The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

Season 2 | Episode 49 | Thriving with Trupti Karjinni | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez

June 21, 2023 Mary Lou Rodriguez
The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
Season 2 | Episode 49 | Thriving with Trupti Karjinni | The Unstoppable Mind Podcast with Mary Lou Rodriguez
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Hello unstoppables of the world. Today's episode is going to be an interview with one of my recent Hypno Thrive graduates. troupe de Carini. Now tripti story is going to blow you away by what she has manifested. And I know that after listening to this podcast episode, you are going to want to learn more about hypnosis. And guess what? I'm doing a workshop series called fearless hypnosis on June 27, and the 28th at 11am Pacific Standard Time. Now this workshop is for you if you're someone who's ready to learn how I've grown my hypnosis business to have 100k months. It's also for you, if you are tired of being held back by your fears, and frustrated by the limitations that they're creating for you, then this workshop is totally for you. And I want to invite you to join me, so make sure to check the show notes and use the link there to register for fearless hypnosis. Stay tuned for this incredible interview with a recent Hypno Thrive graduate troupe T Carini. Hello, hello unstoppables of the world. I am so excited to be sitting here with a good friend of mine, a colleague, somebody who has been on the self development path with me for the last I think two and a half years that we've known each other. And I am inspired by this person that I'm about to introduce. She is amazing. She is a badass, she is unstoppable. She is limitless. She is wealthy and healthy. And one of the most amazing manifestos that I have ever met. I'm getting goosebumps in my life. And I'm so excited to introduce 50 Karina Carini to the stage drifty oh, gosh, Mary Lou, I adore you. Thank you so much such a such a sweet introduction. And I'm honored to be here so grateful that you asked me to have a conversation about a topic that you and I are both like nuts about and that is subconscious reprogramming and hypnosis. So I, man, I can talk about this for hours and hours and days and days. So I'm just grateful to be here. Thank you so much. We really can. We've already been talking nonstop before we even press record but I'm so glad to have you here troop D and I'd love for you to introduce yourself and share what you do in the world and even your favorite manifestation. Okay. Hi, everybody. I'm thrifty, cartoony. I am from India, who recently moved exactly a year ago to Calgary. And I just celebrated my one year anniversary of moving here very quietly by myself. And since you asked me with that is my biggest, most favorite manifestation. After manifesting, my amazing husband is to be able to move to this brand new country and to start a brand new life and to start a brand new business because some of you may know that some of you may not but I actually began my career as a watercolor artist. For the past six years, I've been an artist, an international watercolor artist. And I've taught watercolors to over 35,000 students across the world. I own a boutique handmade art supplies company called Blue pine arts. And with all of that going on, as my spiritual awakening happened, I felt called to teach manifestation. And that is what I do now with my second global company established here in Canada after I moved here last year. And I teach manifestation from multiple angles, which is subconscious identity, embodiment, spiritual, philosophical principles from my culture in India, and the Cymatics and the wisdom of the body. So really just manifesting our best lives on automatic on a daily basis by tying the mind and the body and the spirit so that we're all being holistically human, messy humans, and still living out our manifestations instead of actually just like reading about it, or like listening to podcasts. Yeah, but actually actually doing it. Yes, yeah. No, you and I both have been just manifesting our most amazing lives and amazing opportunities over and over and over again. And so I'm really excited to have you and so many. I as you were sharing I'm like, oh, yeah, that's right. She talked to over 35,000 students. Oh, yeah, that's right. She's an internationally critically acclaimed artist. Who who has you know who He has had a lot of success doing what you love in the world. And so you shifted. You shifted and I want to I want to talk about I want to talk about hypnosis because you and I love hypnosis. And I want to ask you, what attracted you like why hypnosis? I really don't know that. You know what was so funny, and I'm gonna kind of like, reverse engineer it, because I just realized it after doing your certification Hypno Thrive earlier this year in February and March, as I learned about the hypnotic state, right, the alpha and the theta states, I realize that painting with watercolors is being in a trance and being in a hypnotic state. And I can see like the moment I started painting and started being in hypnotic states and started changing the language towards myself, like shifting my beliefs, why that resulted in a near instantaneous success for me as a watercolor artist. After having spent an entire life just drowning in despair, and depression and severe anxiety and perfectionism and so much trauma. I can see now why it was watercolors that just shifted everything for me, initially as an artist, why there was a sudden, massive influx of wealth, success, and just like overall fulfillment in my life, because painting with watercolors is being in a hypnotic state. How about that? It makes so much sense to me now. Like, is fascinating truthy. Yeah, so that's how I think I believe that I kind of used hypnosis unconsciously, like without even being aware that such a thing exists, you know? Yes. And then like, you know, as I leveled up, as I launched my membership, as I did bigger and braver things in my business, I had a spiritual awakening. And I did a few courses in which hypnosis was introduced to me. And surprisingly, I caught on to that tool really, really quickly. And that is the tool that has worked for me. Like, I don't even know how to describe it, it's been the most effective, the most powerful, and timewise because we all want like kind of quicker shifts, you know, we don't want to be stuck in a place for too long. Yeah, and hypnosis is the tool that helped me really shift beliefs, you know, change identity, change habits, all of these things that are so vital for us to manifest our our most desired version of our life. It was hypnosis that that it was the most most powerful for me. So that's why, you know, even before I knew I was going to teach manifestation, even before I knew, I wanted to be a hypnotist hypnotist. Hypnosis was one of the tools I personally used in my own life in my business every single day, that's why it's so powerful. It's so powerful. And I know that you're still actively that you have practices that continue to support your, your subconscious mind. And I love how you called it the wisdom of your body. And, and I know that you, I know that you are practicing this incredible tool because your life still continues to expand and evolve. And what you said earlier, and what I heard you say is that hypnosis is so incredible for those fast results. It does collapse time, it does people ask how does that happen? It's because you shift so quickly, the way that you think and the way that you feel? Yeah. Which is why it always surprises me when people say I don't have the time to listen to hypnosis audios. And I was like, really? What about all the time that you're wasting just like being stuck right now feeling like you're swimming through quicksand or something? You know what I mean? Yes, I do. You don't have the time not to listen to the hypnosis. That's how I look at it. I'm like you, the time that you spent on the hypnosis, audio saves you time. Honestly, that's how I agree. I agree. And it just, it just feels like so many people because we usually, like fall into this narrative of I don't have the time. I don't have the time. And I used to be that right. Like literally until like a month ago. I was like operating from the belief that I don't have the time. I don't have the time but then I was like, Huh, wait one second, you know, so I think that I'm at the stage right now where it's become very have the awareness to spot beliefs. Yeah, yeah. catch myself when I'm like kind of falling into disempowering, like behaviors and beliefs, and just be like, Hmm, what's behind that? Right? So now it's time to include that in my hypnosis every single day and shift the fuck out of it because I don't have the time to stay stuck in the story that I don't have the time. So good. It's so good. Because this way but yeah, so good. So I want to ask you, so you knew so you understood the power of hypnosis, and then you decided that you wanted to become a hypnotist? And, and so when you reached out to me, I was like, I was like, of course, I want to teach you truth. Of course, I want to teach you to be the best to be the expert at subconscious reprogramming at hypnosis at manifestation. And so I was super excited. But I would love to know from you why you decided that you wanted to study with me. This is so weird, because it was almost like a snap decision to study with you. Because one moment I didn't want to be a hypnotist. The other moment I was like, Oh, of course, I need to be a hypnotist. Right. And the first person I thought it was you and I'll tell you why I thought of you. So, this, this plan to pivot to teaching manifestation after I moved to Canada was not at all on the horizon. It was not the story is really long, but let's just say I saw beaver in the bow river next to my home. It was animal medicine. And I was like, okay, the universe is telling me this and I acted on this. It's quite crazy. But this is the kind of crazy blind trust that I have on my highest self and the universe speaking to me through different things, and one of the things that I really get so many messages is animal medicine. So that happened, like quite ridiculously was just like, Oh, I'm teaching manifestation now, which is just like a snap decision. And once I decided that I'm going to teach manifestation in the way that I have practiced it in the very, very simple practical ways that I've practiced it in my daily life without reading like a ton of books, you know, like just being stuck. I knew instantaneously that okay, so subconscious reprogramming is obviously what I'm going to teach in manifestation because I don't think we can talk about manifestation without talking about the subconscious mind. Yes. Okay. And so then I was like, okay, so I know I want to like create my hypnosis audio to help people which is what I call like a master hypnosis audio. And but then I didn't have the skills, because I've like, never done anything like this. And there were so many people who advise me. You don't need a hypnosis certification strictly. I mean, you can just like, write your stuff, and you can record it. And there were multiple peoples who said that? And I sat with it. And I was like, No, you know, because I'm not the kind of person who put something out without having the skill to do that first, you know, because being an artist, you got to have the skills you can't just like, bullshit your way through. Yes, yes. And so I was like, Okay, so that's decided, because in order for me to create this amazing, powerful practical manifestation course, I need to have the skill of being a hypnotist. So that's how I was like, boom, okay, we're gonna be a hypnotist now. So where, so I knew you I've known you for like, two and a half years, and I watched you because like, you were in my mastermind, as well. And I've like, helped you and supported you in launching your membership. And like, you know, you're amazing. Yes, you're unstoppable mind membership. And like I was there, the inception of it. And then, you know, after that I saw you come up with a certification program. And of course, it was the universe. I was on my Facebook feed. And I you were running a challenge, I think like for your Hypno tribes, and enrollments that month, and I saw people's testimonials about how powerful it was. And like instantaneously, again, it was like, boom, yes, it's Mary Lou's certification that I'm going to do. So that's why I decided to do your amazing certification program because this is a skill that I need. So that I am the powerful master manifestation teacher. So that's my point, the identity my identity needed to be that of a hypnotist and I always, always accomplish everything from a B to have identity perspective. And that's why it was a no brainer for me like is that crazy? I love it. tripti I love it. I know you trust yourself. You trust yourself. 100% you signed up for Hypno thrive. And what was your expiry ranse like, it was interesting because I haven't had a two fold experience because, of course, the universe planted for me this way, but I was in India when the certification started. But what are the chances every night in the middle of the night you were on? You did not miss one day. Okay, sorry. So I was so impressed. Thank you so much. But like, that's how that's how much like, I kind of like commit. Like, once I know that, okay, this is what is needed to be done. This is who I need to be in order for me to have what I desire, which is to finally demystify manifestation and like, share it with people like how the fuck do you integrate this in your daily life? We're not talking about one or two, like seminars or whatever. Yes. So it was like, like you said, like, I've learned how to like, trust myself now because it was intuition, right? It wasn't even like at one point it I don't even think it was just like, all me, because it was my higher self speaking through my intuition, and it's like, okay, you're gonna be a hypnotist. Okay, maybe lose certification? I was so clear. Yes. And what are the chances that I move from India to Canada, this side of the world, so that I can be doing these certifications at normal waking hours here, but when the time came for knows for your certification, I was in India for a two month long, a business trip. And boy, so I had to like do all the certification from there. So apart from of course, the fatigue of like staying up at night, because like daylight saving stuff was going on, which meant it was like, all the the classroom

hours began at 2:

30am 230 in the morning, all the way till like 630 in the morning. I know. But I know it was so worth it. It was so because when I was in the classroom, I kind of forgot about all the time with coffee and the energy that you brought in the classroom. I was on fire. So I love love loved being in your certification. Because first of all, I don't know how other certifications, how long they are, but like you condensed it into these like really doable, I think, format that the way that you made it. And they were like very clear instructions that okay, day one you got, you're gonna watch all of these things, then you're going to bring all of this to the classroom. And then we came to the classroom and I am a perpetual student. I love being a student I love like the Academy, the academic side of me just was delighted because I got to be in a classroom again, I don't know who is going to relate to this. Because like, I'm a 32 year old woman and I fucking love being in a classroom with my classmates and having a teacher. Because for once I don't have to be the teacher and kind of like think about like, what are we good? Yeah, so that experience I cherish so so so very much I think about it to this day. Because being in the classroom, being a student, watching all the lessons and having some homework to do. And the the way that you had us practice, in real time in the classroom on each other was so powerful because I wasn't just taking a course and just like learning it right? I was learning it and I was implementing it. I was learning it and I was practicing it. Which for me like that's how it works for my ADHD brain. So what I loved also about your Hypno tribe, mainly, I don't know whether you did it, like consciously or not. But thank you also so much for making this like friendly for neurodivergent brains. Because the videos weren't like crazy as long they weren't like 40 minute long, 60 minute long videos. No, they weren't videos, and I was to the point. Yes, that was my favorite part. So I love how many how much time do we have? Because I can just go on about how much I loved hypnotherapy. Oh, I'm so glad you had such a great experience. I have fun. You know, when I'm teaching, I'm all in. Yeah, I want to teach you as much as I possibly can the real skills that you can use when you graduate from Hypno thrive. So I'm so I know that you have this incredible course coming up. And I'm curious about how you're going to use hypnosis specifically inside of your powerful practical manifestation course that you are going to be offering the world and we'll we'll get some more information on that. How are you incorporating hypnosis with that? Yeah, so I think first of all, like learning to be a hypnotist and having the ability to craft specific hypnosis audios. For my audience, yes was a vital skill for me to master. Right? And so yes, I initially signed up to be a hypnotist so that I could include hypnosis in my course, which I'll share in a bit how I'm going to do that. But then like once I actually got the skill, it's like entire brand new avenues opened up for me because I can use hypnosis in my art courses. Can you believe that? Oh, my gosh, I can help students like reprogram their minds for the fear of like blank paper or blank canvas. Or, like, you know, you know, having them reprogram their mind about their self worth so that they can ask for more money when they're selling their art. So anyway, just wanted to say that. And I remember getting a message from you that you were like, I'm my creativity is just flowing. And I thought, oh my god, I'm so glad I'm so excited for you. But yeah, I It's so true how how many ways we can use hypnosis in our lives, and in our business, in ways that have never been thought of before. So, so exciting. tripti I love it. Yeah, so I just want to like say like any any kind of like business owner, if you're like helping or impacting people anyway. Hypnosis is one method you can use to effect change and shift in your students like the fastest way and like the beauty of this is it can take on any flavor, right? You can have a hypnosis on pretty much everything. Because any kind of like change work that needs to happen in anybody's like audience or in the students requires a change work at the subconscious level. How about that? That's exactly right. So um, so yeah, so for my manifestation course, I wanted to provide master hypnosis audio, where people can go and they can insert their own desires, you know what I mean? And so because manifestation is all about, like, Okay, what am I desires? How do I bring it into my reality? How do I like take my desires from the unmanifest to the manifest, so I can actually meet them in reality. And so I wanted to create a hypnosis audio where, because everybody has different desires, and I didn't want to like create an audio where I'm already kind of inserting those desires. So I wanted to create a hypnosis audio, where they can go into the safe space, and they can, you know, do a series of different things that is going to reprogram their mind, their subconscious mind and put their subconscious mind at work. To bring in all the synchronicities all the opportunities, right, like different shifts in how we even perceive reality. So that people are, you know, on the path of manifesting what it is that they want automatically, right, this is like the easiest hack. I've done that for myself. And I was like, Okay, this is what I want to give to my students. But then again, there's so many different aspects of my course, because my course not only talks about a subconscious mind, but also talks about trauma and its effects on on our body, right. And also, of course, the spiritual connection that we need to foster with the universe source God, whatever you want to call it, your highest self, they're all the same. And so I got the idea that oh, hold on, like I can, because like self love is also such a big part about manifesting your desires, like almost immediately, as like, I can actually help them reprogram how they love themselves at a subconscious level, right, I can help them raise their self worth at a subconscious level. So there are so many different avenues and oh my god about money, like I can help my students shift their money beliefs in two different ways that I have like caught off within my course within the money module. So there are so many different places that I'm kind of peppering in different hypnosis audios, in my course. And of course, for me, the practical side of it, the implementation side of it has always been the biggest priority even when I taught watercolors you know, I'm like, I don't want you to just like watching my class, my classes, I want you to go and actually paint them. So I'm going to be tying all of this into habit creation and challenges and like little events, you know, and so we're just gonna like make this like a fun thing, but at the end of it, they're all going to be reprogramming the subconscious mind in really powerful ways. So yeah, oh, Trudy, it sounds like it's gonna be so fun. Yeah, I just want to make it like crazy fun you know, like this isn't this is not homework for you to be like, uh, I have to listen to my hypnosis audios now I know. It's gonna it's gonna be like who I am. Get two doses now. You know, yeah. So um, this is so exciting because it's, I can tell that this is you living your best life right here and right now, right doing what you love being purposeful serving, creating impact, teaching people about wealth. And if you're like you said earlier, it's the easiest hack, it really is the easiest act, it really is. It's so powerful. And I also love when you share it about how practical it's going to be. Because I do feel like that that is a missing piece. It's like, practicality sometimes is left out. And it's not that there aren't great courses out there. But when you leave out the practical part of it, it makes it hard for people's brains to understand, you know, how to manifest if we're, if it's not coming from a practical place that is understandable for people. So I just know that sometimes when we're talking about manifestation, it can go over my head, not so much anymore. But when I first started, I was like, what does that even me, you know, and so I love that you're going to teach practicality you're going to teach, you're going to give people opportunities to, to challenge themselves, and you're going to make it fun. And it's, it's I'm just like, I can tell it's going to be absolutely amazing. And I do want to give you a plug, because I think it's important that everybody, everybody knows that this is the best manifest manifestation course. And it's called powerful, practical, manifesting. And truth do share with people where they can find it really quick. And then we'll give another plug at the end. Where can they find us? So thank you so much, Marie, you're so sweet to share, like the word about this, because this is what we do. We do support each other. And I love this. I love businesses that are run on the foundation of sisterhood on the foundation of giving and receiving. Because we know you and I we know the power of giving, right? And it all just comes back. And I adore you for being like such a embodied example of this. Because you've always been that person. And I've had like such respect for you in this like industry that kind of makes it cutthroat without it. There's no need for us to be like that. So anyway, thanks so much for talking about powerful, practical illustration. And people can find out about that on www dot thrive with forward slash ppm, or they can just like contact me on my instagram at tactical SHINee. Yeah, yeah, yes. In tripti. I, I know that you are just such an incredible person. And I I joined and maybe you don't know this, but I joined Stu McLaren's Mastermind course just so that I could work with you. And and I while it's the truth, I didn't even open up his modules, I got what I needed from your Mastermind course on memberships. And I like and so I just it this, this is how we get back right? You helped me turn my membership into, you know, at that time, I wanted it to be a million dollar membership. And it still is, but just in a different way, as it's you know. And so it's so much fun for me to, to see the relationship that we have developed over the last couple of years of true sisterhood of truly supporting each other. And you are right, this is exactly what we do we support each other. And even if we're teaching subconscious, reprogramming, you know, in different ways, you know, I'm doing it through Hypno thrive and you're doing it through your way, but it doesn't matter to me, I want to, it's like I really want to support you. And I'm so just honored that you've taken the time to be on my podcast. And I would love to know like what was it like to work with me? Like, from your perspective? What was it like to work with me? And then what do you want to say to people who are thinking about Hypno thrive? Yeah, that's such a good question. So I hope you don't mind. So I'm just gonna be like real honest about this stuff. When I decided to work with you. I knew I wanted to do Hypno tribe it was like such a yes for me. But at some level, I think I had this kind of fear that I not another person just talking about this whole thing simply from the minds perspective. Of course, this is a subconscious reprogramming hypnosis course. So that is what I'm going to talk about. But I have like, through my experience of embodying this like inner work, like real transformation in real life, where real life is so fucking messy. We're all such messy humans. But like, I was sick of people like kind of saying that, Oh, just like shift your thoughts, you know? And just program your mind and then everything is going to be great with your life. And I just feel like in that conversation by discounting things like trauma, especially trauma that happens in early childhood that affects brain growth, right brain development, and really talking about this from a neuroscience perspective. And also from Cymatics perspective, I was sick and tired of people just like talking about this stuff purely from the mind perspective, which is what prompted me to create this manifestation course in the first place. Because I was like, No, we've should be talking about the body. And so can you imagine my delight when I was in Hypno, thrive? And I saw you talk about the body, how the brain and the body are married, and we cannot talk about one without talking about the other. And that's when I just felt. I would like to say that I felt safe in your course. Yes, because in a way that I haven't failed in other courses before, because I felt that they were presented as like, the only life altering solution. But I just knew that the picture was incomplete. And I had just felt so safe. And I felt so good that Mary Lou is taking all of the things, all of these things into account, and she's completing the picture. So you were teaching this, not just from the mind perspective, and I have so much respect for that. So what was your original question again? Yeah, what was it like to work with me? And what do you want to say to people you know, about, you know, who are on the fence about Hypno thrive? Because we understand why we just do Yeah, I get it. Yeah. So I just want to I so this is the reason why I recommend your Hypno thrive to everybody. Everybody who speaks to me, even though I'm not on social media, like when somebody asks me like, there have been people who have like, asked me multiple times, because I was like posting Instagram stories about like, staying up all night doing a certification from India. People were like, Oh, where do I learn about this? And I was like, definitely, definitely work with me, you because you brought like, such a generous, beautiful energy to the classroom, which I loved so much, because every single day, I had like a million questions, if you remember, it was so kind because you gave everybody the time that they needed, right. So it was really wonderful to receive that sort of like individual attention from you. And you were guiding us through group exercises. And another thing that I just found like extremely fascinating in Hypno thrive is you have a clear cut template for the new hypnotist who wants to create a hypnotic, hypnosis based business. You literally had like, step by step stuff about what do you do in your first consultation? How did you do the pre talk? When do you do this? And then how do you follow up? What What exactly do you what's the theme of the hypnosis and the second visit and the third visit? And you know, for like, they were like, such clear, concise steps for people to follow, if they're at all interested in creating a business from Hypno hypnosis, right. And, and then you brought in so many wonderful, impactful guests as well. You know, that expanded my horizon like your mentor, Brenda blanking on her name, again, Brenda Bryan, like, oh my gosh, when you brought her on, and like her energy, and her feminism and what she's done for women's empowerment, like in her lifetime, and you know, for LGBTQ people, I mean, this is, this is the kind of, you know, rooms that I want to be in the kind of rooms that are inclusive, you know, you being my mentor who has powerful female mentors, right. For me, that matters so much to me, you know. So there's just like so many things about Heppner Thrive that just like made me feel like damn, this is like, the top three best investments that I've made in like the last two and a half years has to be one of them is Heppner thrive. And I just feel like I just got so much in return, like this command like$2,500 That's what I paid for at a discount to be able to like take my business to the next level with all sorts of hypnosis like what the heck you know, and also like, I forgot to tell you this this learning to be a hypnotist also allows me to help my audience with some free audios as well, you know, because I want to make my programs and my resources available to different kinds of people with different kinds of financial realities. And so one thing that I have been doing for the last two and a half years using hypnosis as I heal my period cramps and my menstrual cramps and pain every single month and in the last two and a half years, I think I might have taken like a painkiller pill like maybe three times Is the rest of the times I just heal it with my, with my hypnosis, you know. And so I've spoken to people about this and this one time, like more than 150 Women reached out to me on Instagram DMS talking about how it affects their lives. And that's when I resolved that one day when I have the skills to create hypnosis audios, I'm going to create a short one and give it out for free. Oh, true to you, that's so beautiful. So I can impact people in so many ways. You know, and help them like actually cope women coping with like not only coping but like actually using the mind and not be dependent on painkillers and the adverse side effects to be able to heal their period pain that matters so much to me. And so I decided then that I would make it for free. And now I actually have the skills to do that and put it out there in the world. So I'm so grateful. Wow, that's so inspiring. And, you know, you said that you wanted to do it for free. I'm like, Oh my gosh, you know, it's like you it's it's beautiful. And I just feel like I just I'm so excited for you to t and what you are creating and thank you for saying that the investment. So yeah, you you ended up buying a Black Friday price. Yes, I've just seen him buy for $2,500 And I tell people but they don't necessarily believe me. I'm like, this is the best investment you'll ever make you will make this investment 100 Time fold, I promise you, you know, I would have happily paid the full price but due to my manifestation style, I manifested the Black Friday deal like and then I just knew that that was I don't even know what month that was like in November right? Past Yeah. Yeah. Even beginning sometime in like January and or like February. And I was like, boom, we're doing it now get the credit card out. And to me, it was like such a no brainer investment. So like, I really, like you know, people who are wanting to like create a business out of you know, hypnosis, which is such a legitimate, legitimate tool. It's not one of those like Hocus Pocus, because I feel like when I tell people about hypnosis, they're like, it's like a magic trick. No, it's neuroscience back, actually, like brain altering new neural pathways, creating tools, you know, and so I mean, I am, I am, I'm a skeptic, turned a master manifester. Because I've been assigned school student my whole life. I'm an engineer who has studied quantum physics, I've worked in IT industry is and you know, building management industry. So like, I come from the science background, you know, so for me, like learning hypnosis was also knowing that this is neuroscience back. This is not a hocus pocus kind of tool. Although I have nothing against like woo tools, I use quite a few myself. But I do love me some tools that are backed by neuroscience, you know. So and they're like real, you know, peer reviewed studies on the efficacy of hypnosis, so much is so much data. And that mattered a lot to me to have such a powerful skill. So if there's anybody who is looking to like start a business with hypnosis, or you have a business, any kind of business, and you can include subconscious reprogramming hypnosis, audios, and then like, genuinely think about the investment versus what are the possibilities, I would say, because a lot of the times when people think about like buying something, they're only talking about, like, how much money is leaving from the hands, right? You know, like, oh, like, I'm gonna, like, lose, like, whatever, $1,000 or whatever. But we're never, like, are you focusing on how many 1000s of dollars are going to come in, though, because you're going to learn a skill, right? So I just wanted to leave them with this perspective that, you know, I wanted to be a true master of teaching science back, universal backed universe back, you know, like source back, body back, holistic manifestation approach to my students. And so in order to be a true master, I did what any true Master does, I decided to become a student and learn, right? And there's a lot of humility to be practiced in that. So if you're getting an opportunity to be a student, and to learn a skill that allows you with practice to be a true master, because I feel like mastery is like such a beautiful goal to have an aspiration to have, I wouldn't say a goal. So yeah, I love I love that. So consider that I would say definitely highly recommend joining Hypno tribe. So good. Sure. Do you think you and I do want to talk about powerful practical manifestation? We thank you everybody. Also, if you have questions for me or for troop D, please feel free to ask us and with troop D I know you can find her and what's your Instagram? This act replica, Gini at first name and last name. Okay, so troop D, powerful practical manifestation, the doors are open now share share with people a little bit I know we've been talking about about it all the way through. But what do you want people to know? Yeah, it's open for pre enrollments right now, which means at the point of recording, there's a beautiful discount a pretty heavy discount of $400 of the original price, which is going to be rising really soon to its original price of $1,600. Right now, it's at $1,200. So if you feel it's a full body, yes, after you've spoken to me after, like you're hearing my energy on this podcast, or you read the sales page, then I would love to invite you to take this opportunity. And I would love to invite you in because this is the only practical manifestation course on the planet that talks about not just the mind, not just you know, the mind concepts like you know, including subconscious reprogramming, but also somatic healing, trauma, the privileges that we are born with, you know, oppression, colonization, because I am, I'm an Indian brown woman who comes from a colonized country, and I know how it feels to be born at a time and place where, you know, we didn't have as many I didn't have the privilege of as many opportunities as someone else did in developed countries. So I want to bring this nuanced conversation, right. And this is also the only manifestation course where you get to learn about spiritual and philosophical manifestation principles from my own Hinduism culture. But without the lens of religion, let's be very clear about that. We're not bringing religion in to this. But there is like beautiful spiritual, philosophical, ancient, ancient wisdom in my culture, that I have the privilege also of like being born into, right, so privileges and not privileges. So we got to talk about all of these things, we got to talk about the reality of things as well as we daydream. And as we bring our truest desires from the unmanifest to the manifest. So this is going to be a beautiful, nuanced conversation. And I'm going to give you guys a ton of practical manifestation tools, coupled with hypnosis, of course. So this is all going to be just so beautiful, effective, results oriented, action oriented, it's going to be so good. It's going to be beautiful. And I'm like creating it right now. I'm filming it right now. And I cannot tell you how obsessed I am with this is my life's work. And I'm in love. And I'm like, deeply, deeply honored, that for some reason, the universe and my spirit guides chose me to channel all of this through me to those of you who are meant to receive it. So thank you so much, Mary Lou. I am cheering you on. Truthfully, I am cheering you on. I want to thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to hang out with me today to hang out with all the Unstopables of the world. And I just I am excited about what we continue to create, how we continue to grow and just the love that we have for each other as we create serve in this world and I wanted to say thank you again. Thanks so much, Mary Lou. Okay, Unstopables until the next time, go out there and live your unstoppable lives.