. I'm, I'm, you know, myself for not having done it better. Well, the truth is, if we would have known we would have done it better, you know, that's classic, you know, if you would have known better, you would have done better, and it's the truth. And so part of what she's doing right now is that she's not ready to face it, because she's not ready to deal with those emotions or the stories. It's easier for us. And she's not the only one. There's a lot of us out there in the world who are running away from the pain, shame, guilt, it's easier to run. And she has stories. And one of her stories was it's a complex topic. And I don't know how those were the two things that she started off with saying those are stories that she you know, how you do one thing is how you do everything. And so she probably has a story, if she doesn't know how to do something, then it's easier for her not to do it maybe in her mind, it would be easier to pay you Andy to invest and create her portfolio for her. But for her to have to actually go through the process that it will take to to overcome the shame and guilt and blame is, you know, my initial response is that she's just not ready. So one of the things I want to this is so beautiful. Mary Lou, thank you for offering your perspective on this. If you're okay with this, can we dig a little deeper into this? So yeah, so let's say because this is important part of my work as well, because look, I can teach my strategies for investing. Well, you know, what we do in week one, and we continue this theme throughout the 10 weeks, that we were on a Money Story? Yeah. However, that money story, because what I want to dig deeper here with you, is the story that she says at the surface here is it's a complex topic to learn investment strategy. Yeah. And then she's starting to uncover, I felt a shame I felt as guilty, right? I just had this loss. But in my experience, my personal experience, which I'm about to share with you, there is usually so this is her focus, right? Where focus goes as as, as my mentor, Tony Robbins says, where focus goes, energy flows. Focus is this whisper this voice that's in our head. And right now our voices This is complicated. Yeah. But when we find that there's a belief. Yeah. Right. The belief could be. Again, we haven't had a conversation with her. But actually, the focus is, the focus right now is I'm feeling shame. I'm feeling guilt. And I'm blaming myself. That's the book. Yeah. The belief about this addressing this topic is it's complex. That's a belief. Yes. But I think the work that they don't want to get your perspective on this, there is a deeper story, which quite often we form when we are kids. And we don't even realize it, and it's so deeply buried. That is a deep story that is driving this belief in focus, for example. And then of course, we reframe it, but first step is identifying that deep story. Yeah. So for example, classic, I'm not sure I'm not I'm not. I'm not shy to share some of my most vulnerable mistakes. Yeah. Which I'm about you. So you remember March 2020, COVID. Right. Yeah. In the stock market just plummeted about 40%. Now, by this time, I've been a Wall Street professional for about 20 plus years. I was now in my own my own career, in my own consulting business. And remember what my my my belief system was my belief system growing up as a kid I'm going to be on the streets. Yes. I'm going to be on the streets. My belief system, I'm going to be on the streets. Yes. And then my focus is I'm going to lose it all. I'm going to lose it all. So no matter how much money I earn, that's always the fear. I'm going to lose it all. Yes. And of course, the story comes from me, that five year old kid who's feeling so helpless, I can protect my mother. Yes, something happened to her, and then I'm gonna get kicked out on the streets of Mumbai. So a story comes in five year old, I'm a 45 year old grown man. I'm not a helpless five year old kid. But my inner system doesn't know that. So. Yeah, neither. Yes, keep going. Yeah, I'm excited to jump in because you're on the right path. And I want to explain what you're saying in a different way. I would love to see what I just did see what I did. So I am in my consulting business, I've just started, I've got no revenue, my entire net worth is invested in my property in the diversified portfolio in the stock market. And I got a wife got two kids, and the markets going up through the end of 2019 is doing really well. And then we hear something called something's happening in China and the market goes down. 5%. And I'm like, Okay, well, it doesn't feel so good. 5% Okay, but I get into, you know, events like these happen, then the first case in the US happens in the market goes down about another 10 15%. Yeah, the voice in my head is starting to become a little louder, and you're gonna lose it all, and you're gonna lose it all. And then I take no action, because I'm a long term investor, and then the market falls. And now that's at this point, the market is down 20%. And the voice is getting louder, Andy, you're gonna lose it all. And now the shame and the guilt has come at how can you be so irresponsible? I still remember that. You've got two kids any How could you be so irresponsible? You will be greedy, greedy, you're being greedy? How come you didn't go to cash? You're an entrepreneur, how come you don't, you're being greedy. And then you see how the chaos has happened in my mind that consistent voice, you're gonna lose it all. The market goes down 25%. And then the voice is so loud, and you're gonna lose it all. I can't even think straight. And guess what I do? I sell everything and go into cash. And when I share the story with my students, they're like, wait a Hindi you spent 20 plus years, you spent 20 plus years in Wall Street. Wow, you went into cash. And I'm like, that is how strong our inner villain can be. This believe the story that we've got, as a kid, this focus that we have, yeah, even after spending two decades on Wall Street, I succumb to this inability was in a voice. And guess what? I stayed in cash for one day. One day, because that night, of course, I went to bed feeling like complete, completely unsettled. And then I went through the system of reframing my story. Yeah. Leaving the belief focus. Actually, that's what I call the belief. Well, what is my belief? My belief is that I, look, I am a long term investor. Things happen. Things go up and down. And I'm an investor, not a gambler. I'm an investor, not a gambler. That's my belief. What's my focus? Well, let's go through let's go through all my investments, let's go through systematically. Is this a gamble? Or is this an investment? Each one of those was an investment and my focus it? I'm investing for the long term? Not the five year old, not the year old anymore, and the action back in the market? The next day? Wow. And then the market went up? Yes, we've had 2014. Two, but then I, my business started going really well. I started investing, I more than doubled my portfolio. And you know what Mary Lou had I gave it into that old story. And the words like, Oh, you're so irresponsible. You gotta be feeling guilty. You're greedy. In cash. May Allah the consequence, because by that time, my portfolio was already down about 35%. Had I stayed in cash, I would not have the freedom to do what I'm doing now. I just would not have been in a very different place, a disastrous situation. What if one gets into those self limiting beliefs? Yeah, I want to get your perspective on this. Yeah. So this so good, because I'm going to talk about Kelly and then I'm going to talk about you, because what we do so Kelly had an interest in your, you know, in what you're offering, and she has, you know, it's like, clearly she wants to figure out how to create more wealth and be empowered, you know, so she came to your workshop. And then here's what happens is that when people decide that they want to change, there's many levels physiologically in the body, but I'm going to just keep it just keep it simple. So when we decide that we want to change we know that a behavior we have to change a behavior so for Kelly, she knows that she's got to learn Learn how to invest, basically learn what you're going to teach, right? And everyone does this, we always start with the behavior. So if we want to lose weight, if we you know, it's like we, we think that we have to go to the gym every day. But the truth is, and this is where you lose his, what you shared is that underneath it deep inside of her, she has these beliefs. And it doesn't matter to her brain, whether the beliefs are empowering or disempowering, she has these beliefs that are ruling that are driving her. And so then you and I both know that you cannot outperform what you believe in your subconscious. That's why you convert it to cash, you know, because you cannot outperform what you believe in your subconscious. You do in life, what you believe, whether you like those beliefs or not. And quite often we were not even aware, right? We're not even aware are those beliefs are leading us into a onto a path? Yeah, we all know we're going down. We're not living our next level. Yes. So people come to see us because they want to change behavior. And I never started the behavior. I'm like, oh, no, that behavior is the last thing we need. Yes, the behavior has to happen, because you have to take the action, in order to have the outcome that you want. But what is blocking you from, from, from the behavior from following through from releasing the shame and the guilt and the blame, and doing all of those things are her limiting beliefs and those beliefs, you cannot, you can want, you can wish you can try to change those beliefs, but they will not change until you rewire your brain until you rewire your subconscious. And that is how we do it. And when we can rewire what we believe about ourselves, believe about money, believe about our dreams, believe about success. I mean, it does not matter. When we can rewire our brains to work for us. Then you've got those people that are lighting up in your workshop that are doing this, I can tell you're having some aha was there. And yeah, so can I offer an example of what you just talked about? The brain. So you know, at this point, so this is this is literally week one of my course. And we go through the exercise of identifying that deeply subconscious, that deep, subconscious belief, and then reframing it just the way I reframe mine when I went back into the market the next day. Yeah, but here's something that we do. This is okay, this is a 10 week course. But we do this in week one, just aligned with what you just talked about rewiring the brain is I have my students imagine that they're already in week 10. Yes. And the whole program is designed as a fun 10 week expedition, where we're going towards the lighthouse. And it's super fun. So I give them a picture, because it's so easy for the mind to then imagine when you see a picture and descriptive words. Yes, that's a lighthouse. And imagine now you're already at the tipping point, you're agile lighthouse. And now you're looking backwards. And you've had the most amazing, amazing experience. And you'll fought through this inner villain, but you you've accomplished what you wanted to do. Your God is amazing portfolio you built. And you have today, invested that in the market and you have a spring in your step now with those emotions and with those feelings. Write yourself a success letter, that again, you're at that future point and return that and you're writing a success letter to yourself that I have accomplished this, all these things came in a way but I've accomplished this, I'm so proud of my portfolio, whatever the language you use, but be very, very specific. Right about the color of the blouse that you're wearing and the pattern on your shoes, what fragrance you're wearing, right the color, the lips, whatever you might choose. But imagine that you can feel the breeze, the warm breathe in your cheeks, and you describe in vivid detail moment. And then the handwrite this, and I suggest that they put it somewhere where they're gonna see every night every morning, and then read that success letter out aloud every single day. Yeah, and we have habit stacking happens usually in 21 days, but we go together for 10 weeks. And Mary Lou Oh my gosh. Yeah. Oh, no, how this happens. I want to get your perspective on how this happens. Because I'm very curious. Yeah. Well, this works. out of 140 students have taken my course and they do this exercise. Yeah. And remember, we are still in that place where no idea where to begin. We haven't even started talking about the strategy. Yeah, yes. I don't know where to begin. s&p 580. What is that? Yeah. To like now the writing a successful they've invested and designed a sophisticated portfolio when they have no idea how to do it and start it. And now that we know the success letter, and Mary Lou when you get to week 10 cohort after cohort after cohort these Women cannot believe what they wrote in the Success Center because that is what has happened. Yeah, what has happened? Yeah. They have these people believe that investing in the good stuff always happens. But this happens almost every time. Every time. Yeah. And I want to get your perspective. Magical. I know it works. Yeah, it does work workings. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it's so good. Because first of all, when anybody ever joins any of my programs, whether it's, you know, my membership, or you know, my Hypno, thrive brain training program, or whatever it is that I'm doing, I always ask for commitment upfront. Because you cannot want wish and, and, and to change your life away. There's actual work that's involved, and it starts with the brain. So what you're doing is you're helping your students train their brains for success, you're priming their brain, they're visualizing their success and what it feels like on week 10. And then not only are they visualizing and mentally rehearsing it and creating a neural network in their brain of what their life is going to be like at week 10. What they're also doing, as they're feeling it, they're emoting this, you know, all the feelings of feeling accomplished, and they've got this portfolio that's going to set them up for the rest of their lives. Like they are buying into it every single day. And it has to be done every day. One time is not enough, one time will not change the brain. And this is what I tell people, there has to be repetition and consistency. And there's action, right, so no action, but they are actually nurturing their portfolio. They're coming to the life. They're working on the portfolio. So they're doing the action. Yes. Which which is uncomfortable, which are mental Dean grazioso says this is uncomfortable. But your next level of on the other side? Yes, taking that action in the reading this? Yes. Fear, you know, and it's so great, because that's what that's how you embody. That's how you take embodied action. If that makes sense to you, I see your face, you're like, you know, this is what they embodied. Yeah, it's because it's becoming a part of their mental and their physical state. And so their physiology is changing. And it feels it's not always easy, but they take the action anyways, it's not always fun. But they understand that these actions are going to take them to their outcomes, to their goal, to their dream to their vision, and this is what I teach to, you can tell I just love this stuff, because we can't not take the action. You have to take the action everybody sorry. And I'm gonna be honest, like last week, I was taking very uncomfortable action. I was stretching, I was stepping outside of my comfort zone. And I can't tell you, Andy, how many times I've stepped outside of my comfort zone in the last six months. And I've cried, and I've thrown temper tantrums because I was so afraid. And I wanted it to be easy. But the truth is, I knew that taking this action, even though I was afraid was absolutely the right thing to do. And I know that as I continue to take this action that it gets easier and easier, doesn't mean it's always fun. Sorry, sorry, everybody. But it gets easier. And so yeah, so let me bring this up, just like you talked about your recent experience. I literally the last four days had had an experience around this kit. Can I share that? Yes, yeah, yes, we can. And yeah, it's perfectly aligned with what you're talking about is because, you know, I did this free workshop, right? And then it turned out to be a four hour workshop. Now I wanted to send a replay out, but I'm like, if I send a four hour replay, no one's gonna watch it. So like, why don't I Why don't I edit the videos into bite size five minute to 30 minute video segments? And I'm like, oh, yeah, it'll take me. It'll take me you know, maybe one night, first night, I was up till two in the morning doing this. And I sent out an email, because I couldn't get the whole thing. So I sent first part out, and I'm like, I'll send the second part out tomorrow. And of course, I haven't seen my family that whole week, because my cohorts are graduate and spent hours preparing for this free workshop. So between spending time with a family over the weekend, I was still up for two in the morning, Saturday and Sunday. And I didn't get it done. And then on Monday, I am like, I gotta get this done today, because I got a promise. It's a free workshop. But I got a commitment. I gotta get this app, people are really responding well to the first replay. I was up till 245 in the morning. And I still have two more little clips to make. So then on Tuesday, which is yesterday, I woke up early, I finished it up. And then I get this email out and oh my god, like I feel so accomplished was super painful. super painful, right? It's about taking a couple of action. But what is the goal? What is my goal? My goal is how can I empower these couple of 100 women who attended? Yeah, put their faith in me and then forget to say for four hours. I want to make sure that they can actually implement the strategies but this is real is very important. And for those these five minute segments are really important. Okay, I've never pulled 2am nighters for a very long time. But I needed to do that. Feel on top of the world today, because these women have been writing back saying, I'm implementing your strategies. I watched this video, I've got these 10 questions. Oh, my God. Yes, please. had not done that work. Marilu. It would have been okay, I took an event. It was kind of fun. But there's no outcome. That's right. Yeah. Yeah. So I want to ask you what you've got going on, because I know we're coming to an end here. And I want to know, like, I want to, I want you to be able to share with people what you've got going on, and how they can work with you how they can. So can offer can offer a gift to your audience? Yes. We'll put in the show notes. It's a link. And you can join my you can join my newsletter. It's free. And look, I personally don't like dense newsletters and long newsletters. So mine is really funny. It's short. And what I want to what I want to import is like a fun investing strategy. And how do I explain that very simply, right, so that comes out once a week. But in this gift, when you click on this link, you'll you'll get a new user, but the gift I want to give you is the questions that no one ever asked themselves. And it's one of the biggest mistakes novice investors beginner investors make. You want to take stock of where you are today. You know, your investment portfolio should be as unique as your fingerprint. Because it should be aligned with your unique risk tolerance, your unique investment goals and your values. When you combine all those three, your portfolio cannot look anything like someone else's. But most people don't know how anyone has a framework, how do I even figure out what my risk tolerance is? How do I even figure out what my goals are, it seems too amorphous. So it took me 20 years to develop this super simple framework. And I've taken this clip right on my course, it's a six minute guided video clip. And you've got literally five questions that he goes through. So when you click to get my newsletter, you're gonna get this guided first step to really understand what are your unique investment, it's like setting a GPS, unless you said that, we're gonna go, so please, take opportunity of that. But look, my goal is to help you benefit whether or not you do my course. So I'm gonna do a three day free challenge in the first week of May. And I look, I know some of you several to maybe watching this post, right, this may lose, I'm watching may lose podcasts. I'm like watching him first. I'm like, listen to a podcast that you did. Especially with Mary Lou's content here, like this podcast is, the conversation that we had is never right about this stuff. You might be watching it. But look, I consistently create free workshops like the one I did on Friday, like the one I'm doing in the first week of May. So if you read my newsletter, you'll hear about this. So please come to this three day challenge. It's one and a half hour each day. And of course, I'm gonna give a VIP bonus at no extra cost. And if you want to stay on, you can stay on a little longer. So none of your questions go on addressed. That's coming up to me. Okay, free newsletter, I'm going to put in a link to my Facebook group. We're about 1600. Great. I post every day, and I go live on Fridays. But for those of you who want that outcome, who don't want to spend years just trying to learn this, who say look, Andy in 10 weeks time, can you really take me from I don't know where to start investing, to actually having my own portfolio which I have created. I as in you that I'm going to confuse everybody if I am Kelly, I Kelly have created this portfolio myself. And I am ready to invest this in 10 weeks if you want that outcome from where you are now to in 10 weeks having a portfolio you've design and investing that in the market. I would love to invite you into one of my live cohorts. The next one starts may 16. And we're about half full I limited to only 20 students, because I want it to be a cohort based experience. I want to give my all to you. So I don't want to expand it beyond that. So we're about half full. And the next one is in mid September, for which there's a payment plan available as well. I only two times a year. Okay, May and September. And it's a limited set of people. And if you would like to be part of this fun 10 week expedition, come join me. We'll put the links in the show notes. You can hear other women's experiences, why they have called this empowering, life changing. And for those of you who are moms, the moms have done this course have called it a multi generational impact because while they might be starting sometime later and Live starting to invest, which is okay, the second first best time is when your 19 second best time is now regardless of whether you're 50 or 80. But what they say is, I'm going to teach my kids love it. It's so good Andy, what a pleasure it has been. I feel like you and I can just hang out and talk and talk a lot. We have both have a lot of stories and I'm so grateful that you are sharing your wisdom and your knowledge with my audience of Unstopables and you are clearly unstoppable and you work with incredible I know you're just creating massive impact in the world. I want to thank you so much for being here today. Thank you Marlo as are you I'm so inspired by who you are and from benefiting from your, from your stories and from what you share. So thank you for having me on your show. Beautiful. All right, everyone. Until the next time, go out there and live your unstoppable life.